A book! Written by… me?

A long time ago, I posted a story called “The Durgle”.  It’s a short, not-quite-childrens story that I wrote for my little sister, Durga, so she could read a sorta-fairy-tale featuring a hero who shared her name.

I’ve just taken it down…
because my wonderful husband illustrated it and turned it into a real book!

With paper pages!
For my birthday!!!

The illustration style he chose is one similar to the treasured tomes of my childhood– little black-and-white scribblings randomly strewn throughout.

What is a Durgle, you ask?  Good question.  Chapter 2 explains it well:


Mostly, this book is for me– to get over my fear of putting books out into the universe, and to have something personal to gift my tiny sister on her wedding day.

But if you’d like a copy (Hi Mom), it’s available via Amazon and CreateSpace.

Meanwhile, whether or not I ever sell a copy, I’m basking in the glow of seeing something finished.  It’s just a short little book, and a small little step, but I’m celebrating anyway.

Come on.

Do a little dance with me.



Have you ever published anything? Self-published, magazines, or otherwise? Share details, my friends!


    1. 😀 Watching Hugh Grant dance around in Love Actually could be easily listed in my top hobbies, 😉 haha… there’s just something so comical about that scene to me. 🙂

      Thank you, Anyes! This may be the one and only, but I’m thinking not– now that I’m a little less terrified about it, it seems sorta… fun! 🙂 *hugs*


  1. The wonders of technology 😉 Firstly what a wonderful hubby to have made this into a book…with paper pages! It is a wonderful achievement indeed to have your words read by family and friends, to have them read by the ‘unknown’ is totally amazing. Don’t be scared about putting anything out there – you are talented and you should bask in the glow and I shall dance with you in celebration of Durgle. (Yes, I have published my memoir EPUB The Empty Nest- A Mother’s Hidden Grief. I won’t be cheeky and put the links but it’s through Amazon and Lulu 😉 ) xxx psst and thanks 🙂


    1. 😀 Haha, no worries. Also, I’ll be cheeky for you, 😉 Here’s the link, folks! http://www.amazon.com/The-Empty-Nest-Mothers-ebook/dp/B0093LELRA

      I know… I was so excited! I told Dave that I was finally finished editing the story, and that I wanted to print it for my sister… and then he went forward with it and made it into this awesome thing. It looks so… official! Even though it’s just a tiny little book, like you said– it’s just an amazing feeling… and it’s like the fear I had over publishing something is totally disappeared. 😀

      Thank you for doing a little dance with me! 😀 *hugs*


      1. you are naughty – but I thank you. Yes – it is such a high, knowing that someone has your book whether it be pages or Kindle and that they are actually reading your words. It sounds so ‘well that’s what happens everyday’, but when you are the AUTHOR ..there is no better feeling. I wish you luck, I really do. Tell Dave he’s a legend and we should all dance 🙂 {hugs} x


    1. 🙂 Thank you for letting me know– I fixed it! Forgetting the “http” in front of my links is one of my most common blog mistakes… that and mixing up all the various “its” forms, 😀

      And yes– thank you! The husband is pretty great, and the book is adorable… I like how much the Durgle looks like the Rarasaur I have in my sidebar. Since it’s named after my sister, there should be a family resemblance, right? 😀 😉


    1. Haha, he had to tell me early about the book because he couldn’t figure out what to do about my name. Rarasaur Queen sounds a little insane… R. Queen sounds like a play on “Our queen” which is awful, so yep, we went with Rarasaur Dinosaur, haha! If anyone asks, my middle name is “the”. 😉

      Thank you, Janelle!! I think it’s pretty awesome, too. 😀 I can’t wait til the “look inside” function works!


    1. Thank you, Daile!!! His artwork is strangely perfect for my writing style… as I was looking through the book, I was wondering if it’s always been like that, or if our minds have veered towards each other over time! 🙂 Scary, right? 😀


    1. Thank you!! I appreciate every comment, but I also understand silent readership. Since I tend to be a silent-reader myself… I’m always impressed by a fearlessly executed comment… or, you know. Any comment. 😀

      Thank you for the kind words and for popping by! I’m caught in your answering machine story at the moment– ha! It’s great. 😀


      1. Wow, it was fearless, wasn’t it? You’d think I could have thought of an alternative to ‘awesome’. Your blog, it’s made of chocolate cake. 😀 That’s better.
        Thanks for stopping by my blog too and sharing the Rawr.


          1. I fixed it, but I’m keeping your comment about it because it’s awesome, haha. You should SEE the typos I leave on people’s blogs. It’s horrific. Sometimes I don’t even know how they manage to read them.


  2. Happy Birthday & Congratulations!!! Now you are published you can become a professor!

    I remember 29, I wanted to stay 29 forever…. It wasn’t that good, I just didn’t want to get old! Luckily I changed my mind! 🙂


    1. Thank you, Barbara!

      I can’t imagine bringing in my non-capitalized little book about misfits and dragons into a uni and claiming it as publication, haha, 😀

      Today, right now, 29 is feeling mighty old… I think it’s the whole, “Less than a year left of being twenty-anything” thing. 🙂 😮


      1. That’s how I felt about 30… For me it was officially the end of being young!! In reality it turned out to be the end of having to be grown up 🙂 far far more fun!


    1. 😀 I have a few myself, actually! They’re really boring, haha. I asked one journal to put a joke at the end and the reply back was, “Erm, ma’am, we don’t do that kind of thing at this journal.” like I asked her to stab someone in the eye. Ah well. Academia was never for me! 😀

      And thank you!!!


  3. Congrats! Self-published two fantasy novels and all I can say is that the excitement doesn’t fade away. In fact, I think it gets more exciting once you take the first step. Good luck and enjoy the glow of being published.


    1. Oh hurrah, that’s good to hear, Charles! 😀 I’m still walkin’ around with my head in the clouds and it really is just the tiniest book! 🙂 Thank you!!


  4. That’s totally awesome! 🙂 Congratulations!!
    Well…I have one magazine article which was published under my name but dang the editor did such an awesome job of editing my piece…I don’t want to take credit for it! hahahaha.


  5. Happy Birthday, Rara! What an awesome gift.
    & Easier said than done, but, get over your fear! You write beautifully & it’s harder to do once you have little ones running around! (That is, if you plan to have tiny dinos & robot ninjas.) 😉


    1. Haha, no plans for tiny dinos and robot ninjas, or ninja dinos or whatever 😀 Two kitties are more than enough for us!

      Thank you for the kind words and birthday wishes!!!


  6. I love collaborations especially when family members step up to make something MORE. I love the illustration and the art style. It’s delightful and happy 29th birthday. The best is yet to come.


  7. What an awesome and thoughtful gift! With the combined power of your talents coming together, the world doesn’t stand a chance (in a good way).


    1. Thank you!! She’ll be thrilled! 😀 I’m pretty excited, too– it’s going to make the gift all the more long-lasting. 🙂 An author! Imagine that! 🙂


  8. Congratulations!! Truly an accomplishment, especially getting over your fears– I so understand that! And I love your inspiration too, and Dave’s illustrations. I’ve had articles and essays published in magazines, and a lot of web content stuff (which is not credited to me), corporate newsletters, that kind of thing. I’m working on a couple of e-books right now too.


    1. Very cool! Now that the fear has been relieved, it’s so much easier to think straight about possibilities. 😀 I’m excited! (Let me know when your books are available!) Thank you for the congrats! 😀


  9. Congrats, Rawra! You, in my insignificant opinion, are a very talented writer and I would definitely pay to read your work. Keep dreaming and working! You can do it!


    1. The opinions of those I trust are the only that matter to me, TD– so yours carries more weight than the opinions whoever the boss-of-all-writers is, 😀 Thank you for your kind words!!


  10. looks awesome! have written articles, etc for many magazines, but have always wanted to publish fiction. Maybe I should partner with a cool illustrator and self-publish my story too!! thanks for the inspiration


  11. You know I want my copy of “The Durgle.” Wait until you see what I want inscribed on the cover.
    Dave, you are an amazing husband. That has to be one of the best birthday gifts I have ever seen.
    Rara, I hope you don’t dance like that.

    Love you both,



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