❤melt : they leave

Monday Heart Melt, Monday Melt


I don’t have a scanner so the comic is hard to read, unless you click to make it bigger.

I’ll summarize it for you, though.  It’s titled:

Why Rarasaurs Make Bad Inmates

Reason One : They Talk to C/Os

It’s me waving to a C/O, and him waving back and calling me by name.

Reason Two: They Befriend Tough-Girls

It’s me, explaining to a girl on the yard why smoking is bad for her.

Reason Three: They scare easily.

It’s me, running out of a room after I accidentally flushed the toilet with my head.  It happened a lot, but in fairness– those toilets are loud.

Reason Four: They leave.

It’s me, being hugged and held tightly by my Inside Voices.


I left, but Cookie doesn’t get to leave.

She made this for me before I went home.  My heart squeezed so tightly that I thought for a second I wouldn’t be able to breathe anymore.

I asked her to make a list of 25 things I could do for her from the outside.  On it, she told me to be happy.

I miss her, every day, but I try to do at least that one list item.  It was asked from an entirely honest heart.

Just be happy.

I wish the same for her.

Sisters are found in the strangest of places.


If you’d like to write her, she’d love to hear from you– especially since I’m not allowed to write.

Amalia Bryant WA4130
CiW LA 245 Up
16756 Chino Corona Road
Corona, CA 92880