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fish dinner

I want to write a poem about the fish dinner nights of my childhood. They were different than every other night because they were silent. We were not allowed to talk while eating fish. Every other night was clamorous, confrontational, and riddled with laughter. My sister’s giggles sprayed stray pieces of chicken makhani onto my […]


It’s hard to say when the day starts if you never sleep through a night. A day can start at 2pm. A day can start at 8pm. Good morning. No matter what the sun is doing. It’s hard to say when a life starts once you’ve climbed out of the rubble of your past life, […]

grease unspoken

My family kept gallon cans of shortening in the kitchen. Mama would ask us to grease the pans, and we would– washing our hands only to dip them directly into the condensed oil. My hands are very sensitive. I don’t enjoy touching most things, and I never enjoyed the chore. The lids were hard to […]