Guest Post: Serendipity on Secret Love

Please welcome my guest blogger, Marilyn from Serendipity!  Marilyn is a prolific, adept, and versatile writer, so I’m sure you’ll enjoy her piece. She’s going to tell you all about a secret love she has, and then it’s your turn– show off your commenting skills, visit her blog, and pass a little rawr-love her way!



I confess, though I will celebrate my 23rd wedding anniversary tomorrow, I have another love in my life. It is no passing infatuation. It’s the real thing. Deep, true, forever. Undying.

It’s been the center of my world for more than a decade and I’m still as cow-eyed and misty with passion as I was at the start of this romance. My husband understands and we share my love between us, making an odd threesome perhaps, in some eyes. But to us, it’s the way it ought to be.

Better than anyone, he knows this relationship gives me something he cannot. It has been part of our lives longer than anything else — other than each other. Almost as long as the house in which we live. You might think after so many years, familiarity would lessen the passion I feel at the thought of the touch, the warm embrace. Yet my love is as strong as ever. Maybe stronger than ever.

In some ways, it was love at first sight. From the moment three brawny guys hauled those humongous heavy boxes into the bedroom and assembled it in place, my passion for our adjustable bed has been unceasing, unrelenting.

My adjustable bed. Ah, The Bed. With the wonderful pure latex foam mattress that cradles my sore spine, supports my aching hips. Rises up to let me watch television, use the computer or read, then settles gently back with the push of a button.

When first The Bed came into our life, Garry didn’t get it. Then, one day, shortly after having rotator cuff surgery, he looked at me. He said, with a quaver in his voice and a tear in his eye: “I love this bed. I really love it.”

I nodded. Yes. I understand. Because I love it too. When we are away, no matter where we are, no matter how luxurious the hotel or the guest room may be, we long for our bed. There is no other place on earth where we are completely comfortable.

The best moment? When we get home from vacation and finally, after unpacking all the stuff — there’s always more stuff after the holiday than you packed in the first place (how is that? it’s as if it reproduces in the trunk of the car) — we nod to one another and adjourn to the bedroom.

75-goodnight-cr-66We climb into bed and like a couple of cats, we nestle. We look into each others’ eyes. We sigh. “Aah.”

We smile. We say, in chorus: “Oh, I LOVE this bed.”

Sneer if you like. Hug your cell phones and computers. Brag about your high-definition television, your stereo system. Nothing you say about your camera, car, newest totally cool gadget can match the intensity of our love for The Bed. Oh blessed day I bought you, my bed. My friend.

Twice in its life, The Bed has failed to respond to the control. The first time, I nearly went into cardiac arrest. I went online and found the original manual, inadvertently discovering that my bed is under warranty for life anyhow (I didn’t remember that) … and discovered I needed to reboot the bed. Which meant unplugging it, counting to 10, then plugging in back in. All fixed.

It isn’t natural to feel this way about something inanimate, but … it’s my guilty secret. And if you have an adjustable bed, you understand. The rest of you … I hope someday you too can experience a passion this profound.

I think I’ll go lie down for a while. My bed is calling me.


This whimsy is one of the many facets of Marilyn’s writing and you can find so much more over at her blog. Be sure to go on over, lovingly, and enjoy. I’ve picked out a few of my recent favorites for you to start with:

What inanimate objects do you love?  Is your bed amazing, too?


  1. If I need a bed like this, I will be first in line. I’ve seen these in commercials and I always liked what they’re about. Everyone should love his or her bed. Without a good rest, life is the pits.

    Nice reading this post. 🙂


    1. You’re so right. Right now I don’t love my bed…but as soon as I can, I’m getting an awesome one. 😀 Adjustable seems genius… like a built-in read-setting!


  2. haha we feel like that about our bed and it’s not even adjustable! But the mattress and pillows are just right for us and every time we’ve been away we sink into it with an especially grateful sigh…


  3. I call my bed the torture rack. I hurt more when I get up in the morning then when I go to bed at night. And that’s saying something! I wish every single night that I could afford an adjustable bed. To be able to sleep without aches and pains would be a joy! Of course I would have to check a few times to make sure I hadn’t died in the middle of the night. 😉


  4. I can connect with the love of a bed, I have a good one too.
    My object that i so love is the humble ipod.
    Now I can have countless songs to play, no more discs, no changing discs…its great, plug it in and away it goes. Hours of joy.


    1. It’s amazing what’s been done with music in just the last decade! The ability to take it everywhere with us is definitely worth a secret love. 😀


  5. My MIL has an adjustable bed and she adores it too.

    My secret love is my car. When my husband and I ought our hybrid, it was the first car we ever bought together and we love it waaaay too much. It has served us well.


    1. AdjustaMagic. We bought it when the company was just starting, so everything was really reasonably priced. Now, 12 years later, they are one of the luxury brands and the mattress on the bed cost more than the entire bed cost when I bought it in 2001. However, my friend Cherrie just got one for her birthday (what a good husband!!) and the mattress is one of the number inflatable ones (but made for an adjustable bed) … around $3000 including delivery, mattress and everything. Minus some decorative stuff, but you can pay that or more for a regular bed. Yes, they are wonderful not just for sleeping. You can finally watch TV, read, or use a laptop comfortably. It’s a miracle.

      I love my computers too. And our car. And our amazing Sennheiser wireless earphones … but OH the bed. It’s so tactile!!


    1. I never want to get out 🙂 When Cherrie comes and stays over when Garry’s out of town, we DON’T get out. We stay in it round the clock, just getting up to eat, then back to bed 🙂



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