Guest Post: Twindaddy on Blogging

Please welcome TwinDaddy! He’s the fabulous host of Stuph Blog, one of my daily reads!  Much like this blog, Stuph Blog is about everything– current events, the occasional poem, and fun thoughts!  If you like it here, you’ll like it there, so be sure to visit send lots and lots of rawr-love his way!!


Oh, and be sure to tell us if you like writing or blogging better.  Inquiring dinos want to know!


Hello. My name is Twindaddy, and I’m a blogger. *gasp* A blogger? On a blog? Inconceivable! (I love that movie). I know it’s hard to fathom a blogger blogging on a blog, but trust me, it happens. You might even be wondering why I blog. Okay, let’s face it. You’re probably not, but for the sake of this post I’ll assume you are, otherwise I’m just wasting your time. And mine. Now I’ve digressed. I hate it when I get off track! Onward!

When I started blogging it had nothing to do with writing. What? Why would you blog if you don’t like writing? Hear me out. Geez, you’re pushy. I was running a website for a fantasy football league my brother ran and I wanted to have more content on the site than just weekly scores. So I added a blog to the site. The blog kind of bombed. None of the people in the league read it. At least, if they did they never commented on it. A couple of years later my brother decided, for reasons I can no longer remember, not to run the league anymore. So I quit blogging and maintaining the site.

In 2010 I, being somewhat of a geek, had the idea that I wanted to host my own website on my own server. I couldn’t, however, think of what kind of site I wanted to run. So I decided on a blog and imported my posts from the old fantasy football site. Ha! You geek! Why would you do that when WordPress rules? Shut up! I just wanted to! Anyway, I began to blog regularly and found, as time went on, that I enjoyed writing. I eventually moved my blog over to WordPress when my little project was over and continued to write. I would post about things important to me at the time. I would post about video games, NFL news, and, occasionally, current events.

I eventually began forming online friendships with many other bloggers. When my life “hit the fan” last year, my blog became very personal. I began blogging about my home life, my depression, and my pending divorce. Many of these bloggers became my personal support system. They offered advice, encouragement, and well wishes. They let me vent to them. They transformed from acquaintances to friends. Blogging ceased to be a hobby at that point, and became a part of my life. Blogging was also surprisingly therapeutic. By writing about certain events in my past I found that I was able to finally let go of them. Things I’d been holding on to for years no longer had any hold on me. I was free.

I’m free. I’m free….DANG IT! (photo courtesy of tumblr.com)

Blogging has become more to me than simply publishing a few hundred words on a daily basis. It has become a way of life. I still blog because I enjoy writing. I still enjoy writing humorous posts and inspiring laughs. I still love to opine on the odd news story that catches my attention. I still use my blog as an outlet for my personal life. It’s much, much cheaper than therapy. I love telling funny stories regarding my children. The most important part to me is the comments, though. It’s interacting with the people who took the time to read my ramblings and comment on them. Whether it’s a sarcastic response or a heartfelt compliment, the fun is ALWAYS in the comments. I love engaging my followers. And that is why I continue to blog now. It’s how I keep in touch with all of the blogging buddies I’ve made over the last couple of years.

My reasons for blogging have evolved over time, but I think I’ve finally found my niche in the blogosphere. I have found my voice. I have found a group of friends, many of whom I’ve befriended outside of WordPress. And I have found many, many entertaining blogs that I enjoy reading on a daily basis, this one included.


See? Awesome.

Here’s some of my favorite featured Stuph to get you started:

* Featured Dino + StormTrooper Image from http://www.flickr.com/photos/balakov/


  1. It’s all about the comments, isn’t it ;). I always get all excited when someone comments and then it turns out to be from someone with a name such as ‘penis enlargements’ – not so exciting :s . Oh, and thank God I’m not the only one who has had a blog fail (OK actually it did better than my current one has done so far but Being Weirdly Awesome is only 3 months old to be fair…)


  2. There’s a school of thought that blogging isn’t ‘real’ writinb /since I do both, I can tell you that blogging is just as hard as what the snobs refer to as ‘real’ writing. Particularly blogging where you admit to faults and bad things and poor mental states. I do that occasionally, but most of my blogging is a reaction to my mental state. I write about things that make me laugh in the dark. Zombies, pirates, alieins, polar bears. NASCAR drivers. Things that make me laugh and, critically, allow me to laugh at myself. If i take myself too seriously, it’s a pretty dark place to be.
    I liked this a lot


    1. I think blogging gains more legitimacy by the day. It’s becoming more and more a credible place for news and opinions. I, too, use my blog to vent my troubles, but also to do some fun stuph, too. And if you take it seriously, it is real writing. Many, many authors and journalists maintain their own blogs so I would definitely challenge anyone who claims that blogging isn’t real writing.


      1. I’ve had a few online squabbles about this. My line of argument goes, ‘I wroye some words in a particular order. I understand grammar and punctuation. I can tell a story. I can evoke emotional responses. So I’m just blogging am I? Tell me how that isn’t real writing.’ I can be an awkward bastard when roused.


        1. I think “real” writers are likely insulted, and intimidated, by bloggers and are the ones perpetuating that myth. After all, just because you’re a writer doesn’t mean you’re a good writer. Oh well. I’m having fun either way.


          1. Having fun? Oh yes. Oh yes. But ‘real writers’ are incerdibly competitive. I have some short stories in a competition at the moment, and you can see the ‘real writers’ doing their best to undermine the people who just do it for the sheer joy of writing and being read.


              1. Well I say f*** them. some of us are not, and don’t want to be, Hemingway. Or Tolstoy. I’m happy with my 200+ blog followers, some very modest download figures for my ‘real’ short stories.


                  1. Yup. the competition thing is a tricky balancing act for me. I know readers have enjoyed me, and it would be nice to have more people to do so. But i don’t want to turn into one of those sad buggers who carpet bomb Twitter and FB to try to get their stats up.


                    1. Me neither. It’s just a way of letting people know about my blog, normally.Part of the deasl with the competition is I want to rattle the ‘serious’ or ‘real’ writers. I’m a big one for spooking the herd.
                      I’m a little tinker sometimes.


  3. Reblogged this on Stuphblog and commented:
    Good afternoon, Stuph Maphia™! I have the incredible honor of guest posting over in the land of dinosaurs, today. Please go on over and check it out! And, if you haven’t done so already, click the follow button on Rawra’s blog. She’s unshitty™ as all get out!


  4. Yay Twindaddy! And I just have to say there are no words for how much I love the pic of the dino dancing with the stormtrooper. Epicosity of epic proportions.


  5. Twindadddddddyy!!! I luv u enuf to come over here to read the additional 740 words according to your post. So glad I found a friend in you through blogging, you mean a lot to me. I have really enjoyed getting to know you and hearing about your adventures in parenting. I don’t care whether you call it blogging or writing, reading your stuff here and interacting with you elsewhere has enriched my life, and that of countless others. Even when you mistook my epic fail chicken breast for fish. I still love you~ That chicken fiasco is going to be featured on craftfail.com by the way! LOL. 🙂


  6. Blogging or writing? I think they’re the same. But different. (aren’t I the smartest cookie?)
    You can add silly pictures, gifs, and illustrations to blogs, you just can’t to that with regular writing.
    P.S. Hey Sexy Stormtrooper, *rawr love* 😀


  7. The dino and the storm trooper are so freaking cute!!! I love the little lego guys. You could write several posts on how no one takes blogging seriously (if they even know what it is.) There is also intense snobbery when it comes to people who self-publish. I know a writer who is somewhat famous – well in the romance field and in our area, take that as you will. She is really impressed with herself and tells everyone. She was all incensed that they let self published people at one of the real writer’s conferences. UGH. Like, sorry lady, more and more people are doing this because the publishing companies pick up crap books like 50 Shades.

    And then there’s the – if they are online, they can’t be real friends too. Like just how do you define real?


  8. Blogging really is a network, isn’t it. We all do it for different reasons and get different things out of it. We meet people. We share. We evolve. It has come to mean a lot to me. And I am glad I got to know you a little during all of this,.


  9. “Much, much cheaper than therapy” Story of my blogging life. I write for me, other cool people sometimes come along for the ride.

    Yes, blogosphere friends are the best. They don’t mock my memes and bad hair days.


  10. Heya Twindaddy. I don’t follow your blog I’m afraid, but I will remedy that after I push the post comment button. Any friend of rara’s is a friend of mine! I also like your writing. I started a food blog first because of several boring reasons. Then I got brave and started a writing blog (which is what I wanted to do in the first place, coward me) Like you I never realized what an impact it would make in my life. The best decison I’ve made recently! I have made lots of friends on this here WordPress home. I’ve also done a bit of ‘therapy’ posts too. 🙂 Now I’m off to find your blog and press follow! Carry on!


  11. Oh great post. I concur. And I’m so glad I found you. Because I’m a blogger and not a writer I can start a sentence with ‘And’ and then start the next sentence with ‘Because’. Yay for blogging!


    1. Writers are mad because they’re like Microsoft and us bloggers are like Google. We’re the cool kids doing the same thing, but having much more fun.


      1. Best analogy ever! Yes we are having so much fun, except when we’re not. But you know, such is life! I’m looking up dragon tea cosy patterns. See how awesome blog comments are?! Maybe I’ll make one and give it away to a reader. Now that would be fun.


  12. blogging or writing? which do I enjoy more? hmmm… well, I’ll say this: since I started my blog I’ve done a lot of writing on my blog and not much anywhere else… so, what does that say?
    twindaddy: a blogger blogging about blogging on a blog? Thats. Just. Crazy. Also, I’m in the mood for a peanut… Hooray for awesome comments! 😉


  13. TwinDaddy, I’m so glad you found your voice here on Word Press. Rara, I knew him first. So there.

    Wet sloppy smooches to both of you.

    Can I please have another glass of wine?


  14. Hallo Rawra, and hallo Twindaddy! 🙂 I started blogging for a different reason, just to see if my poems had any publishable value (yeah I write poetry better than I make up words, sorry). Anyhoo, that quickly morphed into the more ‘therapeutic’ side of things. I know exactly what you mean. It’s a relief to publish some stuff, get it out of my head. So! Good post, and thank you Rawra and Twindaddy! Cheers! 😀



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