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Why’d you put your blog shoes on, if you didn’t come to dance?

I love prompts and challenges. To me, they’re the crazy country farm dance of the ‘sphere.

Guest posting can be quite social, too, but it’s more formal– like prom. You were told a date and time, and restrictions, and everyone knows what role they’re supposed to play. It’s a beautiful, elegant, non-spontaneous thing.

(Speaking of guest posts, TheMatticusKingdom and myself are babysitting EverydayGurus while Kozo is away. We’re solving the world. Check out theMatticus offering today, and eagerly await mine on Thursday!

And, of course, commenting is quite social too– but that’s more like an impromptu backyard party. Sometimes someone remembers the beer, sometimes not. Sometimes it’s so crowded that you run out of potato chips, and sometimes it’s so empty that you eat a whole bag yourself.

I found this on the internet after confidently searching, "Cat in Pringles Can" because I knew it had to exist in a multitude of forms. Cats, eh.
I found this on the internet after confidently searching, “Cat in Pringles Can” because I knew it had to exist in a multitude of forms. Cats, eh.

Prompts are great because they combine these social elements of the blogosphere. There’s a time, date, schedule, and theme– but it’s informal. You never know who’s coming or what they’re bringing, and the restrictions are reasonable things like “Don’t wear a dress made of saran wrap.”

I often hear that prompts are too restrictive for people, and I understand– though I try to stay active within the prompt world and I very often do my own thing. I work on the “Read it, and write the first thing you think about” system. It works for me, and it might work for you, too.

So, why the sales pitch?
I’m glad you asked!

I’m looking for a blog buddy (or two, or twenty two)– to dance the funky chicken with me as I make my way through YeahWrite’s version of NaBloPoMo this November.

Dance shindigs are more fun when you know your friends will be there, and — frankly– I need a little accountability to keep up with long-term scheduled events.

In the interest of that, here’s my promise to my dance buddies:

  • I will link your posts in every post I do for NaBloPoMo
  • I will comment on every one of your posts.

This is a double whammy goal for myself, because, as you know, I stink at commenting regularly.  I hope I didn’t bite off more than I can chew, but last year, I managed NaNoWriMo and a few other things— so I think I can do this. With your help.

Mmm, it's nearly time for November.
Mmm, it’s nearly time for November.

On that note, if you’re a lovely talented photographer, crafter, author, etc, who wants to be included on the prize list to further motivate me– I’d love that, too, and would consider you part of my blog buddy dance team. I’m also going to wrangle my husband into offering prizes for the event.  Handpainted skull mask? Faux-gold dino earrings? A beautiful Geekeria set? Who knows what will come from the mind of Dave?

From the mind of Dave...
From the mind of Dave…

While we’re in the hoedown spirit, I thought I’d also mention:

  • Only two more weeks for #ForThePromptless left before we go on holiday hiatus.  Then I have big plans for the posts that have already been submitted this season. You’ll want to be in on this Queen Creative action.
  • Only three days left to participate in this week’s Trifecta Challenge. They’re giving you 99 words and a whole page of the dictionary on which to dance. Plus, there’s a prize for one lucky winner– $99 to, or hopefully, a local book store!
  • In November, I plan to celebrate Label Day again. I’d love for you to join. In my year of blogging, it remains one of my favorite posts.  You can see last year’s here:



Alright– who’s in?  And even if you’re not in, maybe you could give us some team name suggestions and be on our Official Cheer Squad.  What are your November plans?


Update: The (un-named) Team So Far :


    1. Hurrah! I would love-love-love to have you. It’s a month of free-write, but I’m thinking of making a list of stuff that I’d love to cover, based on other 30 day challenges. A sort of “Prompt if you want it” type of situation.

      And yayyy for the friendship bracelet! *hugs*


        1. Awesome! Would you want to guest blog on one of those days at YeahWrite? They have a major audience and they don’t care what it’s about… 🙂


  1. I’m actually not such a fan of prompts. Trifecta is the only one I regularly look at, and that’s mostly because i enjoy the hell out of tweaking the rules, and they’re very accepting(?) of that.

    I do enjoy bouncing around reading a bunch of different posts though.


    1. This is a free-write challenge, actually… it’s more about the 1 post a day thing. I’ll be assembling a list of topics that I want to cover over the 30 days, that way, I have a sort of guide– but it’ll be an unofficial one. 🙂

      My prompts over at TheQueenCreative are very accepting, too, you should link up. You could post a picture of an elephant kissing a mime, and I’d link you up. 😉


    1. – Well, it’s free-write for 30 days, but I’m thinking of taking my favorite prompts from other 30 day challenges and combining it into an unofficial prompt list. YeahWrite is also looking for guest posters who are participating– and they have a major audience! Would love to have you on the team. 😀


    1. Yay! Everyone benefits from a pants-kicking every once in awhile. – It’s free-write for 30 days, but I’m thinking of taking my favorite prompts from other 30 day challenges and combining it into an unofficial prompt list. YeahWrite is also looking for guest posters who are participating– and they have a major audience! Would love to have you on the team. 😀


  2. How did I miss Label Day last year?! That is something I’m going to have to fix this November. Oh my… now what should my label be… something kingdom related, jester related, cats, little prince, queen, crazy, silly, music, dj’ing… I’ll have to see what I can come up with. 😀


    1. I understand! 🙂 I’m skipping NaNoWriMo this year– it was fun, but I really don’t have an interest in writing novels… which I didn’t realize till I finished my first one. 😉 Haha! Are you NaNo-ing this year?


    1. Woot! I’m adding you to our list. 🙂 – It’s a free-write for 30 days, but I’m thinking of taking my favorite prompts from other 30 day challenges and combining it into an unofficial prompt list. YeahWrite is also looking for guest posters who are participating– and they have a major audience! Would love to have you on the team. 😀


  3. I do radio work and have for some time. and spontaneity is not what it used to be. that said, us bloggers have a certain latitude and the nexus is originality in a generation that has lost it’s way but we are going nowhere


    1. I’m not really a spontaneous person, but I’m also not an overly restrictive person. It’s a fine line for me, haha. 😀 I would argue that we’re going somewhere, though– the world marches forward, towards better things as we speak! 🙂


  4. That cat in the Pringles can is just adorable 🙂
    I can’t commit to NaBloPoMo…I think one post a day would blow what’s left of my mind! I admire you for taking on the challenge, and the added bit of all the commenting. Good luck!!


  5. I’m doing NaNo this year (again), but maybe I could do something with you too? Ahhh! Now this label thing sounds really interesting. I will go read some more on it. Hmmmm busy busy busy. 🙂


  6. I did the everyday in November blog challenge last year. I’m thinking about it, I just need to figure it out around work right now.

    I think I just started following you after Label Day last year too.


  7. maybe the echo should try taking something serious again, I’ve been posting semi regularly of late, not even sure how. Though I do have my doubts I feel everytime I make a big related proclamation the opposite comes true. hmmm… decisions decisions



  8. I can’t reply to you in the normal way because I’m locked out of WordPress. Not by WordPress. By Comcast at this so-called “resort” at which we are staying for the week. I AM interested. You know I’m an insane compulsive writer. Right now, I can’t post, edit, or access ANY WP site except via email so you can put me on your list of prospects … and if you want to get back to me, please, by email ( because I can’t get onto my site at all. I’ve delayed surgery until after the new year, so November is up for grabs. And this sounds like fun.


  9. What a project you picked but you will do a great job of it. I have it scheduled in to give it a try next year so please post all the tips you can, and good luck 🙂


  10. You are a woman after my own heart. When tackling challenges like this, I always take my crew with me. Makes it more likely I’m going to complete it. Thanks for sharing this. Once BlogHer opens its blogroll (it’s their gig we’re piggybacking), I’ll have a more suitable explanation up on yeah write. Until then, if you and your team have any questions, I’m available by email, feel free to pass it along. You are wonderful!


  11. Sadly, this is impossible for me, but you have all my respect and support for doing it. I’d have to quit my job and all my extracurricular activities (aikido, travel, video games, etc) and neglect my husband more than I do already to have a chance at it. I’d have to lock myself up to finish writing one thing in a day, never mind many things in many one days. Good luck and I look forward to following along! 😀


  12. Oh….how does this work? Do we have to blog everyday? Or can choose which song (prompt) we want to dance (blog) to? And where do we find the list or prompts?
    I would love to sounds fun…but I’m …scared….LOL!

    Oh..and I’d love to join the Label Day…I read your Label Day post from last year…I’m a RAT too!!’re so young…I’m so old (this my darling I’ve been told..lalalalalla….) hahahahaha


    1. Yay, would love to have you on board, Shree! 🙂 Yes. You’d blog every day through November. You can free-write, or pull from other prompts, or you can follow the prompts that I’m going to create, or the prompts that BlogHer will have. I’ll keep all that info on my sidebar to make it easy to pick and choose. And hurrah for Label Day! Last year, my blog was so new — I’m hoping to at least double the participation this year. I’ll send out emails about it in early November! 😀


      1. Last question…hope you don’t mind, I wouldn’t like a dinosaur looking as if she’d want to chomp me (hehe)…would the prompts already be predetermined for the whole month to allow us to schedule posts ahead? The reason I’m asking is that I won’t be able to blog everyday as I work three full days (12.5 hours per day) each week and to blog on those days would be pushing it too much! If the list of prompts will be out for the whole month for us to type out our posts in advance..or at least a list of prompts for the week, then I’m game! 😀


        1. 😀 Sorry for the delayed response, Shree, for some reason, I haven’t been getting my comment notifications. The plan will be for themes and prompts to be set ahead of time, yep– so I guess that means you’re game!! Wahoo! 😀 Thanks!!


  13. Hi Rara! I’ve seen some of these but have always been afraid I can’t keep up. I are we required to write daily? I have some really hectic days (up to evenings!) at work…..I’d love the challenge, though.


    1. Our goal is to write daily, but it’s not a requirement– there’s no punishment, haha! 🙂 I’d love to have you make the journey through November with me! 🙂


  14. I would LOVE to join your team! I mean, I don’t really fully understand what’s happening either, but if it involves a lot of blog post writing, I’m totally in.


    1. Yay for Thanksgiving! 🙂 Sorry for the really late response… my comment notification thing is glitchy lately. 🙂 And no worries on Nov– we’re glad to have you on the cheer squad! 😀


    1. Yay! It’s basically the same. We just link up to YeahWrite, so that way they can spread the word on our posts. Plus, they’re looking for guest bloggers– interested? 😀


  15. I should post more, so I’m in =) Makes an extra busy November for me, since I’m into NaNoWriMo too, but yeah, yayyy fro writing a lot!


  16. I tried to answer this while I was away and everything was broken, but it seems none of those comments went through. Anyway, count me in since my November project seems to have disappeared – so I’m available. If you like,

    I’m just catching up with my email. I’m discovering a bunch of it that was buried under all the old mail I didn’t delete (bad Marilyn!) …


  17. I have no idea what the heck Poblanomo, or geronimo, or whatever that November thingie is, but I guess I could at least be a supporter, if not an actual contributor. Considering I have no family-holiday interfaces to deal with, I’d be free, barring snowstorms or my ISP wierding out again….


  18. I guess Ishouldn’t want to do this bloggy shindig thing bht I wnt to even though I don’t know what it is. Maybe I am just dense and need furthrr explanation like …ugh make good. Ugh do…..



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