hindsight & salt water lies


Today I learned that salt water taffy does not contain salt water.

Thus adding to my list of food misnomers.

  • Champagne grapes
  • Candy corn
  • Salt water taffy
  • Cotton candy
  • Eggplant
  • Butternut squash

What did I leave out? Let’s get these lies out in the open!

Daily Prompt: Hindsight: Now that you’ve got some blogging experience under your belt, re-write your very first post. http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2012/12/03/daily-prompt-hindsight/

The first post. Not very exciting, right?
The first post in it’s entirety.  Well, the first one written with the express purpose of being on this blog. Not very exciting, right?  When Leslie liked this post, and I got an email, I was instantly hooked– and as excited as if I won the lottery.  So I guess I can put all my addiction squarely at her door, 😉 – Thanks, girl!


    1. A starfruit in we awesome if it was what it sounded like– of course, if stars produced fruit in real life, the fruit would hurtle to earth and probably be kill people on their descent, so nevermind, I take it back… I’m glad starfruit don’t come from stars. And– eek, certainly glad about the rest of them too! haha! 🙂


    1. Amazed and honored is perfectly said! I love getting my “likes” sent as emails just so I can get appropriately excited about each one. 😀 Isn’t it wonderful?!


    1. 😀 Ooh, you have to look up champagne grapes, too! “Allin Corrin, a table grape producer from Reedley, CA, showcased the fruit in an idealised pictorial editorial in Sunset Magazine alongside a flute of champagne, re-branding the grape forever as a “Champagne Grape”.” Crazy, right? Nothing to do with champagne, just marketing.


    1. Unfortunately, yes, haha– turducken IS exactly what it sounds like. 😀 I gotta say that Rocky Mountain Oysters is way tastier sounding than “Bull Calf testicles”. 🙂 And now I have this image of poor caterpillars being rolled…


      1. I still have vivid memories of when my older brother tried to get me to east some rocky mountain oysters and I found out what they really were; disgust, disbelief, “People eat that?!” And though I never really thought about the poor caterpillars before, I will now whenever I order that!


    1. Oh man, I always thought of it as describing the blue veins of the cheese, but now I’m going to imagine … blue veins IN the cheese! Yikes! I guess I’ll stick to my cheese-in-a-can, ha! 🙂


  1. Spaghetti squash, toad in the hole, bubble and squeak, angels on horseback, lady fingers, Dutch babies, Stinking Bishop. The mind really boggles at that last one :\


  2. I have to add cheesecake. For years I would not even consider trying cheesecake because I don’t like cheese. So imagine my amazement when my ex finally got me to try his favorite dessert, cheesecake and it didn’t taste like yucky cheese.


  3. How about the coffee we get at work? I’d be surprised if it’s ever seen a coffee bean.

    I’ve Googled “taffy” so now I know what it is. We call that form of sweet “chews” (apparently, according to Wiki) 🙂


  4. This makes me think of the quote: “A rose, is a rose by any other name.”
    I like knowing what is in my food and where it came from. What you call it doesn’t weight as heavily as to whether or not I will taste it.
    However, I glad I know what Rocky Mountain Oysters are so that I will not accidentally eat one. YIKES!
    Tofurkey comes to mind. Marshmallows are not harvested from a marsh. Pigeon Peas are not a pea they are a legume and are NOT laid by pigeons. Peanuts are also not a pea and not a nut they too are a legume. And the pineapple was named thus because it resembled a pine cone.
    One of my FAVORITE BOOKS of all time is Food Lover’s Companion by Sharon and Ron Herbert. All kinds of interesting food trivia.
    FUN post!


  5. As a South Jersey native who grew up on salt water taffy (an Atlantic City original it was), I must stand up for what has been one of my favorite sweets (especially if it came from Fralinger’s on the boardwalk). There is water and salt in it 🙂



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