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I’ve Been Friday’d!, rarasaur, rara, on the road, guest blogging
… on the road again…

Recently, TwinDaddy over at the legendary StuphBlog let me know that I could expect to be featured in one of his Feature Fridays.

The day is now! 🙂

Being the magic that is TwinDaddy, he somehow managed to get me to select 10 posts as my favorite. I’m not sure if I’d even pick the same 10 today, but there may only be one list like that in existence and it’s over there…

Come on over and say hey, will ya?

Be sure to pop around, hit the follow button, and look at all the cool stuph!  I’m sure you’ll feel right at home over there.  This isn’t the first time StuphBlog has shown me some RawrLove, including even opening their doors for one of my guest posts!

(Comments closed on this post to motivate you to come on over.  I’m a mildly-evil mastermind!)