Doodle Poetry: Fifty Four and a Half

This set of doodles if for those that didn’t check into the my post, but still deserve kudos for being awesome and helping out with C4C!  I hope you enjoy!


  1. I woke up this morning and found that I am Queen. It is about Damn Time. Raur, you and your husband are cordially invited to the coronation!

    Many thanks for this — I’m touched.

    But how did I miss the original post? Heads will roll…


  2. All hail Queen Elyse! I have been her loyal follower for quite a while now anyhow, so this changes nothing for me.


    1. Thank you, TwinDaddy. You can be in charge of the Queen’s Guard. I may have to see your face, though, to ensure you aren’t actually Han Solo.


      1. I’m certainly not that handsome, but I will need more stormtrooper gear for the additional guards that we’ll need. Oh, and a Death Star. We’ll need to restore order to this cluster**** somehow.


        1. Well, you’re certainly not that old! Or that rich! You are, however getting more and more famous, so you have that goin’ for you.

          We shall provide the additional equipment, TwinDaddy. But I will have to think about this Death Star — unless it is a place to bank all the jokes We attempt to crack that don’t quite make it.


          1. Well, we can certainly store all of our attempted jokes there since they bomb. We can use them as ammunition to help us maintain control of the kingdom.



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