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Living a Masterpiece

There’s a theme in geek literature and movies that everyone recognizes, yet is always pleasantly surprised by.   (It also shows up every once in awhile in medias for normal people, but it’s something that geeks just tend to do better.)  In any case– in every case– it’s my favorite scene.  It’s inspiring, tangible proof of a life well-lived, even though the scenes are usually rife with humor and silly antics.

I’m talking, of course, about the thematic “Call to arms!”  It’s when all the various little characters that our protaganist meets along the way show up to return the favor– a small kindness for a small sacrifice, a leap of faith for trust.  Sometimes just out of love, and sometimes for their own benefit– but always because that connection they formed with my beloved hero, no matter how fleeting, was the stuff of legend.

The story takes ill-matched lifestyles and molds them together into a group of friends.  No.  Family.  They are improved by one another, and they learn to look at society and say, “You may not accept this.  You may not understand this.  But this person changed my life, opened my eyes, and held my hand.  This person is a madman, a lunatic, and one of the best examples of kindness and honor that I have ever had the good grace to know.”

It’s the moment in Farscape when they decide to rob the Shadow Depository and all the villains from around the universe come to help.  It’s the scene in the recent Doctor Who– where he is dying, where the universe is crying, and River Song says that she can’t let him die without making sure he knows that is loved by billions.

It’s a literary cliché and a television trope, but it seems to answer the question.

Your life is a masterpiece if you have been a positive change on your world, if you found friends on your journey, if you have turned small actions into great lessons, if you are loved, and if you love.

(And if you happen to have friends who will help you rob a villain’s bank in order to get enough money to buy back your child who was sold into slavery, or friends who will drive their spaceships out to the center of an exploding galaxy to rescue you– well, double points for you.)


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  1. Oh…you sentimentalist 😉 me too. I meant to mention b4 on your other post with the different captains from Star Trek….I watched them all avidly…and I couldn’t give you a favourite if you tortured me. That’s why I watch Sci-Fi…for the cliche


    1. I know, I’m a sap. 🙂 It’s true about the captains– it’s why I’ll get into a debate over who the “best captain” is, but never argue with anyone’s favorite– because, even the people who were pretty bad at their jobs, were amazing. Cliches, perhaps– but beautiful ones. 🙂 And… *hugs* I didn’t mean to inspire tears!


        1. 🙂 I can imagine that anyone with a Gallifrey username would appreciate a Whovian reference, ha! 🙂 Glad you checked in– yep, those episodes always pull my heart strings.


  2. I am not a geeky person but I can say I LOVE it when those kind of scenes happen in movies. The hero is in a really tight spot and then suddenly all these people that the character helped come in the picture kicking butt 😀


  3. First off, I agree with Purnimodo – that Van Gogh with Tardis painting is wonderful!

    Second, though – one of my favorite examples of your trope is a really old-school story by James Schmitz (one of the all time underappreciated science fiction writers), “The Truth About Cushgar”. In it, interstellar spy and fixer Zamm Tarradang-Pok discovers (after years of searching) who kidnapped her family. So of course she sends in her resignation and heads off all by herself to try to rescue them if they’re still alive. At which point of course every other secret agent in the Vegan Confederation announces they’re taking a leave of absence and heads out on Zamm’s trail to help her.

    Of course they rescue her family. Oh, and as an unplanned side effect, they also conquer the troublemaking empire of Cushgar. Such a bunch of casual badasses you never saw. 🙂


    1. That sounds amazing! I think I’ve read a James Schmitz short story before, but I don’t remember which… I’ll have to dig through and see. I’m also definitely looking this one up. It sounds fabulous– thank you for the recommendation! 😀


    1. Yep, sometimes those days can get you down, but I like to think, “If this wasn’t just a slightly bad day, if it was a truly awful day, I could call the characters of my life to arms! 🙂 And they would come, I think. :D”


  4. My geek got all excited seeing the Tardis painting. Then I read this “This person is a madman, a lunatic, and one of the best examples of kindness and honor that I have ever had the good grace to know.” and got giggles upon giggles. I am that madman and lunatic. I’m there for you no matter what and this made me giggle. I am your Han Solo.


  5. I’m all for the call to arms… It makes all our effort to be good and kind worthwhile… Karma isn’t always a bitch. Thankfully! 🙂


    1. Yep, sometimes Karma is a beautiful thing! 🙂 (Did you ever see the show My Name is Earl? There’s some classic/silly karma quotes in there. :))



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