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listen for quiet joys

It’s the era of the tech-savvy, internet-wielding warrior. Everyone is love with the newest most complicated piece of machinery and bows to the companies that create them.

  • It holds 7 million songs!
  • It rotates depending on the time of day.
  • Table top?! It fits on your Polly Pocket’s tabletop, that’s how small it is.
  • It even mows your Sims (™) lawn!

Whatever “it” is sounds amazing, and I want one– but let’s settle down for a moment here.

You’re expected to find enjoyment in something that cost you half a month’s salary. You’re supposed to be intrigued by complexity.

But there’s a value in the type of joy that seeps into you slowly — a quiet, unexpected, secret happiness that fills you from the inside and shines into everything you do.

I love the unexpected and the simple.

If I were to partake of one of my favorite simple pleasures and drop loose change into a Wishing Well, I’d make a wish for the smallest, simplest sort of change there is — for a seed to be planted in everyone’s mind that allows them to see the beauty of simplicity. A seed that grows into a tree. A tree that grows apricots that you can eat.

Mindprocots. Apriminds. Aprimindocots.
Google that word! Add it to UrbanDictionary! Copyright it!  Put it on a t-shirt!

Whoa now– I better settle down. It’s easy to get carried away these days and skip right past the intrinsic excitement of every moment.

Hopefully through this blog, I’ll be able to share some of those every day pleasures with you and maybe, Dear Reader, I’ll be contagious.

I imagine you… one day in the future, snacking on your alphabet soup.  You look down and see the word DINOSAUR spelled in noodles.  You smile, put down your spoon, and savor the moment.  “Rara would think this is awesome.” you’d say with a chuckle as you snap a picture with one of those complex machines the world hypes so strongly.  You’d send it to me, and I’d be so excited that I’d do a little dino dance– and we would share that quiet, frightfully wondrous, joy together.

Here are some things in which I find quiet joy:

  • The satisfaction of making something by hand
  • The philosophies and introspection of Muhammad Ali
  • Medium-cheesy romance novels
  • Robots and Wind Up Toys
  • Making Wishes in Wishing Wells
  • Having my fortune told
  • Supporting crafters, artists, writers, and small business owners
  • Holding hands
  • Flipping through flip books
  • Reading poetry written for children
  • Watching the sunrise after staying up all night chatting with friends

And you?
Where do you find your unexpected moments of simple happiness?


Daily Prompt: What change, big or small, would you like your blog to make in the world?


    1. Random phone calls that make you laugh till your tummy hurts! That’s definitely on my list, too. 🙂 Oh, and goddaughters– they’re awesome.


  1. Seeing my six year old granddaughters eyes light up when she sees me… Teaching her how to find her own creativity, the beautiful pictures God paints for us everyday with his sunrises and sunsets. The list is endless, love the simple pleasures. Thank you for reminding me.


  2. Quiet joys…I could almost blog on that concept alone. I like to create, make gifts for people, give gifts unexpectantly, I like to be awake before the sun, I enjoy the solitude of staying up late at night (these two do not work well together,) I enjoy listening to classical music in dark. I enjoy reading about people helping people, love stories that end well, and poetry that confuses the mind but makes sense in the heart. I enjoy listening to the asia language; I watch Japanese, Chinese, Koren, and Thai films without changing the language. I husband wrinkles his face because we cannot understand the launage, but I believe it sounds beautiful.

    I should stop now. Just saying that I enjoy things that are not common to me, different things, creative things…


    1. All those things are wonderful! I also love classical music in the dark… and operas! I do the same thing with Italian and Spanish and French films… the language is just so lyrical, that even if I miss a few bits, it’s worth it. 🙂 It’s a great list!


  3. I feel joy when someone looks me in the eyes and smiles which is how I felt when I read this posting–actually, Rara, it felt more like you were winking at me. Thank you.


    1. Connecting with people– that’s one of the best quiet joys, I think. 🙂 I’m always smiling! And very often winking. 😀 Thank you, for reading. 🙂


    1. Haha, I know… some of Ali’s sentences stick in my head more than famous philosophers. It was all the same ideas that get turned around everywhere — believe in yourself, realize your future, etc… but he says it in a way that is so much… punchier. (wocka wocka). As far as mediumly-cheesy romance novels, you’re missing out… they’re great! 😀


      1. 🙂 haha. I think sometimes quotes are remembered because of how the ideas are framed, rather than just the basic ideas (“wocka wocka” indeed-ee-o). We’ll see about those romances 🙂


      1. We thought it was too….she’s a heinz57 but I think of her as an Irish Lake Retriever…..very rare breed 🙂 …known for their beautiful blond coat and a penchant for humping your guests…also referred to as “an Irish hug”



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