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… on the road again…

I know, I know– I just got back and I’m already sending you away?

The thing is, I did a little blogging while I was gone and I wanted you to check it out.  Today, I will dedicate some time to showing off each piece.

There’s a bit of a list, so I’ll give you the highlights here.


❤ Goldy’s Piece

A story for my favorite goldfish on the whole entire planet.  I love her, and though she was not in prison, she did hard time, too.

❤ Mediocre

A cozy piece, written on a better day on A-Yard, in the warm aftermath of a good conversation with a friend.

❤ One Second

This post could also be called, “Why Science Teachers Don’t Love a Rarasaur”.

❤ Star-Sweet Light

About holding coulds on the days you just can’t.



❤ The Black

A poem, written about losing Dave.  It’s 1 of 6, but my favorite, because it’s one he would have liked.

❤ The Other Poems, 2 – 6

Let It Be
And if anybody could get this analogy– baby, I know you would.
To End without my And
Orange Buffalo Blood
Cross My Heart

❤ Blank

Literally the first words I wrote after I found out Dave died.

❤ This too shall pass.

A short story about the first words I said after I found out about Dave’s passing.



❤ My Freedom Song

Written back in September, about holding onto freedom even when it’s taken away.

❤ Curated Letters

Matticus took some of the letters I wrote him and, painstakingly, made them legible for y’all to partake of my experience a bit.

A Fightin’ Chance
This place is a trip.
Mind Blown
Let’s Do This.


Did I miss one?

Speaking of which, the next big blog parade will be about YOU, and the things you wrote about rawrLove when I was away.  If you have a link, please send it to me.  You can tweet it, FB it, or email it to

I’m excited to read them all.

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