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she’s in my heart

Dear Samara,

I was going to pick the Toy Story song and write your name on my foot–   or the Muppet version of “I get by with a little help from my friends”, since it references a human sacrifice and that seemed fun–

but then the moon came up, and the insomniac clouds rolled over the horizon.

I thought about the first phone conversation we had after I came home,

and about that basically-morning-fix-our-blogs-binge-late-night-party before I went away,

and about the sex-puppet-stoning.

You were in my heart the whole time, too.

And though we’re different:


deep inside, we’re not so different at all:



I guess it’s fate.  You’ll always be in my heart.

Now and forever more.

I love you, chica.

Happy birthday.


Best Beloveds:

This post is oh-so-officially part of Samara’s birthday mix tape. You can find all the other links at the link up, but I’ll try to keep this updated too.  Oh, check everyone out because they’re fabulous, fierce, or both– and then go around her blog ( and leave at least one arbitrary Happy Birthday, because…

Why the fuck not?


    1. We were Friends-At-First-Sight, you know. Keeping rawrin’-fellow Virgos updated on our F.A.F.S in prison is etiquette done right. I’m not surprised she rocked the role. She rocks everything!

      (Happy future birthday, Lance. Rawr!)


    1. You’re the best, Mark. Thank you for not even missing a beat when I leaped out of bushes to get you involved in this.

      You: “It’s Lizzi’s idea?! It’s for Samara?! … how could I not?”

      I hope Samara is loving these! I know I am.

      (And that’s the reason we’re going to have the best group of blogging chili peppers in the world this year. I even found us priiiiizes!)

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  1. Such a lovely post, Rara. It epitomizes the best of what the blogging world can do: bring together people who, through their talent and heart, can brighten the world around them. You and Samara should hand out sunglasses 😉

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  2. I don’t know her Samara well but I do know that if you love her then I should. Because your heart is good and right and loyal.
    Plus that song from Tarzan is a favorite of mine for so many reasons and Phil Collins voice relaxes me ..always.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY Samara. I love a good birthday celebration (as you know) and any reason for cake.

    Wishing you lots of good things…both of you.

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  3. Can I? We shall see. WP consigned me to a blacklist for your blog, Sparkliest One, and I just don’t know why…but I think your song for Samara is utterly gorgeous and simple and poignant, and TRUE. There’s something magic about the two of you.

    Your two hearts are definitely for always, and you’re both lucky to have each other. ❤ ❤

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    1. Boo blacklist! Yay comment!

      I feel very blessed to have stumbled on Samara and so glad she has people like you in her life to coordinate and mastermind these types of totally a deserved odes. ❤

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      1. YAY COMMENT!

        And wherever she rocked up from, ALL of us who know her, find ourselves in a slightly different world, as of the moment she arrived, and we are all the better for it.

        And thank you *doffs cap* I do TRY to make things work for people. It’s one of my favourite things.

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    1. Haha, I don’t see that happening… but who knows, I might start throwin’ “frell” around now that I got my own copy of Farscape. Frell is like “fuck” for muppets.

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            1. Yeah… if “fuck” was clothing, it’d be blue jeans. And I rarely do those either because… “What does it MEAN?! Am I dressed up because I put on heels, or no because blue jeans. Is it too casual if I add a hat, or sit without my legs crossed, or drink orange juice… and what if someone misunderstands the jeans…” Yep, I wear slacks and I’m infinitely more likely to say jinkies. I gotta do what keeps me sane. 😉


  4. You had me at “Human Sacrifice”!

    Hmm, naturally I contemplated leaving it at that, as it seemed fitting over the very limited information known about one another, but, you know, I thought I’d behave. Not that that’s ever gotten me anywhere fun 😦

    An endearing song choice and I see you’ve known Samara for quite some time. I’m sure you’ll both forever be in each others hearts.

    Honestly, though, all I can imagine is Samara as the ape telling the punk baby gorilla she was naming the human babe “Little Dude”. And maybe being a LOT more vulgar when the baby gorilla ran its mouth… Hmm definitely that.

    A pleasure to “meet” you (again) and thanks so much for stopping over to my neck of the woods. Keep those eyes open!

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  5. i was checking out exile on pain street and saw the ping back and WTf, after all this time i didn’t even know what that meant, so here i am! anyway, long story, but i love it when things like this ahppen and i find someone new! *cheers* xoxoxo

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  6. I am hopeless with link up and woefully behind in all things important… Like Samara’s birthday! But, I think you are both shiny, wonderful women, who I love being connected with. HaPPy HaPpY birthday Dear Samara, and way to Rawr! ❤

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