Why I Don’t Invite Milla Jovovich to Tea

You may be thinking, “Rara, you’re not famous or family, so you probably don’t invite Milla to tea because you don’t know how to contact her and even if you did she wouldn’t come. Plus, you’ve never in your life invited someone for tea.”

And I’ll be honest, that’s part of it.

Mostly, though, I don’t invite Milla Jovovich to tea because as long as she’s not around, I win.

“Win what?”

I’m glad you asked.

I win the full, undivided attention of my husband, Dave.

Now I’m not certain that she’d even be competition.  You see, Dave has this amazing ability to exist in a world that he believes consists only of me, our cats, and himself.

For example, normally, if we’re in a room full of people and everyone wants to watch Ghostbusters, and I say I want to watch Buffy, Dave puts on Buffy.  But I have a sneaking suspicion that if Milla was around, she’d shake the proverbial boat, sway the metaphorical vote.

I can’t have that.

There’s nothing worse than watching ghost capturing when you’re in the mood for vampire slaying, and it’d be just so typical of Milla to not consider my feelings.

Dave and I will be celebrating our anniversary soon, and it’s been great times.  Life has brought hospital beds, courtrooms, emergency clinics, rat-infested hotels, depression, scams, broken leases, broken friendships, and poverty– but right alongside all that nonsense, through it all — was us being us.  And that part has been awesome.

We’re a solid team– spouses, roommates, best friends, colleagues, cat-owners– and we make each other better people.  Marriage fits both us like a tailored suit and we’ve never looked back.

I am incredibly grateful for Dave.

In most ways, we’re opposites.  He has all sorts of metaphors to explain that to people.

He’s a porcupine, and I’m a cat.

When you get past all the spikes and paranoia, Dave is kind and loving.  When you get past all my fluffiness and distracting silliness, I’m tough and a little terrifying.

I’m a fluttering butterfly, and he’s molten lava.

Anyone who’s met us, or read any of our blogs, doesn’t need that one explained.

Dave’s the sort of guy that it’s hard to get to know.   He’ll be arguing with a girl scout about the lack of morality in selling cookies to an obese nation, and then see a stuffed Green Lantern toy and run across the store to grab it.   He’ll be writing an essay tearing apart government funding to various organizations, and stop to compliment his cat.  He grumbles about family events, but will talk your ear off if you happen to ask him about our nieces or nephews. (Short version: he thinks they’re all going to be rock stars, royalty, astronauts AND saints.  No pressure, kids.)  He’s an atheist, but sits quietly and respectfully through my religious ministrations.

In other words, he’s a complex tangle of contradictions, and I absolutely love that about him.

Of course, being so different comes with challenges.  I collect things like I get paid to do so, and Dave is a modern day Spartan.  I dislike anything to do with water, and Dave swims like a fish.  He steps out of the shower like swamp thing and drips all over the floor, whereas I am a delicate ballerina of grace…

Sorry, side-tracked. Some of this may be biased.

Us, years ago, next to our beloved books and Bumblebee.  I’m thankful for everything in this picture.

The point is, we’re two of a kind.  He’s a triangle peg, and I’m a square peg, but either way, neither one of us fits in the circle hole society squishes people into.

I’ve been so lucky to share my life with a fellow misfit, someone who emotionally supports me through the drama of life, and someone who thinks I’m the most important person in the ‘verse.  He makes a better me– pushes me forward, stretches my mental boundaries, and constantly impresses me– and for that– I am thankful.

So fair warning, Milla, I’ll fight for this one.

(Oh, and if you’re curious about Dave, you can visit his blog and remind him about how fantastic his wife is: http://graysonqueen.wordpress.com/about/)


Weekly photo challenge:  Thankful:  http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2012/11/23/weekly-photo-challenge-thankful/  (You only have to post a picture to participate, but I got sidetracked.)


    1. Of course! 🙂 He’s the one who introduced me to Buffy. Admittedly, he’s more of an Angel fan though. It’s all about the darkness with that one. 🙂


      1. Yes! A truly wonderful husband. 🙂 I’m currently working my way through the seasons and then will move on to Angel (honestly David Boreanz is the draw on that one 😉 ). My husband pretends he’s not interested but he stays glued to the tv long after he says he’s leaving.


        1. haha, then he’ll love Angel. It’s really all the banter and adventures of Buffy with a little less whining. Not as “classic”, but endearing nonetheless.:D


  1. Wait.. Graysonqueen is your husband?!! He’s an awesome painter! Just did my fair share of stalking the other day – snooping around and checking paintings. Amazing work!


    1. Yep, that’s his writer/painter name and soon to be legal name. But I just trample all over that because I’m a creature of habit. Thank you, I’m so proud of all his work, you’d think I had a hand in it or something. 🙂 He never even puts his best stuff on his blog or site. My personal favorite painting of his is here:
      and here’s one of my favorite of his short stories:


  2. That’s a brilliant post for the wordpress weekly. I’ve been writing little everyday thanks as part of Bolton’s blessed turkey project on FB so, today, the day after the Supreme Court day, my brain’s too tired to think of more. 😦 But you’ve done such a superb job I’ll just post a link here and say, “talk to RaRa please, let me rest!” 🙂


    1. I’ve been following… legal things are always grief. Well, macaroons and cats are a great way to help ease the angst, so keep that part up. Life works itself out, though… I honestly believe that. 🙂 *hugs* Thanks for reading!


  3. This is a very nice post. I just visited your husband’s blog. He looks interesting in his paintings and writing. I wish you both a wonderful , wonderful time together, for many many years.
    I thought I have followed you but i didn’t see your posts under my reader. I did see many if your likes on my posts which i really appreciate. I am following you now. And thanks for your follow…hope you are still following my blog.

    Good luck to both of you, a lovely couple!


    1. Thank you! 🙂 Yep, he’s an interesting guy– thank you so much for your kind wishes! Yep, I love your posts and your pictures (and I also loved the book “How to think like Leonardo Da Vinci”.)


      1. Thank you…you did read my post, the Thinker! This is a very good book that I always appreciate. I attended a workshop by the author’s student. It was one of the most helpful workshops that I ever attended.


      1. Nah, not me…couldn’t trust a gal who’s built her life around zombies…Meg Ryan maybe before she went off dallying with Russell Crowe…


  4. How sweet! You really are two of a kind 🙂 He must be part of the reason your blog’s always charging with energy and aura and enthusiasm!
    Love it- the writing, the metaphor, the cute little picture and the two cats :3


  5. Congrats, Rara. A family that blogs together, stays together.
    I’ve had to learn the hard way to be more like Dave. I used to put everything before my wife–my family, my friends, my work, my golf game. Our life has brought many of the same things you guys have experienced, and I have finally realized that my wife is my number one priority. So I don’t care if Gong Li and Jessica Alba came by, we’re watching my wife’s favorite show, Top Chef.
    I’d love to hear how Dave learned this secret to marital bliss. Maybe he can blog about it.


    1. Good for you! That’s an important lesson to learn. 🙂 (And Gong Li and Jessica Alba are excellent choices for competition). I’ll suggest the blog idea to Dave, though I’m not sure he knows. 😀


  6. i absolutely love this post! i can relate w/ some areas… my boyfriend’s also an atheist but he sits with me quietly in church 🙂 and does everything i was of him to do ^^ and he’s the only man i’d be willing to fight for. great men really do exist so in a way you’re right– Jude Deveraux speaks the truth ^^ lol


  7. What do we know about Milla anyhow, or Meg or any of that lot,. They’re just insubstantial stuff on the screen. Happy six years to you, Rawr.


  8. Rarasaur, so nice to meet you!

    This post was wonderful, so you are right: wonderful things do happen here. 😉

    I, too, am a fan of Milla Jovavich, preferring her role in The Fifth Element to anything else. I’d like to invite her to dinner as well, but only if she wears that white ensemble she wore in the film — might motivate me to drop a few lbs, if you know what I mean. Anyhow . . .

    I just loved this. “He makes a better me– pushes me forward, stretches my mental boundaries, and constantly impresses me– and for that– I am thankful.” I have one of these myself, and am so incredibly grateful.

    Happy Sunday to you!

    ~ Cara


    1. Cara– thank you for stopping by and commenting! I appreciate it. 🙂 I love the Fifth Element, it’s one of my favorite movies of all time. Oh, I’m so glad for anyone else who has “one of those”! 🙂 It’s such a wonderful thing!


    1. This is one of the few pics of her I could find without a gun in her hand, ha! 🙂

      She’s known for her roles in Resident Evil and 5th Element. Milla just happens to pop up in all my hubby’s favorite movies. 🙂


      1. Oddly, that looks nothing like her. Anyway, you should probably not invite her to tea because the Matachewan will end up inadvertently wrecking your house. And if not, then be prepared to face Evil Space Ross Perot, who paradoxically does not sport a goatee.


  9. Loving this post! Sometimes it’s the differences that make life interesting. It all depends on how you handle it. The ability to see the humor in the differences is the key and it appears that you have a handle on that!


    1. Thanks! I hate to say it, but that photo came out so well because I let Dave have full rein.. he set everything up for it, and the whole series are my favorite family photos. 🙂 Thanks for reading and the sweet words!



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