Doodle Poetry: AFrankAngle

What is this?


    1. haha, oh good. So glad it made you smile!! I told my hubby that my drawings are so bad that I was afraid people were going to think I was making fun of them, haha! 🙂 And congrats on being Freshly Pressed! It’s muchly deserved and I hope it brings more good people to you. 😀


      1. I wonder if I need to develop one of those seals special merchants in the UK use?

        You started this Queen business you know. (My husband looked at my doodle and shook his head. But what does he know.)


            1. No problem as I know my place.

              I was also thinking about your hubby. He’s want to declare his title: Prince or King … either way, you are Queen, but there are power differences.


              1. Wait! He doesn’t even read my blog very often (he’s heard all the stories way too many times). How come he gets a title too? I think he should stay as a Commoner.


                    1. On the other hand, I don’t get to collect the insurance if he merely gets a slap down!

                      Oh, OK. He can keep his head. It’s a pretty attractive one, actually.


                1. You could always make hubby the Prince Consort. Sorta like Prince Albert (the one NOT in the can) and Queen Victoria. Vicky had all the power, Albert just kinda .. well, sat on his can! (Sorry, I couldn’t resist! 😀 )


  1. This is brilliant – just Frank … even if I missed the grocery store … *smile
    Frank, is not officially poetry. Great stuff – hope he can handle it.


    1. 1. Of course, Frank, it’s yours… free and clear to do with what you wish. 🙂
      2. Sure! These are all for people who participated or promoted C4C, so it might look a little different, but it’ll be just just as doodletastic, haha! 🙂 I have a few more C4C bloggers to get through, but then I’ll read through HotlySpiced and get myself inspired. 😀
      3. Thanks for sending so many great bloggers my way, I’ve been sifting through their sites all day and I’m having a ball! 😀



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