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For no reason at all, I give you… some of my favorite famous cats:

This is why I should sleep more.

Chesire – Alice in Wonderland

Mr. Miggles, Zombie Cat – Misfits

Cat – Red Dwarf

The General – Cat’s Eye

Jonesey – Alien

Spot – Star Trek, Data’s cat

Salem – Sabrina the Teenage Witch


Inspector Gadget – MAD cat


    1. Ah! Korky. Brilliant! There’s also Willow’s cat from Buffy, but I didn’t have a picture. And the Thundercats!


  1. “I look good! My shadow look good!”

    “This is mine! And this is mine! And this is mine!”

    You can pretty much guess by the quotes who my favorite is.


    1. Ahh, Cat from Red Dwarf is the very very best of them all. Probably because he can talk and wear awesome clothes, which gives him a slightly unfair advantage, but hey– a win is a win.

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  2. Would it be too facetious to say that all cats are my favorite cats? Because it’s true. I’m a cat person through and through. I see a cat and I want to snuggle it. So your post caused extreme snuggle wants in me.


    1. Eek! Did this get emailed out? And if so, with how many other posts?! Oi vey. This new system is making me crazy. I used the old editor and everything!


  3. Don’t forget Mr Tinkle (Cats & Dogs), Mr Bigglesworth (Austin Powers), Jonsey (Alien), and my all time favourite, Aslan from the Narnia movies 🙂



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