Don’t forget to smile at the sky…


A dragon goes to sleep, a snake slithers into the open.
The sun goes down in one year and rises in the next.

Fireworks are illegal where I live in the USA, and it’s February 9th, but neither fact will stop the sky-popping, confetti-throwing welcoming of a brand new year.

Here, February 10th marks the start of the Chinese year of the black water snake.  Depending on how traditional your celebratory style, you may have started the party as early as the 4th.  These types of differences in traditions and time zones will change the exact minute we each celebrate, but not the meaning.

I’ll be staying up tonight, to welcome in the new year in my own way–  in my own timezone, with my own traditions.  There will be curry for dinner, geek Lotería in the evening, the gifting and receiving of money and wishes, and kisses at midnight.

You might be curious why an American such as myself, with no Chinese heritage at all, would celebrate a Chinese new year.

It’s simple, really.

Every new year welcomes a beginning, and beginnings are precious to me.

I’ve made too many mistakes, and survived too many tragedies, to scoff in the face of any fresh start, regardless of its nationality.

In the turning of an old year to a new one, the universe is at the apex of every possible future, and anything we want left behind is locked away behind the doors of yesteryear.  The world calls out to us– let go of regrets and step forward.

It is a transition worthy of celebration.  Greatness and wonder are just ahead of us, waiting patiently for us to reach them.

Our mistakes were just short pathways to these bigger, more glorious journeys.
The first step of which starts now.  At the beginning.

So give thanks to the tragedy that has given your year substance, and say goodbye to it.  Find peace.  Then roll the past up into a firecracker, and set it aflame with your hopes.  As it burns to ash, your dreams will fill the sky with fiery patterns of color and light.

This explosion of sound is your mighty roar to cosmos– letting Fate know to be ready for you, because you are marching towards her.

And when tomorrow dawns, don’t forget to smile at the sky, in gratitude for the gift of yet another wonderful beginning.


  1. You should celebrate Thai new year, too, April 13-15. It’s called Songkran and everyone runs around throwing water on everyone else in the streets. Once during Songkran, when I was living there, I thought I’d stand beside a police officer, because they wouldn’t throw water on him, so I might remain dry. Then I noticed he had put a plastic bag over his gun, and I thought “Uh-oh”. Sure enough, a truck went by and someone threw a whole drum of water over the policeman (who laughed uproariously)—and me!


    1. Oh I do! 😀 haha, I love, love, love the police officer story… I could see myself using the same logic, but the bag over the gun.. haha!! Oh, celebrations are beautiful things!! 😀


  2. Happy new year! I was advised today that as I was born in the year of the rabbit I need to wear red under garment to stop the snake gobbling me up ;o(


    1. 😀 haha, it doesn’t have to be red underwear, but that does sound more fun. 🙂 I’m a Rat, so I’m in the same boat. A string around my wrist, a red pendant, or red in my purse were all suggestions that might work for you, too. 😀 Happy New Year!


  3. Rara, you are unbelievably wise and I truly love reading your insights on life. Its amazing how you can look at everything in a positive light. You amaze me.


  4. Out of all of the different holidays between my home country, my current country, and the faith of my parents, New Year’s celebrations have long been one of my two favorite holidays.

    I love that whole circle-closing, fresh-start idea too.


  5. Damn, this is good.

    “So give thanks to the tragedy that has given your year substance, and say goodbye to it.”

    Not just that part, but it jumped out at me.

    This has me smiling at the sky.



  6. My birthday was yesterday (the 9th), and I was thinking about how a birthday actually celebrates the end of the previous year. So having this New Year to celebrate, a new beginning as you said, the day after my birthday is perfect! And the Year of the Snake is particularly auspicious for me!


  7. I offer you the Scottish Highland’s weird Old New Year as another opportunity to have new beginnings – on maybe the 12th, 13th or 14th January…it’s a Julian versus Gregorian calendar thing (details on my blog for geeks with nothing better to do this evening!). Enjoy your celebrations!


    1. It was wonderful! Yes, on the fireworks I try to convince as many people as I can that sparklers are way cooler, haha! But of course, we have nightly explosions anyway because of Disneyland…


  8. “the universe is at the apex of every possible future.”

    I love that. It really brings out just how much possibility and potential there is in a new beginning, like a new year, or any beginning for that matter. I think that EVERY day holds this quality… in fact, I just added the word ‘Today,’ to “the universe is at the apex of every possible future.” and put it in a little poster above where I’m working. 🙂



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