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2015-08-16_1439751401I’m Rara. Rawra. The Saur. Rarasaur.
Radhika. Radha. His wife.    

Oh, call me whatever you want so long as you say it kindly.  The important thing to note that is that I’m obviously basically a dinosaur.

Welcome to my little bloggy town!

‘Round these parts, you’ll see that I blog (nearly) everyday about what makes us tick, the awesome internet, cryptobeasts, prison, widowhood, muppet philosophy, and blogging.

Before you get started, here is a list of things you probably should know:

  1.    I love lists.
  2.    I live in Southern California and can’t stand the beach.
  3.    I’m a techie, nerd, and geek. (Yeah, they’re different things.)
  4.    I don’t eat sugar. Usually.
  5.    I spent 438 days incarcerated and was released July 18th, 2015.
  6.    I’m here for you if you need something– just email me.
  7.    The moon is 63,057,742 very tall giraffes away.
  8.    I read thousands of books a year and never blog about them.
  9.    My husband — artist, blogger, writer, Dave Martinez (Pen name, Grayson Queen) — passed away in May 2015 from kidney failure.
  10.    This blog turned 3 years old in August 2015.
  11.    The picture above was picked by popular demand.  I generally don’t like pictures of myself where I’m not holding a cup of caffeinated beverage, or sitting by a dinosaur.

I love people who do things, people who hate things, people who love things, and (probably) you.

Get comfortable, say hey, and tell me a little something about what makes you tick so we can start doing frightfully wondrous things.

Come on, let’s go!