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Guest Post: Daile Loves Bixby – A Love Story

I’m so excited to welcome my guest blogger, Daile from KissMeOutOfDesire!  Daile blogs about love & life, but the key to her charm is how she tells her stories.  There’s humor, patience, & passion in every sentence.  Be sure to send kisses and rawr-love her way! http://kissmeoutofdesire.wordpress.com/


I have the most amazing cat in the world. Before you start protesting that your cat is better, trust me on this one. My little squish-face-ginger-Garfield lookalike is awesome.

May I introduce the uninitiated to Bixby.

kissmeoutofdesire, bixby, dale

Meme worthy right?

As a single lady with a cat who is the object of many a hilarious adventure – including dress ups and baths – I often have to clarify quite loudly that ‘I AM NOT A CRAZY CAT LADY!” Firstly, I would need at least 3 more cats to claim that honour and secondly (shockingly!) I don’t actually like cats very much.

So how does a ‘non-cat person’ become an ‘I-like-one-specific-cat-and-that-is-all person’?? Let me count the ways…

1. Reluctantly move back in with your Father and little sister at 26 years old after being a proper grown up for at least 7 years.

2. Encourage Father to adopt the runt of the litter from a purebred Persian breeder who can’t be sold as a show cat because “his face isn’t squishy enough.” Said cat is for little sister because she is lonely.

3. Help little sister choose a name for new ginger cat. Name the cat a song from your favourite band – one you have convinced little sister is also her favourite band.

4. Bixby is created.

5. Realise that Bixby is a complete dude.

6. Hijack the cat from your 16 year old sister.

7. Make him sleep in your bedroom every night.

8. Lock the door.

9. Take him on adventures and sleep over’s with you.

10. Refuse to let your sister have him back.

11. Make him fall in love with you.

12. Because your sister is the sweetest she will unselfishly offer you her cat as your own when you move out.

13. You will accept the cat without hesitation.

14. Realise that you didn’t think you could love something as much as you love Bixby.

Become a crazy cat lady… But just for one cat.

Much Love – D x


Now that you love Daile and Bixby as much as I do, check out her blog for more of her particular brand of wonderment.  If I were you, I’d start here:

Don’t forget to shower Bixby with copious amounts of praise– Daile will pass along your words.   Compliments (the more involved, the better) is how cats refuel their super powers.

How do you decide on names for your pets?

Also, Dave turned Bixby into a dinosaur for me so I could keep up with my dino-themed guest post images. It was just too cute not to place in the actual post too though.  Here you go:



    1. Bixasaurus is almost as wonderful as real life Bixby! My little sister is kind of wonderful for giving up her cat so I can become a crazy cat lady!


  1. Daile, you already know how I feel about Bixby and his not-squishy-enough face. Look out if I am ever on your side of the world.

    One of my cats we just kept the name he had from the adoption agency. The other was the runt of a litter of Maine Coon cats who had been abandoned. This little one was grey and his tail had been amputated because he had been attacked by something. The SPCA had named him Fuzzy, but we figured all grey and missing a tail, he had to be an Eeyore.


      1. Nah, I like you too much for that. You would just have trouble getting him away from me while I was there 😉


  2. Cute! Bixby sounds fantastic. I convinced my feline-allergic husband that he did, in fact, like cats, and now we have two of them named after characters from Greek mythology.


  3. Aw, Bixby is so cute, as a cat or a dinosaur! I have two cats (brother and sister) who look so much alike most people cannot tell them apart. The male is Notwen (Newton spelled backwards) and Pouncer is the female, named because she is not afraid of anything and will pounce on whatever she is after, be it her brother or the vacuum.


    1. YES!!! I always knew Bixby would find fame before me (not that either of us are trying…) He is a real life Garfield, minus the lasagne


  4. This is so funny – thank you for making me laugh so much! I’m not much of a cat person but Bixby makes me want to be. I’m always laughing at my dog and really what more can you ask for in a pet? Love that squishy face!


  5. “Realise that Bixby is a complete dude,” means totally different things to you and me! (Assuming that I’m right and you are saying you discovered he was totally awesome.) I was like… so you find out he’s a boy cat, and then you start hoarding him? I was amused at myself. 🙂


  6. Bixasaurus is awesome! Bixby is too! His face is totally squishy. I’m not a cat person either, but he’s a riot.


  7. Bixby is adorable and looks sassy – I love it (I have a soft spot for ginger kitties). Our cats were rescues that we had to rename (China and Asia just didn’t fit). They became Isis and Cleo, but not before I tried to saddle them with Pyewacket and Moggie.


  8. I’m not a cat person, matter of fact, I’m not even a person person but I did have 3 cats in the past. The first one was when I was 7yo and her name was Cat (very original), then I had 2 more when I was around 11, Scrookie and Flinksy. They were the loves of my life! Never had a cat anymore after they went to heaven. Too painful.


  9. Other than the fact that he looks hilarious and I’d like to drink beer with him someday, I’m not sure how I feel about Bixby. I love Daile though and was glad to see her on Rawra’s blog! So much awesome in one place. I may vomit. From joy!


    1. Don – you love Bixby. I know you do. But you love me more so that’s OK.

      I can barely contain the awesomeness that is Rarasaur, Daile AND Bixby in the one place. It’s too much


    1. Thank you Steph – you know I think it is discrimination that people’s baby photos get more Facebook likes than a hilarious cat. I thought cats ruled the internet?! Not babies!


  10. Such a cute face! I’m a totally sap when it comes to my cat. And yeah, one person, one furbaby. As long as the ratio is maintained you’re not a crazy cat lady! At least that’s what I tell myself.


    1. I have 2 friends who are allergic to cats and they both want to pick him up and cuddle him every time they see him. He’s easy to fall in love with 🙂


  11. I don’t actually hate cats… I am just bewildered by the weirdness of some cat people.

    I am also allergic and can’t be around cats too much (Cimmy’s folks had 12 at one time, and it was terrible) but this story reminds me of my father’s cat, Skittles. When my folks are away, Cimmy and my daughter help me look after him (yes, Skittles is also a he). He managed to nuzzle a place in my heart, hehe.


    1. I like to think I can reign in my cat person weirdness… But maybe not.

      I think most non-cat people (like myself) can find a special cat who is perfect for them 🙂



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