Eerie Snowy Bunny Dream

I was trapped in a tomb of ice– standing and shivering.  My eyes were nearly frozen shut and I blinked repeatedly until my lashes pried themselves from my skin.

I shook my shoulders and they pushed against the ice walls to no avail.   Little pieces of crushed snow fell on my body and melted into a cold drizzle of water.

It tickled, and I laughed– then listened as the sound echoed off the walls and projected right back to me.  The walls shifted and it occurred to me that I didn’t feel as trapped as I was before.

I rotated my shoulders again, but this time there was a little wiggle room.

I laughed some more, and again the walls pushed out.

I made myself giggle like a loon then, thinking of all the funniest things in the world– and the walls pushed away till I was just a very small person in a very large igloo.

I took a cautious step forward, and then another.  I could see the shape of where the door should be, so I pushed, and the snow door crumbled revealing the darkness of the outside.


It was a dark and stormy night.

There were Ice Slugs, larger than life– crawling across the frozen terrain– and there were beams of light that seemed to come straight from the sky.

I didn’t want to look directly at the beams, because for some reason I knew that only the most terrifying things in the world were carried in them.

I lowered my eyes towards the rumbling in the ground below me.  The ground began to spark, so I jumped to the side– and from the pit came a burst of fire!

I looked again, and sure enough, most of the ice appeared to be burning.  I took a step back from the fire pits, and then another, until I nearly walked directly into a light ray.

Forgetting my fear for a moment, I looked up just in time to see bunnies yanked from the depths of the earth and pulled up into the sky.


Frightened, I ran back into the igloo and laughed– a short hysterical type of laugh– which boomed off the walls until the igloo shut around me again, enclosing me in the white-walled prison I awoke in.

I took a deep breath of stale cold air.

The ice was warm and suddenly the darkness was as bright as any day.

I was being lifted– pulled up into the sky– so I closed my eyes, and let the dream take me away.


I’d like to blame this dream on:

  • Tina Fey, for making me crave my very own night cheese
  • My husband, for providing me with said night cheese even though he knows cheese before bed gives me weird dreams
  • CK, for supplying my subconscious with the concept of fiery ice
  • “The Princess Bride”, for the concept of fire pits
  • “This is the End”, for telling my nightmares that they should include beams of light that suck people into the sky
  • Anya, from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, for causing me to categorize bunnies as “scary”


yeah write, nablopomo, NaBloPoMo_November_small

Pictures included for Weekly Photo Challenge: Eerie.


It’s hard to explain because this dream was so strange, but I had the feeling it heralded only good things to come. Do you have weird dreams? Do you analyze them? Can you analyze mine? Seriously– what does it mean? 🙂

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  1. What a dream! 🙂 So visual and entrancing. I was with you as the weird things kept on taking place.
    I could interpret it to be the reason for the extinction of dinosaurs(the ancient ones… not you! :-D). They were taken away by the light. No meteoroid related destruction as such. 🙂


  2. I have weird dreams and I wrote about a couple of them. I’ll have to dig those posts up and work them over … they were a while ago. I usually know what they mean and wish I didn’t.


    1. With the exception of night-cheese dreams, I remember and understand my dreams. It’s one of those gift/curse situations, so I completely understand. 🙂 Thanks for reading, Marilyn!


  3. Great. Now there is a really good chance I’ll be dreaming of burning ice pits tonight. Shouldn’t have had my night cheese before reading this. 🙂


  4. I don’t know if I should say I’m sorry for the flaming ice or say how cool it was it made it through to your dream 😉 I have weird dreams all the time.


  5. Hooray for Tina Fey! 30 Rock is easily one of my favorite shows (but I haven’t seen the last season yet!).

    Bunnies and fire pits and beams of light and igloos? I’m going to chalk it up to night cheese and nothing more. 😉 Haha.

    Have you ever had a dream that just sticks with you for way longer than it should?


  6. Ooo..I love your dream!! And yay to your first Nano Poblano posting!! 😀
    The feeling I got about the first part of your dream was that you were breaking your boundaries…in a good way, limitations would be a better word. And you are doing this by holding on to the good feelings, of taking challenges as they come, smiling at them and looking at the as opportunities. However, there is fear of what to expect “out there”. There are still some thing that you may be doubting about yourself, about the environment, your projects, what you love to do…questions? So you run back…but you know within you, you have the power to take it on!!

    Hmm….maybe I’m talking more about myself…hehehehe. Whatchu think of my dream interpretation talents? LOL


    1. 😀 I know! Phew! I panicked before posting– my brain went blank. Luckily the dream was so weird that I focused on that and wrote it, ha. 🙂
      I love your interpretation– it all makes sense. You’re good at this. 😀


    1. Say whaaaat?! Robbie, you’re killing me. You have to fly to Southern California and watch this movie with me right now! 😀 Or, rent it. It’s the most important movie ever made. Nearly. Almost. 😉 Okay… at the very least, it’s worth watching. 🙂


  7. Hooray for the first Nano Poblano of the season! Night cheese…I am sure there is some joke to that I am not getting, but still finding it quite amusing. 🙂


    1. Yay for NanoPoblanos! 😀 It’s not a deep joke, ha, just a weird little song that weird Liz Lemon sings in 30 rock. It just got popular for some reason. I’d like to think it got popular because so many people could identify with it– thus, I am not alone. 😉 😀


  8. Oh my goodness—what a dream. I can not even begin to dissect it. I think it was the cheese. Was it pepper jack? 🙂 Poblano cheese? I have vivid dreams, too. The other night I dreamed my son and I started a teapot themed brothel……I may have to write about that one but it might shock my mother who reads my blog. 🙂 Happy Day 2!


    1. 😀 Extra sharp cheddar. I really, really want to read this teapot themed brothel dream now, haha! If you can’t post it on your blog, write it for mine! 😀 xo!


  9. I have no idea what it means, but it’s pretty cool that you have vivid weird dreams. 🙂 I too have vivid dreams but not usually with so much detail. lol I think the laughter and the walls moving may mean that you create your own prison with your thoughts and that when you lighten up (laughter) those walls disappear… maybe. 🙂


    1. That’s a beautiful thought, Dani! I like that idea. Thoughts are definitely a prison in a way, and I love the idea that lightening them opens the doors. 😀


  10. I’m getting a hint of Luke SkyWalker in the snow cave. I suggest an experiment, different types of night cheese. Would Swiss dreams be different than Cheddar, or even PepperJack. What kinda dream would PepperJack give you, I’m curious to this.


  11. P.S. For me, it’s bleu cheese or sharp provolone. Provolone, sometimes sold by our deli as Rovolone, is a cheese that wanders afar seeking love. A lonely, sad cheese … but tasty.


  12. Read this out loud to my 6 year old. He loved the floating bunnies and the laughter. I loved the night cheese and waking up in darkness as bright as any day. Sounds like Awakening to me. Night, night sweet bunny. {{{hugs}}} Kozo



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