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BlitzenMagic : Allied Colors!

I promise there’s only a couple more… but then of course I start on the haikus and C4C gifts. Ah, my dear readers– I did warn you. Rarasaur.com is a crazy place to be this time of year!

A few of you have asked for a chance to win a card since you missed the Blitzen games.  Do you have any thoughts as to a challenge we could put together?

Now for another round of dazzling bloggers showcased by my strange little game! Onwards, Blitzen!


For those who don’t immediately recognize the card designs, or perhaps even the title (though Magic slang is frightfully colloquial) — I’ve decided to make everyone their own Magic: the Gathering card complete with their own image and flavor text.  It is your prize for using the super secret magic word like #Blitzen warriors!

If you still have no idea what I’m talking about, you can read up on Magic over at Wikipedia: here.  It’s a wondrously enchanting card game played by millions.

You can read about the Blitzen frenzy that inspired these prizes on my post: here.

BlitzenMagic - the Bloggathering!
BlitzenMagic – the Bloggathering!

Disclaimers, written with full respect to copyright legalities, the reality of geek cred, and the importance of feelings: 
To Magic:  You are notorious for protecting your copyright– so these are BlitzenMagic the Bloggathering cards, of course.  Entirely different!  But seriously, please don’t sue me: my deck would not a full game make.

To the hardcore Magic fans:  All are from the rare golden Rarasaur deck, as you can see.  Other than that, I took liberties with many other aspects to make it symbolic of the time.  I’ll also be posting these under random Magic slang that have no meaning in association with the cards.   And yes, everyone is Blitzenbonded for ability, and a creature.   Please don’t roast me by the flame of Magic blasphemy.

To participants of the BlitzenFrenzy: After these first four, the remaining will be posted with no rhyme or reason in regards to groupings.  Please don’t read any meaning into the grouped postings.  Also, these were made with love and the funny type of sunshine that makes it look like the light is snowing.  In other words, they’re supposed to make you feel good and show the world how much I appreciate you– if you don’t feel it, I will happily take yours down.

Phew! Disclaimers done, let’s party!

Click the card to visit the blogger!

Aussa Lorens
Gingerlea Photography
Dawn of W.T.F
Dawn of W.T.F
C.K. from Daisies from Dust
C.K. from Daisies from Dust
Aussa Lorens
Aussa Lorens

I wish you all the #blitzen happies!

Playing catch up?
Round 1 of the Blitzen prizes: Windmill Slam!
Round 2 of the Blitzen prizes: Victory Condition!
Round 3 of the Blitzen prizes: Alpha Strike!
Round 4 of the Blitzen prizes: Pemmin’s Aura!
Round 5 of the Blitzen prizes: Mise!
Round 6 of the Blitzen prizes: Salvation!
Round 7 of the Blitzen prizes: Bombo!
Round 8 of the Blitzen prizes: High Flying!


  1. “Allied colors”? First off, you gotta give equal time and have an Axis colors. And second, you forgot the “u” in colours.
    The phrase you’re looking for rhymes with “part glass”. 😉


  2. Oh my god, I LOVE my card. It’s perfectly fantabulously awesome, just like you! Is it alright if I use it on the sidebar of my blog?

    You’re always doing such great things for all of us, thank you Rara 🙂 I hope you have a wonderful rest of the holiday week and a brilliant New Year!


  3. These are all great, but this time I think Aussa’s is the best one. I completely agree with you. She must be performing some kind of ninja-like activities somewhere.


  4. Rara, those are some very unique cards, I should have been paying attention, btw thank you for allowing me to participate in the C4C. I didn’t do much, but I met some very nice folks, and got to spend a bit of quality time with them. Take care, Bill



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