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I’ve Been Hooked!

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… on the road again…

Recently, TheHook invited me to take part in his insightful, entertaining 5X5 Blogger Interview series.

I don’t want to spoil it or anything– but you can expect bouncing cats, Julie Newmar, the word “verboten”, and a rare glimpse of my face and dinosaur shadow.

These interviews are a frightfully wondrous start to a fabulous mosaic of our community, and I cannot adequately express how honored I am to have been included.

Come on over and say hey, will ya?


Be sure to pop around, hit the follow button, and check out the other interviews!  Many of our lovely friends have already been featured and each interview is a testament to TheHook’s ability to look straight into someone and see the sparkle.

(Comments closed on this post to motivate you to come on over.  I’m sneaky!)