as she said

Tell your story, little bird, whistle through that cage. Let your voice astonish you. Let it be your stage. Lessons that are born of it, will one day come of age. Tell your story, little bird– even when it stings. Let it fly through ceilings. Let it be your wings. Tell your story, little bird. […]

the in between

Your old life sinks in your belly, a forgotten ship, being eaten alive by the guts that used to hold it up. The captain doesn’t know he’s a ghost now. The captain doesn’t know he’s a stranger now. His strength still turns the wheel, his voice still shouts the orders, and your brain still, every […]


May 23, 2015 The water bottle is crinkling. Around it, conversation is soft, muted, somber– but there’s no volume control on plastic. I turn to look at the small hands holding the bottle. He’s balanced in his mom’s arms, joyfully squeezing sounds out of the bottle. I smile at his mom, and then I make […]