Doodle Poetry: This is My Corn

What is this?


  1. This is wonderful. I was driving all day yesterday and thinking about home, what is home, where is home, did I try to go home too soon? Thank you for the doodle.


    1. Oh good, I’m glad you liked it! 😀 Since I first stumbled upon your blog, I felt like the theme was “home”. 🙂 Plus, I couldn’t pass on a chance to draw smiley corn. 😀


  2. For some reason which I cannot quite identify, whenever I think about corn, or say the word, ‘corn,’ or even think about the word itself, I laugh. Why is there something indefinably funny about corn? Why is that word funny? What is funny about it? Why does corn make me laugh? I’m laughing right now. About corn. And I love corn. Things made with corn. Cornbread–that crispy southern variety made with bacon grease. Not spoonbread; although they do float it in bacon grease in a very thin tin, and bake it. There is positively nothing funny about any of this. Just corn. Making me laugh. No explanation.


    1. haha! I know! I deliberately put this doodle last so if people only saw one, they’d see it and giggle… because corn is just so .. fun and giggle-inducing! 🙂 haha!



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