Erm, about those “doodles” and “poetry”.

Some have titles, some don’t.  Some rhyme, and some barely make sense.  Some people have rounder heads than others, and almost everyone has incredibly disproportionate limbs.

None of that stuff means anything, I love you all…

and I did warn you about the awfulness of my doodles, and randomness of my words.

So, that said, enjoy!  They’re yours, so feel free to do with them what you like.

If you’d like me to take yours down, or change words, or fix something– just let me know and I will do my best to get to it immediately.


PS- For those who have no idea what these are all about, they are gifts for those who re-posted and badged up to spread the word for Company4Christmas.  They’re good peoples.  Visit them, and bask in their love.

55 thoughts on “Erm, about those “doodles” and “poetry”.


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