What The Lego Movie Taught Me About Myself


I’m always ready to give a big important speech about anything.  What’s the point of watching Independence Day and Lord of the Rings for the hundredth time if not to memorize the tone, pace, and highlights of an important call to arms?


I desperately want this dinosaur Lego.


The UniKitty is my spirit animal.  I like that she has two types of rawrs– happy, and eat-your-face-off.


Will Arnett is my favorite Batman.

Movie Roles Recast

The question “Who is your favorite Batman” has been bothering me for quite some time.  My new found answer simplifies so many things that I now want Will Arnett to play an animated James Bond so he can be my favorite Bond, too.

I know.  I have a complicated mind.


I miss the heyday of space.  I’d like to see a revival of interest in our galaxy.  I want to know what’s out there.  I want to know who’s out there.  I want to believe.


I’d rather be a hobbit than a cowboy, mostly because I believe there would be more food and less spitting.

Custom Rara-Lego, courtesty of sigfigcreator.thelegomovie.com
Custom Rara-Lego, courtesty of sigfigcreator.thelegomovie.com

I had a desperate need to see myself as a Lego woman.  Mission achieved.  I think I look pretty snazzy in my green suit.  (Click the picture to make your own.)


When I see imagination in action, I can’t help but be captured by the magic of the human mind.  It doesn’t matter what it is, because what it is, is beautiful.

I mostly do think everything is awesome when we work as a team!


Alright– it’s your big moment.  In 30 seconds, you’ll have to give a speech to a hundred people which will motivate them to stand up for their rights!  Are you ready?

Have you seen The Lego Movie? Did you think it was awesome, too?


    1. I noticed that, too. My husband and I (who have no kids) laughed quite a bit through the movie– there are a ton of little references to other tv and movies. The kids in the audience pretty much just laughed at the word “butt”, 🙂 I didn’t know if it was just taking them awhile to process (like if they’ll be laughing about it tomorrow), or if it just went over their heads…


    1. It was fun! 🙂 I think it’d be fun to see at home, too, because there’s lots I wanted to replay– to catch all the reference jokes and such. 🙂


  1. I loved the movie…I am seriously thinking of figuring out a way to go again to catch all the jokes we missed the first time. We kept getting distracted by the level of detail in the animation,how it all stayed true to the Lego world.


    1. 🙂 I know, we were so excited to see all the little relevant pieces, that I think we missed a few references, too! There were a few scenes, though, where we laughed and the whole rest of the audience was quiet… obviously we watch too much tv. 🙂


    1. 🙂 But you seem like you’d be an amazing speaker! Positive, bright, and funny. I’m sure you’d come through if it was a matter of saving the world. 😀


  2. I haven’t seen the movie and will probably wait till it gets to Netflix mostly just because I’m too lazy to take the bus and just too friggen cheap.
    Oh and I’m really pissed that the link to make your own lego figure didn’t work 😦 unhappy face lol!


    1. The movie was more about everyday heroes and imagination than it was about Legos, but there were definitely a lot of nuances for true Lego lovers. 🙂


  3. Hubby & I took the girls to watch The Lego Movie – 3D yesterday.
    It was a lot cuter than I thought it would be. ANd – I liked the main message of the story.

    Everything is AWESOME… 😉


    1. Everything is awesome! 🙂 Dave is regretting the movie choice since the theme song is not permanently stuck in my head, but other than that, we both enjoyed it muchly! 🙂


  4. Watching this movie was one of the few things that compelled me and my husband to abandon our hotel this honeymoon weekend! The thought was that it’d get the theme song out of my head. That didn’t work, but the trip was worth it nevertheless. I will be watching it again. 🙂


  5. Rara. 1st things 1st Christian Bale is my favorite batman of the series followed by Michael Keaton. Smiling and while I truly enjoyed your Lego post, no I haven’t seen it, and unless my Granddaughter beats me up about it, it is not even on my radar. As for the public speaking I have spoken to groups as large as 500, and as little as 3, as long as I know what I am talking about I will be just fine, and extrmely passionate about whatever the required topic. But if I am required to stand before a group, and add lib or just talk BS, I am extremely uncomfortable. but I can do it. Please take care, Bill


    1. 😀 I love that you know your Batmans, Bill– that’s a good trait, I think. 🙂 I can imagine you’d be a very persuasive speaker in our time of need should we require a speech- it’s those types of moments that are less about BS and more about faith in people. You have an abundance of the latter! 🙂


  6. Took my boys this week and I think I laughed more than they did! We all loved it but a lot of the humor was targeted and the–ahem–older kiddos such as myself:).


    1. 😀 Yes, a lot of it was… and there were many “old Lego” references, too! We went to a super late night showing, but there were still some kids in the audience and they seemed to enjoy it… but probably not nearly as much as Dave and myself. 🙂

      It seems like more and more kids shows are going that way!


  7. I cannot wait to see this movie. I have been following all its news ever since I heard it was coming out, but I’ve been so busy to go watch it! =[ Also, I agree with you – Will Arnett is my favourite Batman too.


  8. First off thanks for liking my story-at last someonde who loves the absurd. I’m a bit old so will always remember Adam West running up and down with that bomb. Stepped on a lego bit once, have not seen the movie. There is a higher wisdom in staying silly..


    1. I LOVE the absurd and I’m so tickled whenever I find it. 😀 So thank YOU for writing.

      Stepping on Legos has to be the absolute worst thing about them… it’s like their specifically designed for maximum “ow” factor. 🙂


      1. Don’t really watch movies at home either. Or TV shows. I’m much more of a bookworm. Although I have to say watching a movie with a friend or loved one is much nicer than watching it alone. Books however, are perfect when you are flying solo 🙂


    1. Yep, the Lego movie is pretty awesome! They stay remarkable dedicated to the Lego-verse. 😀 And yay for any reference to the Simpsons’ Lego Land! 😀


  9. You do make a great lego figure. 🙂 As to Batman…I am torn between Christian Bale and Michael Keaton, but lean to Bale on that end. Have yet to see the Lego movie but intrigued. Question: do you feel the slight innuendos/adult humor references embedded in most “kid” movies to make them more engaging fornadults wwhonhave to sit through them is in some way impacting or desensitizing kids? A friend of mine and I had this debate recently. She feels that these “hidden” quips are picked up by the kids and it may inadvertently be maturing/exposing them to such before they should per se. I personally feel there are a multitude of factors when it comes to such things, not just movies. Curious on your take if you have time, having seen the film etc. Thanks. 🙂


    1. It’s hard, on the Batmans, because I always feel like considering plot, villains, the suit, etc– so many choices! 🙂

      I love the discussion, 🙂 It’s just like something Dave and I would talk about. I really want to say “no, I don’t think it’s a factor”, BUT… when I was little, my mother (who is a quite capable educator, and not into censorship) would avoid letting me read Roald Dahl books. She didn’t stop me, but she didn’t approve. She said there were elements in the books that were dark, and grown up, and would take the shine off innocent magic. At the time, I disagreed. Honestly, even 3 years ago, I disagreed. I love Roald Dahl (even though I got a late start on reading his books because I didn’t like going against my mother). One thing I notice as I get older, though, is how shiny magic is for me still– I kept a good deal of “innocence” for lack of a better word and I wonder how much of that had to do with stuff like adult elements in my literature and entertainment being kept to a minimum. Of course, normally I would ask– what is the importance of that? Recently, I’ve started to see the value because I’ve had some big bumps in the road over the last three years, and I feel as if my shiny-innocence makes me more resilient than others… in the same way children are more resilient than adults. In this case, it’s classic children’s stories that expose kids to adult elements — not modern movies.

      On the other end of the spectrum, you have my hubby who watched horror movies at the age of 5, and he’s written kids books, interacts normally with children– and even though the shiny is worn off his innocence, he is better equipped to forsee disaster and such than I am.

      In other words, who knows? 🙂 But without censorship, which usually doesn’t work out well– it’s near impossible to protect a child from the adult elements embedded in all media.

      Thinking about all this makes me glad I’m not a parent, ha! 🙂


    1. Yay! 🙂 It was fun, right?

      As I was walking out of the theater, a girl was saying that no one would be prepared to give an impromptu speech in real life, and I disagreed. I knew there had to be several of us exceptions running around, 😀


  10. Wil Arnett is my favorite anything. GOB! I think I will play some Final Countdown now.

    Hey Rara, can we have a spoiler alert please??? I’m seeing this movie tomorrow with little ‘uns. Just kidding, you didn’t give anything away.

    At the risk of getting weird, X-Files lady, do you really want to know who’s out there? Do you really want to believe? It may not be anything more profound than a Lego movie. I’d be okay with that – would you?


    1. Oh good, another fan! 😀 You’ll love the movie since his role is substantial, relatively speaking. 🙂 I deleted two sentences that I thought might give something away just so I didn’t have to say “Spoiler Alert”, ha! 🙂

      I’d be absolutely okay to find out that there isn’t a darn thing out there, yep. I would just like to know. 🙂


      1. Hope my kids like it too… I’ve heard nothing but good things.

        I get spooked not knowing. And I know that we crave to know, so we create means and stories that allow us to be in a position where we believe that we know… but I am okay not knowing. I figure we are on a quest to figure out that very question, that that is our purpose – not the truth itself.


  11. hmmm, I think I don’t want to know what’s out there. Remember how the Conquistadors treated the Mayans? I think they’d be mean to us. Haven’t you seen Mars Attacks!? That’s what I’m talkin’ about. More than likely our first contact will be a virus of some kind…

    I’m being a troll, aren’t I?

    ahhhh…just ate a chocolate and snuggled my ginger cat, Mr. Jones. I’m all better now. Rawr!


    1. Ha! 😀 No, you’re not being a troll at all. You’re starting a discussion, 🙂

      I think you’re probably right– I don’t know if our “first contact” would be positive. There’s the possibility that anything advanced enough to find us had also created a sort of Utopic world with no conflict, right? It’d be eerie and bossy, but at least non-dangerous.

      But I’m the kid who looked under the bed to see what the monster looked like. Sometimes, I just need to know. 🙂



  12. Darn, you caught me out…I didn’t even know there was a Lego Movie, much to my eternal shame (she hangs her head down, a little tear rolling down her cheek) and I don’t know who Will Arnett is either! (she moans) but I loved your post and seeing all these cool bits of Lego and the many faces of Batman!


    1. We don’t have any little ones either, and though I suppose we could have borrowed a niece, we decided just to go to a late night showing to cut down on the strange-factor, ha! 🙂 I love people who know their Batmans! xo!


  13. I enjoyed the hell out of the Lego Movie, and was really happy 80s space guy was in it. Brought back a lot of memories.

    But if I never hear that song again, that would be just fine.
    And that includes the sappy acoustic version.

    My speech – Either do something about it, or stop whining about it. Those are your only choices.

    Inspirational, right? 😉


  14. Saw the movie with grown daughter a couple days ago – fun, fun, fun. Loved that 80’s space guy was in the mix – there are probably about twenty 80’s space guys in the big Lego Tub in our extra bedroom (first one acquired in 1881!).
    Appreciate your perspective on censorship – excellent observations. (They weren’t called the Brothers “Grimm” for nothing, eh?) After all, the daily news can strip “shiny innocence” about as fast as anything – Boston Marathon, Sandy Hook, Aurora. It’s our challenge to help them process what does come their way and ensure they know they’re loved. Every single day.


  15. My son was dying to see this and my daughter didn’t want to see, but we all went anyhow. As soon as we got out of the theater my daughter asked if we could buy it when it came out on DVD. When they got home they pulled out all of the Legos and played together for hours. My daughter hadn’t played Legos for almost two years, but yes we all liked the movie a lot.



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