See You Space Cowboy…

Goodbye, said the big star to the little flower.  I have to blink now.

Will I be gone when you close your eyes? asked the little flower worriedly.

No, explained the big star.  You’ll always be a perfect part of my yesterday.

Can’t you stay here? the little flower questioned. We’ve had so much fun together.

We have, agreed the big star.  But stars have to blink and move forward, until the time comes for us to shatter into a million pieces of bright shiny sparkles that glitter the universe.

What happens to you then? the little flower questioned.

Well then, if I’m very lucky, the star said with a shine, A special part of my heart will fall to the ground and turn into a beautiful, curious little flower.

But then you’ll have to stay still, like me, the flower sighed.

That’s the way of the world, said the star.  Some things stay still, and others move forward, and all things do both.  Flowers have to blink when they are stars, and stars have to stay put and say goodnight when they are flowers.

I think I understand now, said the little flower.  Goodnight, big flower.

Goodnight, little star, came the reply, right before the big star blinked away.


Goodnight 2013.

Happy 2014 to you!


    1. Aw, thank you! 🙂 It needs some tweaking, but maybe if I can turn it into something that the husband wouldn’t mind illustrating, 😀 Happy New Year!


  1. Aww that was so sweet 🙂 How adorable you are my star 🙂 Wish you a very happy new year Rara ! Looking forward to read some fantastic posts from you in 2014 ! Love xx


    1. 😀 Ha, sorry for the re-add… la. I’m still rebuilding my list of those I follow since the hack. It’s a slow process, but my list is looking pretty spectacular. Only the best of the best! 😉 😀


  2. Lovely, Rara: put me in mind of Oscar Wilde’s beautiful short stories for children. Great metaphor. xxx


  3. Rara, That was just beautiful. Such a lovely way to say goodbye to 2013 and welcome 2014. I will neve look at little flowers the same way again. Take care, Bill


  4. Good night, flower, good night, sun, good night, Rara, who brings us such fun. Good night, past year, you’ve run out the clock. And welcome 2014 – and Rara, you rock! 😀
    Happy New Year!


  5. I second the children’s book emotion! I was going to say I could picture it with lively hand-colored woodcuts (me, me, me!) but alas, you married your own illustrator! Nonetheless, I’d love to read my children to sleep with that beautiful tale. Lovely!


    1. Aww, Jen, I would honored to collaborate with you on a project. You’re so very gifted! If you ever seriously feel like working together, just let me know. 🙂


  6. I am so far behind in my reading! I thought I would have more time since I got sick, but I didn’t plan on being too tired to read or type from time to time. I am very sad Rara, the wonderful friendship bracelet you made for me started to unravel a couple of weeks ago. I tried to tie the loose ends again, but I woke up this morning to find it in a lump in my sheets. Every day I wore it, it reminded me of the joy I felt when I opened the envelope to find it.



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