Doodle Poetry: Commentality


Should the world decide to end,
do not be alarmed.
Make haste to John’s–
you’ll be trained and armed.
We’ll practice our camouflage
by hiding in trees!
We’ll master our swordplay,
and shoot the breeze.
We’ll prepare for foraging,
(and we’ll wear the right pants.)
You’ll keep bloggers alive, John–
So thanks in advance.

Happy birthday John!  I even colored your picture for you.  *muah!

I highly recommend reading a touching, and stylish tribute to John over at Doggy’sStyle blog, which even features my doodle:

And also, of course, check out John’s blog and wish him a happy 50th!

And… about those doodles.


  1. Lovin’ it! Might actually mooch that for my Gravatar – provided Blackjack permits me! (We have a contract, and unfortunately, I forgot to add a cancellation clause in case of his death…)


  2. There is nothing like a good Blog-Party, to bring all the nice people together. Thank you for stopping by my site and declaring it interesting enough to sign up to follow. I will attempt to return the favor by dropping by on a (semi)regular basis.



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