10 Bean Post

how i roll

We’re on the downward slope of the year and I’m ready to roll down at rapid speed, cradling hopeful purpose in my arms.  I have a feeling that whatever makes it to the end with me will bloom into something joyous next year.

… I foresee a wild garden of fruitful dreams and petaled possibilities.

October is here and I am harvesting my joys where I find them, wishing on every grandfather dandelion I find, and planting magic beans everywhere I can.

Something wondrous this way comes
and I’m rolling towards it.

Come along…

….. … .. .

This Sparkle;

Because I missed glitter.

….. … .. .

This Veggie;

Because lunchtime deserves adventures.

….. … .. .

This Pen;

Because it’s the perfect weight to carry my thoughts from invisible to paper.

….. … .. .

This Jar;

Because it holds all my ideas and it is overflowing.

….. … .. .

This Website;

Because I’ve spent hours on SkillShare learning various things from handlettering to doodle-story-telling, to presentations, and more.  I feel enriched, and that feeling is so very appreciated right now.

….. … .. .

This Video;

Because it enchanted me and made my humanity ache.

….. … .. .

This Magazine Ad;

Because “Get out of my head, Tyson Chicken Nuggets!”

….. … .. .

This Project;

Because Stories That Must Not Die was the last project my husband and I undertook together, and the one held most firmly by our Blokin when I went away.  Because it holds the story that no other place can hold.

Because changes are on the horizon for it, and I see frightfully wondrous possibilities.

I’d love for you to be a part of it.  Click to find out how.


….. … .. .

This Necklace;

Because Ashlee Artisis genius, and I am loved.


….. … .. .

This Song;

Because I don’t know if you panic when you leave a comment, but I’d like to hear from you. All the same.


What are you learning right now? Do you love the ground beneath you? Do you eat the food in front of you, or move it around?


  1. Roll on sista! I am living the dream right now that I couldn’t have imagined could be a dream 11 years ago, so you keep hoping for wonderous sweet one! Be ready to see it when it happens! You are indeed loved.

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  2. May your journey be easy, you heart light and your love strong.

    I’m learning to be just me for a change. I do indeed love the ground beneath me and the sky above me. I eat the food in front of me, because there have been too many times I didn’t have any to push around. ❤


  3. That is a nice pen. It’s true. But… perhaps a typewriter would be better? Though less portable. Hmm, so the pen wins because it is more convenient? Curse you pen!!!
    Just kidding.
    It’s hard to know at the moment as my day stalls towards evening.

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  4. Hanging tough til Monday waiting for a big outcome. Getting over being sick. I love the Francine video, Noelle and I both cried. Got my new logo for my cards courtesy the wonderful Tj Lubrano. So soon stickers will be happening and my new retail rack will be placed. Working in the card studio making some new awesome cards. Miss you already and it hasn’t even been that long since I saw you last. xo


  5. Hey there Rarasaur,

    That pen is amazing. Sometimes I worry about kids not being taught handwriting. Although my penmanship is terrible, I like the comfort of being able to physically transcribe something down. It makes the thoughts more personal, I think.

    At any rate, what are the changes that are going to happen to STMND?


  6. I’d love to be able to write my first draft in a notebook with either a pen or a pencil. Sadly though, my handwriting is so abysmal, even I can’t read it. When I was in 3rd grade, we started using nib pens and the little inkwell in our desk. ~sigh~ I was last to graduate to this because I was left handed, and always managed to smear my work across the page. Then joy oh joy! The ballpoint pen was invented 😀
    Ra dear heart, your posts always make me feel good and bring a smile to my face xx


  7. I’ve been so lost in my job hunting I barely notice how often it is I forget to eat. Sometimes I go days without eating a thing. Then I’m confused as to why my tummy growling. I forget faster than I can learn lately. I recall researching the history of Valentine’s Day and how to get from my town to a city in new jersey. Am I rolling or just being rolled along?



  8. I am learning patience. Again. It seems to be a lesson that the universe thinks I need repeated often. I am also continuing to learn to not let worry and stress completely take over my life while trying to be patient until I can actually do something about what is worrying me. Hopefully on Saturday my husband and I will know if we are going to be able to move where we want to when we need to move within a couple of months. And then I will start learning the next lesson that the universe needs me to learn.
    I do love the ground beneath me, just not necessarily the townhouse built on that ground. 😉 It is badly in need of some renovations that I do not expect the apartment complex to actually take care of, though I wouldn’t I want to live through them if they did.


  9. Currently, I eat the food in front of me, and then hope not to unwittingly regurgitate it later (pregnancy is a nauseating blessing).
    Ra to the Saur, I have good feelings about those beans of yours, very good feelings indeed. Happy October new friend!


  10. You do always make me smile and think, when I visit your blog.
    I love to walk in the nature and I’m learning how to heal myself after I have been healing other souls for years. I enjoy to make my own food from basic.


  11. I love your things. The necklace is beautiful. I will watch the video and listen to the song when I’m coherent enough. I’m always nervous to leave a comment, here or anywhere. I keep learning that people are not what they seem, good and bad. I eat alone, but push food around when I’m with others.

    Love you.

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  12. May you have a good harvest. Hectic, performances at work so very hectic. Just trying to keep up in blog land…and doing so-so. Hopefully something better to report out with mid Oct.


  13. “the ground beneath you?” It is perfect right now, not too wet, not too dry, warmed from the sun.
    As for my food, I arrange things so that every bite has some of the “best part”, the sauce, the cheese, whatever.
    I am curious about doodle story telling.


  14. You pretty much know most of my comments on these posts are hearts and hugs, right? Not calling it in so to speak, but same reaction every time to your words when you bring up what brings you joy and purpose.


  15. There are things…magical things that happen when we least expect it. When we hit rock bottom…a door opens. Or maybe it doesn’t open, we just smash right through it. Only then perhaps are we truly ready for whatever revelation life has to offer us. I often sit and wonder why …why can’t it happen sooner? Why do we have to roll all the way down.Maybe it’s better, that we roll and roll…as lose bits and pieces off the boulder… a boulder of fear, of hurt, of worry and confusion. Maybe it’s best it reaches down below broken apart and much smaller…maybe we can roll away from the cliff with more ease. Maybe 🙂
    I like to use metaphors to explain life. I find it helps me realize the inteconnecteness of all things. We are, like rocks, and rocks are like us. The sun , the moon, the clouds, the fragile newborn kitten with eyes shut for days, the stories we relate to, too real in our hearts though labelled otherwise…
    We are all connected and we most roll on, and when we reach the edge, and we can’t prevent it, maybe it’s best we let go and roll off into another direction. This is what I am learning right now…with you.
    Also, I always eat the food in front of me, though it takes me no less than an hour, I eventually eat it. Not because I am not hungry, or it is not tasty, but because I am incapable of doing anything fast.
    Finally and most importantly,
    thank you for being you.


  16. It’s 5 in the morning. I’ve been awake for an hour or so. I’m not sure what this post is all about. I am sure that I’m full or tears from watching several of the HUMAN videos and Lisa Hannigan’s multiple beauties of creativity and spirit, and feel reconnected somehow, in a way that I’d lost, to the humanity of us all, to the spirit within each and everyone of us that burns with Life and Magic. Through my tears I’m reconnected with the knowing that all is well, and that we are loved. Thank you.



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