I light this candle
for all humankind.
For peace and freedom
in earth and mind.
May we carry love forward.
May we leave hate behind.

I light this candle
for hopeful clichés.
For childhood wishes
that amuse and amaze.
May our joys lift us up.
May our grace ease our days.

I light this candle
for the future begun:
to keep hearts aflame
when we feel burnt and done.
May it spark those who need it.
May it speak to everyone.

Happy Diwali!


ALittleMoreDocumentation has a great blog article about this, complete with an amazing picture… check it out to learn more about the history of Diwali, and all the less obvious things it means:


    1. 🙂 Thanks! I wrote in aeons ago, when I was 10… and it just always seems to capture how and why I celebrate Diwali more than a long explanation. 🙂 Blessings!


  1. Happy Diwali to you too! I hope you had a brilliant day 🙂
    I’m looking forward to tonight even though we aren’t allowed to burst firecrackers here


    1. I updated my post to link to yours– I love your Diwali explanation, so beautiful and that picture is amazing! No fireworks here, either, but we’ll keep those lights burning… 🙂


  2. Was having a not so fabulous day today ~ Your photo drew me in, your poem captivated me. I had never heard of Diwali. Googled it– Wishing you a very happy Diwali, thank you for teaching me something new today and turning my frown upside down. Blessings to you and your family.



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