once more, parallel


Running blindly through thickest grass,
wild-grown and free.
Too fast
to notice you
battling the same fight
as me.

Running between walls of dreams,
a loyal devotee.
Too fast
to notice you,
trapped within,
like me.

Blindly fueled with fear,
wildly pushed by glee.
Too fast,
to notice you,
running parallel
to me.

Inspired by “One More With Feeling”: http://cognitivereflection.wordpress.com/2014/03/03/once-more-with-feeling-4/ You have till Sunday to link up!


  1. I love your take on the photo! Your poem makes me picture paths through a cornfield. I also really like your stanza endings, how they reinforce the connection between separate but parallel paths.


  2. Beautiful. I feel this is really apt for me actually. I am so busy these days. I am running fast to get through all the hurdles that life has thrown at me. I am broke, I am trying to get this uni degree so I can teach and fix that problem, trying to parent three kids on my own and am soon to be kicked out of my house and as yet have not secured anywhere to live. I have not taken the time to slow down and appreciate the people running that gauntlet with me. Thank you. You always make me think.


    1. Aw, Steph, I’m sorry for the pile-on life is doing to you right now, but I have total and complete faith that you will sort it all out and come out of it still shining brilliantly. It helps me to think of people fighting the same fight. It makes me feel less alone, 🙂 *hugs*


  3. I love the repetition in each stanza…and the last two lines which almost contradict the repeating lines. “Too fast to notice you” followed by the similarity of “you” and “me”. Really smart.


  4. Love it!
    When I first saw the picture all I could see was cart tracks that had grown old and would soon disappear entirely… in a world that had moved on. Hence, I had to write like it was a scene from the Dark Tower series.
    But, you saw so much more possibility in that… I’m geeking out about it a bit. 😀



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