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100 / dave and mona lisa

There's art everywhere!
There’s art everywhere!
... and no one is around.
… and no one is around.
... time to borrow Mona Lisa.
… time to borrow Mona Lisa.

My husband is an artist.  I don’t mean that he paints, writes music, or writes– though he does all those things.

I mean, he speaks art.  And when in the presence of art that speaks back, he listens.

He breathes the beauty of creation through his pores.  It doesn’t matter if there’s a red line on the ground, ordering him to back away.  He stands close enough to hear everything.

No matter who created it or who owns it, rules are meaningless in the face of his conversation.

All rules are his.  All art is his.

He is an artist.


Dave behaves at galleries, I promise, but probably because we favor galleries that let you get up close and personal with the artwork.

Are you an artist?


  1. I’m a wannabe, repressed artist.

    I’m glad you added the disclaimer of how he usually behaves in galleries 😉


  2. I can understand Dave in wanting to get close to art, I’m that way too. I want to be close enough to see the brush strokes, to see what the artist saw, to absorb it all in. Dave is an artist, we all are, whether we paint, draw, doodle, or write. There is art in us.

    I paint pictures, both with paints and words. I too am an artist.


  3. I couldn’t draw a straight line with a ruler, a hope and dream all combined. But I think I can manage a few words in a row. Is that artistry? I don’t know. Different mediums for different folks. I know people who can create magic from a spreadsheet – does that count? Hmmmm…now we’re in deeper territory. I guess if we attach artistry to creative endeavours, then we can fly this bird even more south into things.

    P.S shouldn’t he be wearing gloves???? Oh the humanity!! 🙂


  4. I am an artist and a good one…nothing can beat seeing a great painting up close. I stood in front of a Rembrandt self portrait at the Scottish Nat’l Museum for hours because I simply couldn’t leave. He painted every little hair in his nose, every broken vein and every wrinkle and the best part was that he caught the twinkle in his own merry eye too! I have a crush on him. He ruined me for every other man.


  5. Well, doesn’t that look like fun? Where is the Mona Lisa these days? Last time I saw her she was resting comfortably in The Louvre. And by “saw her,” I mean that I cuaght a glimpse of her beyond the swarming masses on one of the hottest summer days on record, while my head swam from exhaustion and claustrophobia. I remember the people. I have no recollection of the lady.


  6. My husband is an artist, and he likes to get up close and personal with artwork. We were almost removed from an exhibit at the High Museum of Art in Atlanta because he kept getting too close to the paintings. LOL


  7. Rara, A million yrs ago I got out of the Navy, the very 1st job I got was as a Security Guard, for the National Gallery of Art in Washington DC. That job was my favorite job my entire career. I learned more about Art in the 2 years I worked there, than I did the 30 years prior or 30 years after leaving that job. More power to Dave, he is indeed a very lucky man. HIs love for and being an artist will give him untold joy. Take care, Bill


  8. I love art in all its forms, I used to paint but I’m not good enough to justify the cost when my daughter has so much more talent in that area and deserves to be able to develope it. I have a horrible habit of having to physically touch artwork, be it paintings, sculptures, etc, so I can hear it, if that makes sense to anyone but myself lol To me art pieces have stories to tell and I can hear the stories better if I touch them, I’ve been told that’s very weird but, it is what it is 😉


  9. Love your definition of artist, Rara. One could easily change the word “art” with “human.” Such a rare trait to find someone who speaks human. Thank you and Dave for your humanity. {{{hUgs}} Kozo



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