Manifesting Realities

On Twitter recently, the wonderful, wandering Krew asked me to the come to rescue of a man in need of a rawr!

I made this first one to answer the call, and then thought of others as the day progressed.  I am wishing you a day free of worries– a day full of playtime, sunshine, possibilities, and rawrs!  If for any reason those things aren’t inherent to your moment, here’s hoping these help manifest them as realities!







What would you throw in your black hole today? Where would you travel to in your wormhole? Who or what would you throw your snowball at?  Do you need the sunshine, or are the skies still bright where you are?  Rawr!


  1. I’m feeling trouble free at the moment, if anything I guess I’d throw the need for money into a blackhole so I can devote all of my time to writing.
    I had no idea you were on Twitter! I don’t know how I missed that, but I’ve just followed you!


    1. Hurrah for trouble-free, and a double yay for chucking the need for money down a blackhole! Ha! 😀 And yay, I’m following back! See you in the twittosphere! 😀


    1. I’m not really a music person… and especially not a current-music-person… but I have to say the video caught my eye and the tune caught in my mind. I’m all about roaring! 😀


  2. I hope my breath doesn’t stink when I rawr and tell patients they need to brush their tongue more… because their breath stinks.


  3. “Eye of the Tiger” will always belong to Survivor and not that person who broke Russell Brand’s heart.

    I love these! I personally would want a Portal or StarTrek Transporter to take me to a happier place/time, but the wormhole will work too!


    1. Haha! I love the way your mind works. 😀 I thought about a transporter, but couldn’t come up with a tagline… and just now “beam yourself up to a better place” popped in my mind. Looks like I’ll need to do one more! 😀


  4. Ugh, it’s raining and I want to stay at the bottom of my pit where it’s all black. I’m good. 😦


  5. A wormhole between the two coasts, so I can pop in and visit the Queen and Little Prince who stayed behind for a few extra days when I ventured home to head back to work.
    The snowball because why not and awesome. 😉


    1. I have mixed feelings. Awww, because it’s sad that you’re without them. Yay because it’s fun they got a chance for a little extra break. 🙂 But yay for wormholes that solve that problem– now we just need to build a real one! 🙂


  6. I want the wormhole that takes me to (a) a parallel universe where we are healthy and wealthy and wise … or (b) that place they went to on Cocoon where everyone was cured of everything, only it’s got to last forever. I know. I don’t want much.


  7. No one & nothing is allowed to steal any of the #Krew friends Sunshine! We rally in need, indeed! & We are built to beat!


      1. My newest post is pretty funny I think. And helpful. Just hit publish!

        I have you in a “Wearer of Suits” list is a hint! 😉


  8. I would use a wormhole to a room by myself so I could write like I want to – in comfort without annoying hubby playing with the TV or making noise in the kitchen or just trying to talk to me – then use it again to come back when my day’s writing is done!


  9. Really? REALLY, YOU GUYS?! Am I really going to have to be the first one to say this? Ugh. Fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine….

    O <- Make your own Glory Hole, for those fun trips along the New Jersey Turnpike.

    No, but seriously, I liked this post. YAY!!


  10. These are awesome haha 🙂 I’d definitely put my flu in the blackhole and wormhole my way to somewhere warm in South East Asian 🙂

    Oh I like these hehe.



  11. Rara, I’ve been having such a stressful hectic week. This post is a great start to my Friday. Thanks for reminding me to just let these worries roll off my back, as I have always done. The sunshine is out in its splendiferous glory.


  12. Aww..that is such a wonderful thing to share!!!
    I’d take it all so that I could throw a snowball at my doubts, then we could both laugh and let the sun shine through!!
    I don’t think I’d throw my doubts into the worm hole or black hole. I want to learn to love my doubts instead…:)


  13. It must feel good to be called for a rescue. Good for you! And you did a great job. I wouldn’t throw anything into a black hole or worm hole. Everything is in my life for a reason. Dealing with it makes me who I am today and that’s fine by me. Really! 🙂



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