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Guest Post: NotAPunkRocker Gives Me a Manicure

Please welcome NotAPunkRocker!   She’s a fellow geek, nail polish aficionado, and lover of blogging.  Her blog recently underwent a massive overhaul, and it’s looking pretty fab.  Check her out and send her buckets and buckets of rawr love!!


I was supposed to be a scientist.  Chemist, actually.

That is what all the testing said when I went through school.  I was a math-science nerd.  The idea of being in a laboratory appealed to a dorky chick like me. But that wasn’t where my heart was. I wanted to mix and create, but with paint and color instead of compounds and solutions.

Alas, I have zero artistic ability.  My brother got the ability to draw; I inherited the ability to understand calculus.  Today, I have a job in neither field.  Science is cool, but art is still my true love. I go to the museum often to get lost in the works.  Like a butterfly to flowers, color draws me in (and yes, I am also drawn to butterflies and flowers).

Persian Ceiling by Dale Chihuly
Persian Ceiling by Dale Chihuly

My son and I saw a Chihuly exhibit earlier this year.  Bright, bold, abstract (but not too much so), gorgeous.  The kid, a pretty good artist himself, was talking to me about how it was easy for him to draw, but he couldn’t see colors the way Chihuly or I could.  I asked what he meant, but he didn’t say anything.

Instead, he pointed to my fingernails.

Four layers of blue and glitter polish later…
Four layers of blue and glitter polish later…

It seems like such a silly thing, nail polish, but it’s a way to have fun, be quirky sometimes and is easily changed.

One day I got hit with writer’s block and started posting my nail pics on my blog.  Rara noticed one of these and wanted to see how I would interpret a look for her.  Today I finally took on that challenge:  coming up with a Rara-cure (Manisaur?).

The obvious choice would be to go with something that allowed me to draw the cute Rarasaur on my nails…but we already know I can’t draw (just take my word for it).  Instead, I decided to do with my “interpretation” of Rara & Company.  First, I gathered the colors:


Left to Right:

  • LA Girl 3D Effects in Purple Effect.  You can’t tell from this picture but it has a really pretty rainbow effect in the sun.  Dazzling, like Rara!
  • Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Gray Matter.  I had to put this one in here…how can we have Rara without a nod to Grayson?
  • Sinful Colors in Dream On.  This is a neon, so wear white underneath and expect it to streak like mad.  I did not choose this because I think Rara is a streaker or streaky, I just like how bright it is.
  • Wet n Wild Fast Dry in….Orange.  Creative, right?
  • Fresh Paint in Alex’s Lemonade.  The Lemonade polish smells like Pledge Furniture polish! (It does go away…eventually).
  • Fresh Paint in Dragon Lady.  Too obvious?  This color, along with the yellow and orange represent Rarasaur herself.

I decided to use these for a tape-stripe look.  First, I started with base colors:


Paint your nails the lightest color of the two you plan to use on your nails.  Black and white?  Paint white first.  Red and green?  Wait until Christmas, then choose something else anyway.

Next, the tape.  I am sorry I did not get pictures of this, but it is simple enough.  Wait until the base colors are dry.  Seriously.  Stop being impatient.  Then, take some scotch tape (cheap, not the super sticky stuff) and put it on the part of your nail that you want to keep the base color.  Do one hand at a time.

All taped up?  Great!  Now, polish the part of your nail not covered by tape.  Then, gently yet swiftly, pull the tape off.  Think bandaid without the pain.  If you waited until your nails were completely dry, you should be golden.  If not, then repeat the base coat step.  We’ll wait…

If you did it somewhat correctly, you should end up with something like this:

Ignore the fact I already messed up a few of them.  Oh yeah, and I added glitter to one.
Ignore the fact I already messed up a few of them. Oh yeah, and I added glitter to one.

So there you have it. My lines are jagged and my cuticles are hot mess.  It isn’t the neatest look, and certainly not as nice as you can find on other nail blogs…but this look was created for a friend and is full of rawrLOVE and THAT is what makes it awesome!

All except the LA Girl ($3.95) are under or at 2 bucks each at Walgreen’s (neon and orange) or Five Below (yellow and green).  I bought them myself, which is why they are relatively cheap.


Isn’t this post the best thing ever? Now that we’re all feeling the love, and rolling around in fabulous colors,  be sure to visit Punky at her bloggy home.  I’d start here:

What would a manicure based on you look like? 


  1. Reblogged this on Not a Punk Rocker and commented:
    Check it out, I’m on Rarasaur’s blog today! Go visit, explore, and interact with the lovely Rara and friends. If you don’t already follow her, you should. So go right now! Read, smile and follow…I’ll be here when you get back. 🙂


  2. Colorful! Just like rara! I like it. I don’t wear polish myself. Used to when I was younger, now I’m old and lazy and it never seems to stay on anyway. 😉


    1. I don’t mind too much when it doesn’t stay on, because then I have an excuse to do them over and over again 🙂


  3. I am the world’s worst manicurist. It’s right up there with making my own clothing. “Oh, you did that yourself?” would be a compliment. When I do my nails, people — including beloved friends — stare blankly. REALLY good friends laugh hysterically, fall on the floor gaffawing and having difficulty breathing. I’m THAT good. Good luck!!


    1. I was trying to be extra careful since this would be seen outside of my normal audience. Normally I am still cleaning up the mess days later. 🙂


    1. I wanted to throw some angles in, but with all the colors I figured it might be a little too much 🙂


      1. If I click my nails ( right now) and nail polish collection , I can prove that ! I have those colors ( including the orange) from Walgreens and I am a math lover! ( Ah! It feels like I proved a logic.:) )


    1. Um…
      I do lots of shopping for the queen (lots, trust me), but even I don’t guy on make-up shopping trips…
      (Okay, so when going to the mall anyway, I’ve been dragged into a store on occasion, but never specifically gone when the make-up store was the only destination.) Oh dear… I’ve lost my train of thought, look at all those colors!!

      Hey, new idea! The queen and Rara should go shopping together!


        1. The Queen doesn’t like to drive. And I like spending time with her… so, in truth, I run lots of errands I’d rather not admit to. Shh, don’t tell anyone.


  4. Yes! Love this, and so easy 🙂

    Best line? “red & green? Wait until Christmas, and then choose something else anyway. Hilarious!

    Time to go nail polish shopping (any excuse!)


  5. I love bright and bold colours for nail polish. I have never tried dual colours applications and using tape. Huh. I guess I’ve been missing out.

    You have the best guest bloggers, rarasaur!


  6. OK. Now I feel old. Not like dinosaur old, but still. It was fun. Loads of fun. Layers, even.

    I agree with Dailie, best line evah: “Red and green? Wait until Christmas, then choose something else anyway.”

    I love painting my toes. But can’t stand having anything on my fingernails. I have nightmares when I do. AND I chip, chip, chip and think that look is tacky tacky tacky. So I’m a plain Jane. But my tootsies dance.


    1. See, I don’t even bother with my toes. All I wear are sneakers pretty much year-round. Any polish on my toes is because I was testing them out for my fingernails first 🙂


      1. I’m the same with my toes. Though I haven’t worn sneakers in ages, my toes are still always always covered.

        I don’t like chipping nail polish, though. Except for the fact that it gives me an excuse to start all over! 😀


  7. haha! Love it…I have a box with fifty colors in it, but besides red on occasion, I mostly do the boring french manicure. I am lazy also, and the french or clear is no trouble to keep up.


    1. Even with basecoat, my nails are too stained for a light color unless I put white on underneath first. Which I am OK with, since I prefer the brights and darks, though sometimes I wish I could just do a more “natural” look. Once in a while, of course. 😉


    2. I have the most trouble keeping up the french… I feel like it chips away on my keyboard way more than others… but maybe I’m doing it wrong! I do wear a lot of clear-glitter, though. 😀


  8. I love notapunkrocker, am a follower! Love both of those fav lines above, and agree with sknicholls that I usually do french. I did all the crazy colors and designs when I was a teen, and occasionally get festive but for workadayworld, french is easiest. I use gel polish, don’t hate me for it, I was poor once, for a long time, but now can afford the gel polish mani twice a month and I recommend it! It doesn’t chip off and since its french the clear doesn’t let the world know its growing out. So Elyse, try gel, no chipping, it rocks! Rara, what colors would be me, you ask. . . I would have to ask notapunkrocker what she thinks. It probably wouldn’t be as easy as what’s my favorite color. She’s sort of a color scientist who can take the emotion, the heart and blend it with the mind and create a manicure. Notapunkrocker, I will give you a guest post if you give me a mani! 🙂


    1. Joan, you always give the nicest comments and compliments. Thank you so much for that.

      I change my mind too often to commit to the gel manicures. I wish I could get acrylics again, but money aside, I had a very bad experience that involved a nail infection so I just go with at home glue-on nails when I want extra “oomph”.

      Email me at notapunkrocker at gmail if you want to talk guest post 🙂 I think it would be fun!


    2. Isn’t she awesome, Joan?? 😀

      I had a nightmare experience with gel, where my insane need to pick at my nail polish caused my nail to crack and break. I still have a weird purple line down the center of one of my nails from my gel experience. Afterwards, the manicurist said, “You’re just supposed to wait and then have it removed.” La. I couldn’t commit to that, 😉 😀 I did love the look of it before I destroyed it, though, haha! 🙂


  9. Loved the manisaur!
    My one would be in the colours of a mussel shell and the sea. With a little bit of bling.
    I only do my toenails ever, though, as varnish doesn’t suit my hands or lifestyle. My toes have had a two month break so I’m looking forward to glittery teal for going to a wedding next week 🙂


    1. Glittery teal sounds like a lot of fun! I also like your suggestion of the mussel shell and sea, very pretty combination 🙂


    2. I used to glue little things to my nails, until I got Flash. I woke up to him picking and eating off the little sparkles I had attached. *sigh* Cats. 😀


  10. Not into painting my nails because
    A. I work a lot with my hands at home (cooking, gardening, etc.) so i chip my nail polish almost as soon as it dries.
    B. I find it distracting.

    But I enjoy and admire other people who wear them.


    1. I don’t do any hard work with my hands, other than typing… I do chip it off in a matter of days, only because I’m a picker. 🙂 I like the distraction, but I understand why someone else wouldn’t– I’m like that with lipstick. It’s too distracting for me!


      1. Try tinted lip balms. That’s what I use to keep my lips from cracking. The tint adds just the hint of color. My hubby hates the look of the cakey lipstick.


  11. A manicure to look like me? Hot pink, fuschia & deep purple all swirled around on each nail. Wonder if I could create this? I haven’t worn nail polish in about 15 years.


      1. Thanks for the research Rara! Looks exactly like I imagined. I would have to get this professionally done though (tremors in my hands would make a huge mess of my attempts).


  12. That is so cool! I never thought to use tape to separate the colors, my lines shall now be straight! I was always in charge of nail polishing for my sister and cousins when we were kids because apparently I was the only one who could successfully draw designs with the polish brush. That tape thing — brilliant!

    Honestly I don’t know what a design based on CK Hope would look like, probably light blue with daisies lol I tend to use black base and white designs over it, skulls and crossbones are always fun. You can take the girl out of the goth but you can’t take the goth out of the girls nail polish, or something like that 😉



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