happy tribus!




I love many things, but for the beloved Tribus festivities, today I honor these three things. These three things that (I believe) I love in a way entirely unique to my experiences.

Entirely unique to the Me  shaped by the last two years.

Happy Tribus, friends.
May you love well.


Now, write your own Tribus post, and link in– and go and visit other Tribus parties at:


Have you ever loved something, then undergone a shift of perspective, and found a big-new-beautiful-different love for it?


    1. Happy Tribus! And yes, I suppose my experiences may have changed a lot of people’s relationship with freedom. It’s so weird and awesome to think of how we’re all connected. ❤

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        1. It reminds me of “Life teaches you how to live it, if you live long enough.” (Tony Bennett) … the more you live, the more you see, the more you can see, and the more you can live… it’s a huge circle!

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  1. Triumphant Tribus to you!

    Because what’s a Tribus without three word alliteration? (Also, did you notice that the question had three words in it that began with the same letter? That one wasn’t planned).

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    1. It was unplanned Tribus magic. Like when I realized this heart I make everywhere is actually saying that “Everything is less than 3.” It’s a sign! Happy Tribus, Sirius! ❤

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  2. Happy Tribus! Thanks for helping make such a new fun holiday! I wish I could comment all over everyone’s blogs but I’m off to go camping! Tomorrow night I’ll be back to check them all out!

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  3. Rara, you write the most amazing posts! Happy Tribus! I do think your enjoyment and love of things changes as you get older – you have a more mature outlook and your love gets richer. Of course for me, there’s always pizza…

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