Guest Post: The Cutter on Happy Blogging

Today we have a guest!  Please welcome The Cutter, from The Cutter Rambles.  The Cutter is a happy blogger, which is really what this post is all about, so I know you’ll love his blog.  Pop on by and send some rawr-love his way!


Hello.  My made-up internet handle name is The Cutter.  Miss Rara was nice enough to lend me some space on her amazing site.  It was a very kind gesture and we should all send some good cheer in her direction.

It’s nice to meet you all, and I sincerely hope we can be friends.   But before we can commit to any sort of relationship, I feel I need to warn you of something: I am a happy blogger.

What does that mean?  Let me elaborate…

In my travels throughout the blogosphere, I’ve come across many talented writers.  I’ve encountered people from all walks of life, and I have been amazed by some of the stories I’ve read.  Unfortunately, reading some of these blogs has left me a bit self-conscious at times.

Bloggers are sometimes asked: “Why do you write?”  Some people write because they have an important story that they want to share with others.  Others use their writing as a form of therapy to help them move past difficult times.

People ask me why I write, and I’m all like, um…because I’m bored at work?

Some bloggers are able to relay stories of overcoming adversity that are heartwarming and inspiring.  The greatest adversity I’ve had to overcome?  I suppose it was tough when I was in 7th grade, and my parents wouldn’t buy me those Andre Agassi Nike sneakers I desperately wanted, so I had to settle for a pair of random Nikes instead.  (Please make sure to keep me in your prayers.)

Who wouldn't want these shoes?
Who wouldn’t want these shoes?

As a result, I became worried that my blog was a bit lacking.  While others are sharing tales of pain and triumph, I’m over here going, “G.I.Joe is awesome!”

Fortunately, I soon realized that I had no reason to feel inadequate.  I can now see that the diversity of the blogosphere is what makes it great.  There are a lot of different writers writing about a lot of different subjects.  Not every blog has to be the same, and I don’t think we would really want them to be.

Just because I’m not coming from a place of pain doesn’t mean that I don’t still have some good stories to tell.  I could try to write something deep and full of angst, but it wouldn’t be accurate, and I’m sure the quality of writing would reflect that.  Sure, I’ll sometimes try to discuss some more serious subjects, but for the most part, I’m going to be writing from a happy place.

I know that there is room in the blogging world for happy bloggers.  After all, those stories about poop and geese aren’t going to write themselves.  Hopefully some of you will join me in my happy place.  It’s bright and colorful, and sometimes we wear funny hats.


Thanks again to Rara for allowing me to share this with you all.  Until next time, stay positive!


Note: This is the Fonz, not me.


And that, my friends, is how you make awesome-sauce.  Leave a comment, or two, or twenty-two, and then hop on over to The Cutter’s place to have a happy read.  If I were you, I’d start here:

Are you a happy blogger? Do you wear fun hats?


  1. Wow..brilliant post. Thank you for writing this piece and thank you , Rara for introducing another awesome blogger.”I’m not coming from a place of pain doesn’t mean that I don’t still have some good stories to tell. ” – Loved this. 🙂


  2. I think the same thing all the time! I follow all these great writers who have overcome so much and I’m over here watching Netflix and chugging wine. Who wants to read anything I write? But then I learned that people apparently find a few of the things I say interesting so I’m powering forward!! Just because you haven’t had to overcome the obstacles that others have doesn’t mean you have nothing to say.


  3. <<–Also blogs because she is bored at work. And reads blogs at work for the same reason.
    Happy blogs are better for work than sad ones because then I don't have to explain why I'm crying to my boss. Unfortunately, funny blogs can be equally problematic as I try not to snort or pee my pants in front of my coworkers.


  4. Right on! Sometimes I think there’s a feeling in the blogosphere and perhaps with writing generally that Really Good Writing has to be about tragedy. Like when people enter writing contests or submit pieces for publication they go for grandma’s death or a cancer scare because they somehow feel like those are the most important stories to tell. But stuff worth reading comes in all shapes and sizes. So yay for embracing happy blogging!


  5. Nice post, Cutter. I enjoy your happy blog and GI Joe is totally awesome! Well, the old GI Joe anyway. I still struggle a little bit with mixing serious stories in with my more common ranting about nonsense in a way that I hope is mostly funny. At the end of the day though, it’s my blog and the serious stories are a part of who I am and my even explain why I use humor and sarcasm as a coping mechanism.


      1. I would also like to know why the Kardashians are famous. Literally the only thing I know about them is there are multiples of them (2, 4, 17?) and that they say “Bible!” instead of “I swear!”. Bible!


    1. In life I am usually happy. On my blog a mix. Sometimes way too serious and other times hilarious. ( not really but I do try at times) I will be calling over to check your happiness level. Good post. I can imagine doing a guest post is a bit daunting.


  6. Happy posts are every bit as important as the rest of the lot. Besides, you can’t have too many funny hats and Fonzi references… you just can’t. It’s a thing, studied and all. Thank you for spreading your positivity, happiness, cheer, what have you, out into the blogosphere to brighten our days.


  7. Reblogged this on banana61547's Blog and commented:
    Dear Cutter…I loved your blog and I’m a quite old person compared to you. I loved it because there’s already way too much negativity in the world. We need more stuff to laugh at (or”stuff at which to laugh” for all you grammar purists). I’m forwarding your blog to my grandson…he’s also very smart and could use some happy, witty, wonderful writing in his life. I think you’ll make him laugh or at least smile. You certainly brightened my day. Keep up the great blogging!


  8. Nice job Cutter. I hope I can introduce some less happy times into your heart so you feel like your blog can be worth reading. On the plus side, I still enjoy reading your happy blog! Now get back to work….


  9. You know, Cutter, not everyone is, ahem, “cut out” to be a happy blogger. Or a happy booger as Spell check tried to insist I write. I included that info so you know we all have obstacles to overcome in life and in blogging. Even if that obstacle is only spellcheck.


  10. Very positive post. Thank you.

    I don’t believe that good creative work is only borne of angst and suffering. There’s a lot in our world to celebrate and be grateful for, in spite of our politicians. 😉


  11. Shockingly true. There’s an element of fun that we often neglect in blogging and we even feel guilty if our writings aren’t serious or good or fruititious enough.

    Cutter, I’m a new fan! 🙂


  12. Just wait my boy, someday your turn will come. And hopefully the happiness that you have developed over your life will allow you to deal with it. Rara is a great example of this!



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