i’m a little bit intuu, you’re a little bit too

I’m not psychic, or telepathic. I can’t move things with my mind, or see through playing cards. But, when something happens to a loved one, it’s almost always preceded by a particular pain in my stomach.  When the earth is suffering, or preparing itself for a moment of natural suffering, I can’t sleep.

I know.  If you’re a normal person, I might as well have just said that I moved here from Crazy Town and all I brought with me was my trusty pet Unicorn and a satchel of mis-matched socks.

But if you get it, then you’re probably what I call Intuu.

Intuu – /noun/ A person marked by an acceptance of their extraordinary sensitivity and perception of the physical and intangible worlds.

My offering to the gods of NaNoWriMo is based on the concept of growing up Intuu, and finding love while holding onto those roots and beliefs.  A sort of Bridget Jones’ Joy Luck Club hybrid.

I was raised Intuu, with a basic family motto straight out of Fern Gully.

“There are worlds within worlds. Everything in our world is connected by the delicate strands of the web of life, which is a balance between the forces of destruction and the magical forces of creation.”
– Fern Gully, Magi Luna

Intuu’s are just people who can perceive those strands, and who accept that they can perceive those strands.

Sometimes they smell the connection, sometimes they see it, and sometimes it’s just a strange feeling that washes over them… but Intuu’s are always aware.

Being able to sense things beyond what most people see goes hand-in-hand with a culture of belief, superstition, and possibility.   Many people think of intuition as a mystical power, or luck– but when you grow up Intuu, the culture raises you to rely on your gut and tune in to your body’s language no matter the circumstance.

After all, it makes sense that our bodies become cognizant of things far before our mind does, or in ways our minds haven’t developed enough to process.  There’s countless stories proving that concept, in a variety of industries and case studies, and over the years, I’ve developed thousands of personal stories that prove it to myself.

To that end, I believe everyone is probably somewhat Intuu, though only few of us are culturally so.

What do you think? Are you a little bit Intuu… or are you still distracted by my unicorn?


Play Lexicographer! What’s your word?


  1. Great post! I’ve tied this into “synchronicity” for lack of a better term. It happens all the time.

    The other day, I was editing a friend’s contact in my iPhone and he called as I was looking at his name. Little things like this happen almost daily for me. I definitely believe.

    My partner laughs at me. But I think you have to be open to it, for it to open up for you.


    1. Synchronicity is another great word. I definitely agree with the openness concept, that’s why I added “acceptance” to the concept of a true Intuu. I give non-believers the peripheral vision example. They’re seeing things out of the corner of their eye, but unless they’re looking for it or unless it’s an extremely stand-out example, they probably don’t REALLY see it…i.e.,if you’re open to seeing, you’ll see.


    1. Yay, I’m used to being told I’m from Crazy Town, but it’s nice to have agreement every once in awhile. 🙂 (Haha, yep, it’s probably the shiniest unicorn on page one of Google image searches for “unicorn”, because I glanced at all the pics and grabbed the first one stood out to me. And shiny always stands out to me.)


      1. Crazy town is less one townsperson!! (or two, if you include me) I refer to it as my “Spidey senses”…..it does exist. I think people are just afraid to call it like it is.


  2. Awesome post, I absolutely believe in the power of intuition and would love to develop my natural intuition more. My best friend has it. EVERY time I feel upset or something bad is happening to me, she texts me and says “I can’t get you off of my mind, are you ok??” It’s a wonderful thing.


    1. It’s good to have intuitive friends! 🙂 And I think developing intuitive capabilities to some extent is a wonderful thing — it’s something you can practice, and a skill that has never steered me wrong.


  3. Personally, I’m distracted by your socks. Half mine are missing and you’re looking like a prime suspect now.
    Loved the post though, I’m a very strong believer in trusting your gut. My gut has never ever let me down. My head and heart, however… appalling track record.


    1. Yes, it’s easy to let your heart/head give you bad advice. I’ve made a few whoppin’ mistakes like that before… where my gut was so appalled by my decision that I had to drag it along, kicking and screaming. And then, of course, it turns out my “spidey sense” was right. Now…. about those socks….


  4. How does the word differ from “intuitive”? I am moving into acceptance of my own intuition, so the point about acceptance stands out for me- or has an extra glow of energy, or something- but most intuitives do, don’t they? Someone is intuitive, or is an intuitive.

    Mismatched socks are great, but lots of people tell me that my watch is undone. I give myself a little treat when a stranger in the street does.


    1. To me, there are 3 differences. (1) The first is in the “Intangible Worlds” part of the definition. A lot of people will give you credit for intuition in normal circumstances with physical threats. Example– if you turn down a date on the basis of getting a really bad vibe, most friends will accept that. Maybe you were noticing or sensing something about the person that you couldn’t quite verbalize, so your body indicated it to you in another way. On the other hand, if you say that you saw 14 different signs including a butterfly that indicated to you that a direction or path you should take, you’re going to get odd looks. Usually from people who think you’re fitting circumstance to secret goals. It’s intangible signs pointing to intangible dreams and it sounds weird. (2) The next is acceptance. I’ve known people who are intuitive and still routinely ignore it or mock it. They don’t let it interfere with their decisions, and they don’t act on it. Intuus work the skill into their life. (3) And the last is level of capability. I think that capability level is one part nature, and one part acceptance…. but whatever it is, regularly intuitive people may know when they’re talking to a full blown psychopath, but they aren’t in-tune enough to know when they’re talking to someone who is lying. They may know when their friends are hiding grief, but they don’t know when strangers are. Intuus are more advanced in that way, though perhaps not more advanced in their coping mechanisms.


  5. Intuition is a scary thing for some. Days when I get that tummy flutter accompanied by a since of wrongness makes me want to hide under the bed…save there might be something under that is not a unicorn.


    1. I know that feeling! Sometimes that “something awful is going to happen” feeling lingers so long that I’m actually happy when something bad finally happens!


  6. Intuition hasn’t ever steered me wrong yet, I’m happy to say, but the way in which I receive a flash of intuition has varied, I’ve found. For example, I know when my pet or a family member is stressed or panicked when I’m away from home, and its always that I can’t get them out of my thoughts.
    Other times, if I know something bad is going to happen, my gut gives a lurch.
    It’s a strange feeling. *-*

    Got any spare socks, by the way? My dog routinely eats mine. xD


    1. Your dog eats… socks? Haha, that can’t be good for you or your dog. Yes, it’s interesting how most people have different reactions for different things… it’s like any other language, and those different feelings are just like different words.


  7. My intuition and me are old buddies. It’s been hanging around since I was thirteen years old (freaky then!). I’ve had all the stages that goes with it. Am I mad? Does people think I’m mad?

    Now, I’m very grateful and secure in knowing that my intuition is always with me. Similar to ‘The Force’ 🙂


  8. Not to give you a gargantuan ego, but you are absolutely phenomenal. I love the way you write and use words.


  9. My Mom was highly intuitive, sadly no longer with us. I think I inherited a heightened sense of intuition from her, it’s a blessing mainly, occasionally a curse and it’s developed in intensity as I’ve grown older. I embrace it, it gives me a greater sense of the world around me and the things that are happening but not always spoken.


    1. Definitely! So much of the world around isn’t spelled out. A lot of intuition is just … well, noticing. It’s wonderful to inherit things like intuition– so that little, fundamental piece of your mom is always with you.


    1. So a natural Intuu! There’s some great books and sources online that help you train yourself to get your intuition under a little more control, so you can use it instead of it just surprising you. 🙂


  10. Maybe I am–for as long as i can remember, I would randomly think of a quote or scene from an episode of some television show, then the next day or so that exact episode would be on. Hm…
    I may be a bit synesthetic as well–without trying, I automatically perceive letters, numbers, and even people as colours.
    Plus also, your unicorn is rather lovely.


    1. I understand! It takes some practice to let intuition run the show. 🙂 It’s good that you at least hear it, though– that’s how it starts. 🙂


  11. Totaly believe in intuition! It’s that crazy feeling when you actually think or feel something and then you see it happening…. it’s like your body or essence knows everything, you just need to listen!


  12. All my life, my best decisions over the long term have been the ones I instinctively knew were right, immediately. (Unfortunately, sometimes I don’t “just know” and have to feel my way by logic and rules of thumb. Works some of the time, doesn’t work other times.)


    1. Wouldn’t it be great if we just “knew” all our decisions? 🙂 Well, now that I type that out, maybe not. There’s a sort of adventure to failure and walking on ice…


  13. You know how they often say someone is living beyond their time — sometimes I feel like my brain is living beyond my own time. I’m not talking the usual Mensa intelligence here. It’s that weird gut feeling you mentioned. It can get a bit trippy sometimes. Reading yourpost just reminds me that I’m not alone. The mind is just one mean machine! =)


  14. I know exactly what you’re talking about, small crazy town, lol!

    One time, my brother came home from a party very drunk. He passed out on his back and almost died. I was laying in bed at the time and I just kept thinking to myself, I need to go check the broken lamp in the living room, if it’s plugged in it could set a fire (I knew it wouldn’t be). Thank God I checked the lamp and found him.

    I get people “on my mind” and know it’s time to get in touch with them. It’s neat to hear someone else talk about it!


  15. I must be Intuu ’cause my tummy hurts right before disaster strikes…

    Usually right after Mommy calls out all three of my names: JAMES! BOND! BEAR!



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