Guest Post: FishOfGold Makes a Wish

Please welcome my guest blogger, FishofGold.  Tell her all about your wishes, show off your commenting skills, visit her blog, and pass a little rawr-love her way!

golden_gate_bridge_keychainHello, internet. My name is Goldfish. As I write this, I’m at the tail end of a particularly nasty stomach flu that I picked up as a souvenir in San Francisco this past weekend. It wasn’t for sale in the gift shops. I would have preferred a Golden Gate Bridge key chain.

I haven’t eaten anything in over 36 hours because I still am not capable of keeping food in my stomach where it belongs. Stupid stomach.

Given that my thinker is barely working at the moment due to aforementioned illness, I asked our beloved Rarasaur for a prompt. I took the lazy way out. Yell me if you wish, but I think three days of virulent illness is reason enough to not be at my best. Anyway, here is Rara’s prompt:

A genie grants you three blog-related-wishes, with all the normal genie caveats–what are your three wishes?

Not just wishes, but blog-related wishes? That’s like getting a gift card for a specific store. “Wooo $300!… to spend at the Dollar Store.” Oh.

OK, then, Rara. Three blog-related wishes it is. Wish, The First:

I wish I had the time to write every day.

I try to write every day, but life intervenes. I have a million half started posts (well, less than a hundred if you want to get all technical about it). I start to write something, get interrupted and lose my train of thought. Or I’ll come back from the interruption, reread it, discover that it’s all bullocks. I’ll throw it indignantly into drafts just in case there is something in there worth saving later. Generally, there isn’t. I go through my drafts folder every few months. Some of the drafts get re-saved as drafts for later, but most of the crap gets deleted.

It would be nice if time would just stop while I was writing. I could ask for a magical time-stopping keyboard. This magical time-stopping keyboard would stop time only while I was writing something. I could turn it on when I wanted to write and then turn it off when I was done and time would go right back to where I started. That would be swell. I could get so much accomplished with that. Although, realistically, I’d probably use it to sleep more. Maybe there needs to be some no-cheating-for-sleeping shut off on my magical time-stopping keyboard.

I wish I was a little less shy.

I know, you’re thinking to yourself, “Pish posh! This fish couldn’t possibly be shy. She’s writing on another person’s blog!” I like to think of you using phrases like pish posh. Sorry about that, old chap.

The truth is, I am dreadfully shy. I’m better than I used to be, but I am still very shy and socially awkward. My blog personality is pretty much the same as my real life personality, i.e. a huge dork, but it takes a lot more work on your part to see it. I do not open up easily in the real world, but online I’ll share my deepest, darkest secrets with anyone who happens along. It doesn’t make a lick of sense, but I hide behind a fish. The fish allows me to share everything. I think if I had to use my real name on my blog, it would be a very boring blog indeed. Maybe it already is.

My second genie wish is to be more sociable. I reply to most comments left on my blog. I am ever so grateful to and slightly envious of my blog commenters. To just randomly walk into a blog you’ve never seen before and leave a comment without freaking out about it must be nice. Kudos to all of you danger seeking blog commenters! I’d like to be more like you.

I wish I had time to read more blogs.

I was out of town all weekend and then I was sick. Today is the first day since last week that I’ve been in front of a computer. I have a ton of catching up to do on all the lovely blogs I follow and I’m not sure that I’ll have time to catch up. That stinks. All of those words out there, forlorn and unread by me. I was Freshly Pressed a couple of months ago and I still haven’t had time to sit down and check out all the blogs of my new subscribers. That’s terrible.

My third genie wish is for more time to read. I’d like one day a week dedicated to reading all of the blog posts I’ve missed and discover new ones. I’m always thrilled to discover a new blog that I like and have never read before.

Is that too much to ask, Blog-Related Genie™? Now that I think about it, I probably don’t need you for those wishes anyway. I could probably make them come true myself if I put a little work into it.  Still, I’d really like a magical time-stopping keyboard. Thanks!


Now that you love FishOfGold as much as I do, check out her blog for flash fiction, autobiographical tales that will make you feel, and rants that will crack you up.  Figuratively.  If I were you, I’d start here:


  1. Can I contribute a wish? I wish that FOG would tell me which prize she’d like me to claim so I can claim it and prevent further criticism for not having claimed my prize.


  2. Hope you’re feeling better soon, Fishie. My problem with wishes dates back to my playing D&D in college. A fellow gamer made a wish for a million bucks, and was last seen wandering around Finland with a herd of reindeer. Seeing your first and third wishes, I’d be afraid of being locked i a time loop, where I could ONLY read and write to blogs! (Yeah, yeah, I know, too much “Twilight Zone” in my youth. 😀 )


  3. Ooh. I was expecting a dinosaur and found a fish! Good to see you over here, FOG, and I hope you feel better soon.
    Those keychains look cool. If I ever visit America I’ll have to pick me up one.


  4. Nice job! You really tell a lot about yourself, it is nice to meet you. I relate totally to your wishes. I myself have a dashboard filled with half written “garbage” I started and then lost time, focus and so I save them hoping that some day I will turn those misfits into something worthwhile. As for being shy, I am with you there as well, I always worry about the thoughts of others. Well I used to, it has been one of my things I have been working on. Finding time to read is very important, in fact it was the most important thing I ever did. And reading more blogs, well worth it, you get great motivation, ideas and make neat connections. Hope your feeling better, I will read your blog tomorrow, I am expecting to be impressed. Have a great day. Grateful for the post Goldfish!


  5. Great post! I can relate to your wishes, I think a lot of us wish we had more time to write and read blogs, and maybe be a bit more candid here and there. Your #2 wish is something I can relate to! I feel like I used to be a lot more open and deep on my blog and then I got Freshly Pressed. It was awesome and I’m so thankful for it, but all of the sudden hundreds of people reading my deep, dark feelings felt a little too personal. I’m trying to remember that I write the blog for ME though, not for the strangers reading it. Hoping to get back to the deep/dark stuff lol.

    Wonderful guest post, rara is lucky to have you on here!


    1. Strangely, I am very open on my blog. I don’t really hold much back. It’s just interacting with other bloggers that sometimes scares me. I’ll visit a new blog, want to leave a comment and then chicken out. I’m a big sissy.


  6. In an elegant nutshell, the dilemma of trying to write a blog and be alive! Please can I share your mahgical keyboard when you are reading? 🙂


  7. When I was a kid I would dream of being able to stop time so I would be able to consume everything that had ever been written (by a young age I’d already realized this endeavor would take several lifetimes). Magical time-stopping keyboard sounds awesome!

    I would get so frickin’ nervous every time I left a comment (and I still tend to be completely OCD about it every now and then). I got over it purely by accident. I quit smoking, which totally destroyed my weird filter. As a result, I left some pretty strange comments on a few blogs (which I still blush when I think about).

    Thing is, the world didn’t end and neither did my efforts as a blogger. I don’t even know if the people approved or left up the comments! Bloggers are, by and large, both strange and forgiving. Since then, I’ve been able to tamp down the trepidation better.


  8. I agree with both the first and third wishes wholeheartedly. (really, does anyone on wordpress not wish for more time?)

    I think to round those out though, I would wish for fewer typos in my posts. Perhaps, I would ask for a little typo elf to sit on my shoulder and point out when I’ve forgotten a word, when I’ve said a word twice, when I’ve mixed up two letters or when my keyboard was simply playing the prankster again.


  9. Great wishes one and all. I too suffer from not finding the time to read as many other blogs as I’d like to. I see them piling up in my reader and I want to scroll through all of them, like them all, comment on them all, but life always seems to conspire against my computer time.


      1. My wife is always arguing for extra hours in the day, but, yes, I think I like the extra day in the week idea better. As long as that is a “weekend” day. I really just need to find one of those jobs that’s a 4 days/per week, 10 hours/per day kind of set up. I’m at work that much anyway, I might as well get the extra day off out of it, right?! (I’m not really at work that long, but when I factor in the hour lunch, and the 1 1/2 to 2 hours I’m in the car getting to and from work, well, then it is over a 10 hour day.)


  10. I’m with you on #2. I can’t speak nearly as well as I can write. If verbal conversations had a backspace I could do better. Plus, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve composed a comment and then deleted it and never hit “post comment”. I’ve even done it to you. I think, wtf?, who am I to say that? What if it doesn’t read like it sounds in my head? Like the other day, on your crisis post, I was about to ask if quitting smoking made everything a crisis, then I thought that might sound like I was being disrespectful so I deleted it. Ugh. Crappy self-confidence.


    1. Yup, me too. I compose comments that I don’t post all the time. I really should just hit post comment anyway.

      For the record, I probably wouldn’t be offended by anything you say since I know you well enough at this point to know you wouldn’t mean it “that way.”


  11. Hey Foggy – Healing vibes ~~~wooo~~~whaaa~~~wooo~~~~ your way!
    I’d go the whole hog and just wish for a second self that lived as a brain in a jar, could ‘think-type’ and blog 24-7 fuelled only by dropping the odd sugar-cube in its fluids.
    But I probably need help!


  12. You know, I think you missed an important wish: “I wish I could stay out of the bathroom long enough to read and write.” That might cover not just the flu but random bits of daily life.


  13. Hey rara thanks for introducing me to FOG!
    Rushing over there now for a quick poke (ahem, I mean swim) around – like you FOG, and most of the other commenters, not enough time. Aaaarrrrrgh! I like to think it all means we actually have a life 🙂
    Don’t have the shy problem (though I used to, and, OK, sometimes still do, but not often), and don’t have the overstuffed drafts problem, But Time, precious Time – if only we could stretch it a little.
    Good to meet you FOG – nice post!


  14. Love the trademarked blogging genie, Goldfish. I’d have to say, you are much better off shying away from commenting then posting comments that you realize are completely inappropriate or idiotic. I’ve had to email a couple of bloggers a number of times and beg them to delete a comment. I wanted to email you a time or two, but I don’t have your email address since you don’t comment on my blog. jk haha.
    Hope you didn’t dirty your fishbowl too much with the food poisoning.


  15. Thanks Goldfish I do hope you feel better (& Rawr for having you as her guest) I shall have a little ‘stalk’ 🙂
    Psst Rawr fill me in on the how too’s with guest bloggers when you have a minute pretty please 🙂


  16. I hear you on being able to just randomly go to a blog and leave a comment without freaking out. I really wish I could do that. I’ve tried but the freaking out never stops “Gaaah! What have I done?! What if I’m not welcome?!” Like that, but with more screaming 🙂


  17. Hope you’re feeling better! I think that keyboard is an awesome idea – every time you stop typing, time is in on, when your fingers are moving, it’s off… a bit like the write-or-die website (only without dying).
    I used to be afraid of commenting on new blogs, but I got over it by imagining that others probably feel similar to myself when I get a comment – totally happy and appreciated! 🙂


    1. Yes, I know, you’re right. I love getting comments. But when it comes to leaving them on unknown blogs, I chicken out. I never said it made any sense. 🙂



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