shine up your shopping karma

It’s easy to get caught in the bustle of shopping for the holidays, but this season, don’t wrap your presents in a bad aura– follow these steps to shine up your shopping karma.

Use your voice to thank someone.  There’s a power to kind words spoken aloud.
Call a store that gave you great customer service, and let them know that they wow’d you.  Stop by your favorite coffee shop and thank them for being your daily picker-upper.  Thank your cashier for their help.

Do a kindness.  Great actions beget great actions.
Give your unused coupons to the person behind you in line, or maybe even let them go in front of you.  Help someone carry their bags.  Direct someone to the section for which they are searching.  Push a shopping cart out of the way of parking spaces, even if you’ve already parked.

Put your money where your heart is.  Just the act of giving changes lives for the better. 
Even if it’s just a quarter, give something to someone in need.  Many stores have charities they support– give a dollar to their cause.

Be clean in your actions to shine in your heart.  Clean living shows respect for yourself and others.  
Pick up after yourself in the fitting room.  Don’t leave your coffee in the book aisle, even if no one is looking.  Especially if no one is looking.  Pick up items that have fallen in the store.

Spread good cheer.  Joy is contagious. 
When retelling your shopping experiences, remember the positive aspects and try to forget the negative experiences.  Smile at the people you pass.  Wish people a happy holiday season.
This year, add a little good karma to each present you give.


  1. I especially like #1, moreso around this time of year, where employees might be working longer hours and still manage to give you excellent service, it’s nice to acknowledge them with a heartfelt thank you.


    1. We all tend to do tons more shopping this time of year, so it’s nice to keep it in mind right now… but yes, definitely! These should be year-round policies. 😀


  2. Its a good point, we often complain about poor service but rarely pass on the appreciation for good service


    1. True! They always say that people tell 10 people about a bad experience, but only 1 person about a good experience. Don’t know if it’s true, but it sounds about right. It’d be great to switch those numbers around. 🙂


  3. Reblogged this on granny reports and commented:
    I love this blog. I read this and it made me smile. I needed a picker-upper and this did the trick. Enjoy and be sure to read other posts on this blog. I think you will like them.


  4. As has been said many times, many ways, this is how it should be all year around. After which, let me say, with a sense of self-satisfaction and a pat on mine back – I realized I have done all of those things very recently. Without realizing it! So perhaps the spirit of the holiday has seeped into my system.


  5. Love this post and totally agree! I try to make a conscious effort to thank those who serve and help my life…even those who may seem insignificant to some (like someone cleaning a public bathroom or someone wiping a table). They make a difference in my life! Thanks for the reminder!



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