To: November 2nd, 1998

Dear Rarasaur,

Chocolate is the reason your face is breaking out.  Seriously.  In the future, when you give it all up (the milky kind, the dark kind, even the sugar-free kind), your skin is magically clear every day.  So there it is, the great mystery of your life is solved.  Now that you have time….

Go give your family a hug, they’re pretty great.  Eat an apricot straight from a tree, you won’t always be able to do that.  Back up your computer, it crashes in 2 years.

Oh, and take more pictures.  In a decade, you’ll want proof.

Love you much,

Dailypost challenge:


  1. Back up your computer.. it should be like the 11th commandment! Zips aside I hope teen-you did manage to have some glorious chocolate fests before it all came to an end. Life without le chocolate.. you’re a brave soul, a brave soul indeed!


    1. I know it! There should be PSA’s for “Back Up Your Computer!” 🙂 [Now that chocolate reminds me of acne, I’m okay with skipping, but yes– there are enough indulgent chocolate memories to last a lifetime.]


  2. Not that I’m encouraging you to eat chocolate, an apricot off a tree sounds much healthier. But I’m wondering if the chocolate connection to zits is a myth. I love chcolates and was zit free throughout my teens as were most of my friends.
    Maybe it’s a genetic thing.


    1. 🙂 I wish! I tried everything. The mission started around 13 and went until about 4 years ago, when I had a friend who was allergic to chocolate move into the house. In my normal, “purge the house” stratagem, I ended up not having chocolate for a month and having the first completely clear face of my life. (Amazing feeling!) I can eat a bag of potato chips and it doesn’t affect anything, a spoonful of butter, not wash my face for days… and I’m fine. But if I have half a Hershey’s kiss, bam. Zit in 12 hours. I’m just glad I always felt like I was going to “solve it” one day, and never picked at my face to avoid scarring or discoloration in my future clear-skin-land. No other cream or chemical or holistic cure came close to helping. But yes, I’m not saying it’s true for everyone, just that it ended up being true for me. Maybe it’s a myth because it’s a common reason for people already genetically disposed towards zits? No idea, I never researched it, just gave thanks for finding the reason. 🙂


    1. 🙂 I thought about how *all* these entries for the “my 14 year old” challenge would be a great thing to print and mail to a freshman English class. The simplicity, happiness, and non-monetary nature of most of the advice would have surprised me when I was 14, I think.



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