11 thoughts on “Doodle Poetry: Fifty Four and a Half

  • I woke up this morning and found that I am Queen. It is about Damn Time. Raur, you and your husband are cordially invited to the coronation!

    Many thanks for this — I’m touched.

    But how did I miss the original post? Heads will roll…


  • All hail Queen Elyse! I have been her loyal follower for quite a while now anyhow, so this changes nothing for me.


    • Thank you, TwinDaddy. You can be in charge of the Queen’s Guard. I may have to see your face, though, to ensure you aren’t actually Han Solo.


      • I’m certainly not that handsome, but I will need more stormtrooper gear for the additional guards that we’ll need. Oh, and a Death Star. We’ll need to restore order to this cluster**** somehow.


        • Well, you’re certainly not that old! Or that rich! You are, however getting more and more famous, so you have that goin’ for you.

          We shall provide the additional equipment, TwinDaddy. But I will have to think about this Death Star — unless it is a place to bank all the jokes We attempt to crack that don’t quite make it.



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