Guest Post: LilyInCanada is Stuck in an Elevator!

Please welcome my guest blogger, Lily from LilyInCanada!  Explain to her how 10 hours with Indiana Jones could never be called “wasted”, tell her with whom you’d want to be stuck in an elevator, and send kisses and rawr-love her way!

When Rara asked me to guest post on her blog, I felt so honored and excited. It’s weird to think  that someone else wants your words on their page. It’s a pretty glorious thing. And then I got worried that I would write something dumb. Luckily, Rara gave me a good prompt to help my writing juices flow.

If you had to be stuck in an elevator with a fictional character for 10 hours, which character would you choose?

aladdinThis got me thinking. There are lots of fictional characters in the world. I started thinking about Disney movies—they have tons of good characters. I wouldn’t mind being stuck in an elevator with Aladdin for ten hours if you know what I mean.

I could always pick a character that was super smart in sticky situations, like Indiana Jones or James Bond. That way, we would probably figure out a way to escape and I wouldn’t have to waste ten hours of my life talking to someone who wasn’t even real.

But then I thought about being entertained during those ten hours. I would need a conversationalist. Maybe someone like Forrest Gump would be a good choice because he could just tell me all about his bizarre life. Although, I guess I would already know the whole story.  Wouldn’t that be weird if you started tell someone about yourself and they were like, “Yeah I know all about you.” Creepy. That could be a good idea for a movie. Don’t steal my idea!

220px-East_of_edendvdI also just finished the book, East of Eden by John Steinbeck and two of the characters really reached out to me. Samuel Hamilton and Lee were two beautiful men who could find depth in the ordinary and basked in the meaning of life. I really fell in love with both of them. BUT I need to pick someone who is more well-known.

hannibal, People might find this strange, but Hannibal Lecter seems like a good choice. I mean, he has a taste for the finer things in life. He’s well-read and he enjoys the beautiful things that the world has to offer. He’s a therapist (free ten hour session!). There’s one minor detail, but I think it can be overlooked.

I also love animals so the thought of being able to pet an animal for ten hours sounds good to me. Maybe Mufasa from The Lion King wouldn’t mind an elevator ride. But he might take up too much room. Simba would be a better size. Do you think petting a lion would get old after a couple hours? Nahhh…

And then I finally figured out which character I would like as a companion. Willy Wonka. There’s really no rhyme or reason why I’d want to be stuck with Mr. Wonka, other than he relaxes me. Imagine how scared and nervous you would be in an elevator for ten hours. Well, Willy Wonka’s calm demeanor would definitely help ease my soul. He could sing me “Pure Imagination” and make me laugh with his sarcastic humor. And I’m sure the second the elevator stopped, and I started panicking, he would say, “Help. Police. Murder.” And maybe, after all is well and we get rescued, he’ll give me a private tour through his Chocolate Factory. Yeah, Willy Wonka. That’s the ticket.



Now that you love Lily as much as I do, check out her blog for more original hilarious content, pure imagination, and straight up chit chat (that’s a thing, right?).  If I were you, I’d start here:


  1. I am re-reading “Salems Lot”, so my literary choice would be Ben Mears. Tall, dark, handsome, writer, vampire killer. Elevator shafts are dark, right? So you never know.

    Movie-wise is difficult, but I say Wolverine. Tall, dark, handsome, Canadian, indestructible mutant. Claws retracted, of course.

    TV genre would be MacGuyver. Besides the obvious reasons, mullets were HOT when I watched him on primetime.


    1. I sense a theme emerging. Hotties. You really can’t go wrong. Out of your choices I would DEFINITELY pick Wolverine. I’ve always had a thing for X-men.

      I never read Salem’s Lot, but since you’re re-reading it, it must be good! I’ll add it to my list!

      I haven’t seen much of MacGuyver, but I think he would be handy in a situation like this! Good choice!


  2. Willy wonka is a fantastic choice – no further explanation needed. I think I’d go with a magician or something like that – for entertainment purposes, for the knowledge I could gain in that 10 hours, and for a way to escape if we got bored with waiting around (probably more for the magician for me – because I’d be perfectly content chat them up for all 10 hours). The easy answer to the who is Merlin – though there is some debate on whether or not he is fictional or non-fictional. So, I’ll go with Raistlin Majere, a mage of some renown in the DragonLance world (created by Margaret Weiss and Tracy Hickman). Though, with Raistlin I might have to fear for my life, it would still be worth it.


    1. I’ve never heard of the DragonLance world! I might have to do some research. I think Merlin would be a good choice. He seems like he would be very wise. It’s definitely a good idea to pick someone who could teach you something. And more importantly, someone that you wouldn’t get tired of talking to!

      I’m glad you appreciate Willy Wonka as much as I do! 😀


    1. Haha you totally reminded me that in the movie Willy Wonka flies in an elevator! WHY DIDN’T I MENTION THAT? Duhh. Oompa Loompa land could be fun though. Tons of slaves for the taking, right?


    1. I could barely pick one! Hah greedy frog! Indy and Wolverine would be amazing. I feel like it would get pretty heated in there quickly… 😉


  3. I’d take Hannibal if he was in his mask and straight jacket. Willy Wonka would be good because after 10 hours in an elevator you would surely need one of those giant gummi bears or a drink from that chocolate river.
    I was thinking HG Wells or Dr. Brown from Back to the Future. Anyone with a time machine could make the time fly in an elevator as long as we had the flax capacitor. 🙂


    1. I agree about the giant gummi bears and the chocolate river! Yum!

      You could probably learn a lot from H.G. Wells and Dr. Brown would be fun! You’re right about the whole time machine thing–time would fly when you’re exploring a different year!


  4. Rachel Green — we would find something to do to kill the 10 hours. I have been following Lily for a while now. Please, don’t tell her. HF


  5. Read the prompt and thought “this has the potential to be an extremely boring post.” (no offense, RaRa, it’s a great prompt actually, I was just thinking how boring of a post I could make it into haha!) Anyway, It wasn’t boring at all. I like your style and sense of humor, and I laughed pretty hard about the Aladdin thing. Agreed!! 🙂


    1. Aww hah! That’s such a sweet compliment! Thanks so much! Yeah if I start writing something and it’s boring to me, I figure it’s gonna be boring to everyone else, so I try to make my posts funny or amusing. It’s hard though! Rara picked such awesome topics. I’m not that creative!

      And yes, Aladdin! 😉


  6. You know the whole time I was reading this, I was thinking who would be the absolutely quietest fictional character on earth I could be stuck in an elevator with? I am dumbfounded. May be Tom or Jerry?
    Willy Wonka? Ten hours? Really? Haa oh my. But he probably would have some good candy stashed.
    Great job guest blogging Lily. Freshly Pressed now this? What is next?


    1. Hahah yeah Tom and Jerry probably wouldn’t say anything, but they’d get pretty annoying chasing each other, right?

      Yeahhh it’s all about the candy! Aww thanks Audra! I don’t know what’s next! I’m just going with the flow!


  7. I can tell you who I WOULDN’T want to be stuck with – the guy on the other end of the phone in the elevator I once DID get stuck in. I guess the guy had just gone through anti-panic training or something, because he told me it would take about a half hour, and then started telling me to calm down. I told him I had no problem, that I was gonna hang up and literally take a nap, and he FREAKED! He wanted to keep me on the line talking, it was late at night, and all I wanted to do was sit on the floor and doze until the mechanics (or whatever you call them) got to me. I had to hang up on the guy, he was driving me so nuts, and HE CALLED BACK! I had no problem with being in the car, but I was getting ready to hunt him down and throttle him with the phone cord! YEESH!
    Mine would be easy Grace Lee Whitney from Star Trek. Then we could just pick up from the last time I saw her some years ago! 😀


    1. Oh wow that’s a crazy experience! I wonder why the guy was in such a panic when he wasn’t even the one stuck? Crazy!

      I wasn’t a huge Trekkie so I don’t know who that is. I’ll have to brush up on some episodes! Hah!


  8. Willy Wonka – great choice! Great post too! Thanks for sharing. Rarasaur, this guest blogging caper you’ve got going on is an awesome idea!


  9. I’m Lily’s alter ego and I’m amazed I never saw this. Now I feel like I’m stalking her. I guess it’s not that old.

    I would never want to be stuck with Willy Wonka in an elevator. He had too vapid of mood swings. I can’t handle that.


  10. Wonka would probably peel the wallpaper of the elevator (that’s one fancy elevator you’re in, by the way) to reveal new wallpaper that was flavored like Schnozberries and such! Excellent choice!



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