all girls should be geek

My recently-posted poem “All boys should be geeky.“, inspired a comment from the renowned Dr.Geek, asking for the girl version.Β  So, dedicated to TheGeekAnthropologist for the inspiration, here it is:


All girls should be geek–
proud, sassy, and chic–
Ready to solve the un-solveables!
Underground or in space,
they should laugh in the face
of Impossibles and Improbables.

All girls should be leaders,
warriors and readers,
armed with a passionate mind.
They should know when to fold
and grow gracefully old–
And when to get back to the grind.

All girls should be nerdy,
(Vulcan stoics or wordy)
so long as they speak from the heart.
Because the future is longer,
and the present is stronger,
when girls take an active part.


      1. By the by, Discovery Science channel is running a marathon tomorrow. They start with the movie “Serenity” starting at 7am, followed by the series starting at 9. Just in case you’ve got nothing better to do. ;0


    1. You don’t normally like poetry?! I’m going to have to convert you, Jill… haha. πŸ™‚ There’s so much awesome poetry in the world! Thanks for reading! πŸ˜€



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