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Bloggers Celebrate Label Day!

November 21st is International Label Day– celebrating the beauty of the words we choose to let shape us, the subcultures that we are proud to be part of, and the surprising meaning of the labels we all choose for ourselves!  I “invented” this holiday for Daily Post prompt, and  with the help of a few WordPress bloggers, got a chance to celebrate it Word Presser style.

For the original post about the holiday, click here:

Each picture is linked to the participating blogger.  Please visit their fantastic blogs!  If you’re participating in the Weekly “Break the Ice” Challenge, these would be great people with which to start!

Multi-Tasker! Mess-Maker! –
Emma –
Purnimodo –
Tracy –
Writer-Nerd! –
Mudder! –
Misha Burnett –
Goldfish –
SuperKat –
Lion! –
Introvert! –
House Elf! –
Crazy! –
Eccentric! –
The Geek Anthropologist –
Everything and more! –
Monica! –
Bookworm! – Esther Drummer
iCare! –

A few non-bloggers celebrated too….

Perdita the Cat – Not a blogger, but definitely a diva
Flash the Cat – Not a blogger, yet, but always an adventurer

For those who participated:  I want to offer my most sincere thanks to those who took the time and effort to help me celebrate. I know there were birthday cakes to make, anniversary brunches to attend, school to go to, and Thanksgiving dinners to plan– and yet you guys came through gloriously. 🙂 We’re forming a fantastic, crazy, eclectic Presser family, I think.  Much love to you all! 🙂

For those who haven’t participated… yet: There’s still time! Post it on your own blog and ping it back to here, or send me an email (  I’ll add your label and pic if you tell me it’s okay to do so.


    1. There’s so much of an upside/downside to each word in the universe, picking from the “only positive at all” pool definitely cuts it down. 😀 I love the box, it came out great– thank you for sending in a photo!!


  1. Umm, I’m afraid I won’t have pic to show, but if I were to label myself, ‘caffeine addict’ would be appropriate (I know its unimaginative). The proof is in the cup. I’m drinking tea just this very minute, and I had one a couple of hours back too – and oh I don’t have blood running inside me – its coffee!


    1. 😀 That’s a great one. I have caffeine for blood, too, so we’re basically blood family. And, you don’t need a picture to celebrate — though it’s fun, it’s just about thinking about labels that you’re happy to wear. So hurrah, you’ve celebrated! 😀


    1. It’s pretty phenomenal. I don’t think I guessed anyone’s right, even though I’ve read all of your blogs from beginning to end. Oh, except for Mark’s… every Tough Mudder I’ve ever met has been (rightfully) proud of it, it’s one of those events that shape you. But yes, the assemble is fantastic– this will be my favorite post ever. Until next year, perhaps. 🙂


  2. I was scrolling a little fast through the photos and I read mudder and murderer. Needless to say that halted me enough to scroll back up. And for 1/2 second in my mind I believed it was murderer instead of a misread and was sure that there was going to be some clue as to why that person labeled themselves that. Plant murderer? Who knows.

    Either way this post and the idea of this holiday is one of the many reasons I love you, Rara. As people try to peel away the labels and be nonconformists you’re slaphappy about them.


    1. I almost picked “zany” as my label! 🙂 There’s a silly song that I hear sometimes, called Lover Call… and there’s a lyric that always sticks with me … “If you’re gonna do it, do it right…” 😀


  3. I missed it, but I’m going to go post my picture and ping back to you right now! You can ignore the email I sent earlier, I thought of a better label! I also don’t want to ask you to do more work because I missed your email!

    I also read murderer instead of mudder, and the maniacal grin of the blogger in the picture helped to maintain the illusion for a moment, lol!


    1. I updated the post with your picture– I love it!! 😀 ha! I’ve added it to our awesome family above. 😀

      (The maniacal grin sells Tough Mudder too– you should see it sometimes! It’s this crazy.. obstacle course of strength, endurance, and insanity. 🙂 There’s a picture on Mark’s blog that endeared me to the blog itself– he’s going into surgery, or maybe coming out, with a dazed expression and an upside down Mudder headband… 😀 You can’t represent small steps to big results better than that!)


  4. Rara,
    You just started your own holiday. I’m looking forward to celebrating this holiday every year. I think I will even wear a label to my family gathering for Thanksgiving. You can add “cultural icon” to your list of labels. Love this, Kozo.


    1. I just read your email explanation as to your symbol– beautiful!! 🙂 Since I’m pretty sure wishes are 8 times more likely to come through on holidays, I wish that we’ll all be celebrating together again next year. *hugs* Happy Label Day! (Oh, and Thanksgiving. ;))


    1. Oh good! I was hoping you’d write about why you picked Pollyanna– it’s one of my favorite books, and I’ve read your whole blog so I figured it was for the reasons you said, but it was beautiful to hear you write out the reasons. I’m glad for… you! 🙂



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