How Mighty They Rawr’d!

I want to take just a moment to give much love and thanks to my guest bloggers.

They came through– despite fires in the distance, internet going out, hospital appointments to make, big important job conferences, and long work weeks– with fabulous posts that all seemed to be so serendipitously tied to the messages I needed to hear from the universe.

I know.

You’re probably wondering what message I received from a personalized manicure, a love letter to a bed, a controversial guide to grammar, a googling of serial killers, and a loving memory of a fart.  You’re probably curious as to what thoughts popped into my mind when I entertained the philosophical discussions on putting your best face forward, taking life a little less seriously, the definition of thongs and the real purpose of gifts.

Maybe one day I’ll tell you, but for now– I just want to offer gratitude to my brilliant guest bloggers for blogging the blogs my heart needed to hear.


If you didn’t catch them all, please visit the posts– but more importantly, visit the bloggers.  You can find them here:

Their guest posts (in no particular order) can be found here:

rohan revis nota dinoteepee duncan humansareweird
rawrsass steph

While I’m giving out gratitude, I’d also like to thank the readers who made it out, opened their arms, and welcomed my guest bloggers like the family they are.  Guest blogging can be frightful, but your love transforms that into something frightfully wondrous instead.

Thank you, if you took the time to read.  Thank you, if you took the time to hit ‘like’.

And to the ones who took the time to comment, as a double thank you, you’ll find your blogs (if you have one) here:

* If I forgot on you the list, just let me know and I’ll add you.

I give thanks for every person whose magic creates the wonderful things I see everyday. 

In other words– I give thanks for you.


What, or who, are you thankful for today?


      1. Aha! – I knew you would say that! (right after I hit the ‘post comment’ button – of course)

        I should have elaborated, I think that allowing other bloggers into your home and trusting them to treat your guests with the same love and respect you always show, is incredibly generous!


        1. Ha! Your comment made me smile. 😀 Thank you! But how could anyone not treat Rarasaur readers with love and respect? They’re the very best of the best. 😀


  1. Dear rarasaur, please be aware that emptyblogwords does not exist.
    my blog is found as
    thanks for following


        1. 🙂 When I click your name, it still leads to emptyblogwords, though– you can change that in settings. And your gravatar profile doesn’t have the link at all! You should change it in case anyone sees one of your wonderful comments and wants to learn more about you. 🙂


  2. Hey! ‘Rants gets bold typeface, and I get the crummy regular kind? Why, that deadbeat isn’t worth a 4-pt Pica listing, much less a ….
    Oh (nervous laugh), hey ‘Rants! When did …. now wait …. take your hand off that firing lanyard … RANTS!!! ……


    1. Haha! I bolded the people who I saw pop up often with a multitude of comments for a multitude of the guest bloggers. 🙂

      Now, no fighting, boys. 😉


      1. Rants doesn’t fight, he just blows up whatever he can’t run over. Mind you, he’s stuck with crappy 20th-century Earth technology, whereas I get the REALLY good stuff from my people! 😀


    1. You’re right– there’s a million and a half things to be grateful for. 😀 That’s just the comments list, I couldn’t manage the likes with the new-ish “hover over to see all” system… but yep, it was a lot of great posts, too. People are awesome. 😀


  3. Hey there – glad to hear that you found what you needed, exactly when you needed it. That Universe can really be something and I find myself in awe of it all of the time. Not that it’s a big deal and I’m not sure if I seem silly pointing it out but I commented on a few of the guest posts but wasn’t listed above. Hope you had a lovely weekend :).


    1. I have you under “”, that’s right, right? 🙂 The universe is pretty fabulous! It constantly amazes me, too. 😀


      1. Oh my goodness… I always always forget that’s my web address. I’m so sorry!! I just admire what you’ve done with your blog – how lovely it is and how inclusive you are of everyone that I didn’t want you to think I hadn’t taken the time to read and comment on the guest bloggers. Now I feel awful. I’m sorry. I’m going to send you a dinosaur to make up for it ASAP.


        1. Haha, no worries… sometimes people still link to their secondary or old blog via their gravatar so I thought that might have been the case. 🙂 Don’t feel awful at all, I’m glad you checked and said something– otherwise, I would have never known to check.

          Not that I’d ever say no to a dino picture being emailed to me… 😉 haha!


    1. Last time I had a guest blogger siesta, I listed everyone who “liked” too… but I just couldn’t manage this time. So in truth, I was actually a little lazy this time… haha. 😀 I still love everyone for reading, though, even if they didn’t make their presence known at all. 😀


  4. It was a great idea and a great journey through your guest bloggers month. It was also a fasinating opportunity to branch out into the wonderful blogosphere here at WP. Thank you! 🙂



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