lies for love

                ^      ^
               In     my
              own    way,
             I love(d) you-
            exactly the way
            you are & were.
             I trusted you
              with my life
              even though
              I could not
             gift you with
             my fragile heart.
            The words I spoke
            the night we split
           were the first lies
          I ever gave to you.
         I said that I didn't
        know what was wrong,
       why I had my doubts.
       I lied,  because the
        truth was more mean
         than you (anyone)
          deserved. It was 
          just that I had
           a desire to love
           a man


Weekly Photo Challenge: Playing with Space :


    1. Thanks, KK! I had a blast with it. My cat was a little chubbier when I was working out of Notepad… I think it has to do with the font. But I’m just glad it still looks like a cat! 😀


      1. Yes, the change of the font gets frustrating. I’m still trying to work it out and I am not HTML savvy. Your poem makes me want to write one about my dog (recently deceased) in the form of a dog. Thanks for the smile!


        1. That would be great, I’ll read it if you write it! 🙂 I just used spacemarks in Notepad to make it look how I wanted… and then pasted it in using the “preformatted” style setting. No html required! 🙂


      1. A tie is very good 🙂 So glad you found someone worthy of that 😀
        PS – I wonder if you could help at all. My little rescue kitten, Pixels, is in a competition where she can win 1 years worth of kitten food that she wants to donate to the shelters here that are overrun with babies at the moment. She’s managed to climb her way into 2nd position but 1st is rallying up votes like mad and staying just out of her reach. Most of my followers have already voted and I’m desperate to rustle up some more. If you wouldn’t mind, your votes could make all the difference. The link is on the latest post. No problem if you can’t but every bit will help. Thanks a million


          1. Thank you so very, very much. Voting ends on the 19th and the kitten in #1 is rallying up votes as they see Pixels climbing up. Tut, tut. Don’t usually call out for help like this but we really want to win this one. There are so many kittens in the shelters at the moment and they really need the food.


  1. I’m pretty sure if it ever came down to me or the dogs, my husband would go with the dogs. Not that he doesn’t love me. Just, he loves them more 🙂


  2. This is very creative. Not only was the formatting clever, the content had enough depth to match. How fun! I have to admit, I’m not a cat person. We’re dog people.


  3. Perfect! I think this poem is amazing. Not only for the way you used space, but the words and sentiments. I know that feeling when the truth would be too cruel and biting your tongue is the better form of kindness.


    1. Self-centered and needy for sure, but they have to collect all the love and attention they can because it radiates off of them wherever they go! 🙂 Thank you for reading, and for loving kitties!



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