Inside, Outside


  1. YOU ARE LOVED. YOU ARE LOVED. So much you can’t conceive of it. When you fall asleep, meditate on this, sometime, when you are not dreaming, it will be revealed to you. And you will know. Your soul shines in your writing.

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  2. You are good. You are strong. You are loved. If we could make those bubbles pop and never come back, you know that you would simply take up the bubbles of others. Because that is part of your goodness and your strength. Np art of why you are loved. Peace, Rara.

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  3. Even though you can not read this, we your readers can, and we stand together to fight the harsh and ugly. Through you we have learned to judge less and love more. We have come together to uplift and hold you in love and prayer. We are mighty. Sending you angels; enough to share.

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  4. Thank you for posting this, Grayson. Can we random net-friends send Rara mail at the address at the top of the first scan? Will she receive it if it’s within the same set of prison guidelines as what you posted before?

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