the pony

Sometimes you don’t get a pony,
no matter how hard you pray.
And ice cream melts, and laughter dies,
and good moments fade away.

Sometimes you don’t get a pony,
no matter which candles you blow,
and dreams are rocky, and rocks are heavy,
and there’s no right way to go.

Sometimes you don’t get a pony,
no matter what you do–
but sometimes not getting that pony
is the best that could happen to you.


Right now, I’m thinking of all the reasons getting the pony would be the worst thing ever.  That may be a list all on its own.  I mean, it could be a zombie pony, or a pony with a bad attitude….

Why else should we be happy that I didn’t get the metaphorical pony?


  1. And it’s hard to get just one… before you knew it you’d have a whole herd of bad tempered zombie ponies. You’d have to spend all your time mucking stalls and dodging zombie bites. There’d be no time for the internet. It’d be tragic, especially when they finally all ganged up on you…

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  2. One of the Butterflies

    The trouble with pleasure is the timing
    it can overtake me without warning
    and be gone before I know it is here
    it can stand facing me unrecognized
    while I am remembering somewhere else
    in another age or someone not seen
    for years and never to be seen again
    in this world and it seems that I cherish
    only now a joy I was not aware of
    when it was here although it remains
    out of reach and will not be caught or named
    or called back and if I could make it stay
    as I want to it would turn into pain

    –W. S. Merwin

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  3. Sounds like you need a list! List of X to the rescue!
    1) You only get a pony once, but would have to shovel pony poop every day.
    2) Supermarkets don’t carry pony food.
    3) Real horses will make fun of the size of your pony.
    4) You can never be sure if it’s a pony or a defective undersized horse.
    5) Everybody who wants a pony will want your pony, so you’ll spend tons of money on security.
    6) Because a pony is small, it will only be able to carry you a part of the way. The rest of the way, you’ll have to carry the pony.

    Okay, that’s your pony-sized list. 🙂

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    1. THIS IS MY FIRST LIST OF X LIST EVER! It’s so much better than a pony!!! Because it doesn’t involve me shoveling poop, asking odd questions at grocery stores, or carrying a pony.

      But seriously, this comment is the best. ❤ ❤ ❤


    2. Also, if I ever see a horse making fun of a pony, I’m gonna give it a talkin’ to. And I’m going to tell every pony I see in the future to stand up to bullies. ❤


  4. Sometimes you get the pony and after riding it for a bit you get thrown off and it takes you eight years to get back on it and you realize that if you had listened to your momma and got the pony at the prescribed time you would have had so many more years riding it but you just had to do your own thing and then wasted a lot of precious time… I’m just saying… sometimes it happens like that.

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    1. Haha! Yes, it does. Which is why you should always listen to your momma, take time seriously, and absolutely refuse to let a pony have the final word. Lessons learned. Probably. Mostly… 😀

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    1. The secret pony that you didn’t even notice you were riding because of the pony you didn’t get wrapped in a bow… yep, the universe is sneaky like that. 🙂 Good point! ❤

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      1. It sure is! I believe we get more ponies than we notice. We only need to open our eyes to the ponies all around us.

        Then again, I might just want my own Twilight Sparkle. Don’t judge.

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  5. Ha, “zombie pony”. In the “Red Dead Redemption” video game zombie add-on you can ride zombie horses. You’re right, you don’t want one of those. They won’t go in a straight line and they look awful 🙂

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  6. I had a stick pony when I was a kid…no worries about feed or bad hooves. I had a horse years later…one with a bad attitude, tried to knock me off by running close to tree trunks!
    Advice du jour: stick to metaphors

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  7. The problem with wished for ponies is they have no flaws. They don’t poop, try to bite or to step on you when you walk them. Once they become real they eventually end up in your garage sale and selling a pony at a garage sale is a tricky business! You need lots of glitter and spend hours braiding the mane and tail. 🙂

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    1. 🙂 I’ll be honest, I never wanted a pony, until JUST NOW. If it means I can glitter them and braid the mane… I’m in! 🙂

      I’m glad to see you hoppin’ around so quickly, Charles. I hope you’re doing well! xoxo!

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  8. Missing out, not always getting our own way is what makes us better, spurs us on to strive to be better…just because we want something does not mean that we deserve it or that it is meant o be…some times not getting something just because we want it means that if it is worth having, you may have to do some work for it…


  9. Plus, a pony would poop a lot. I clean up after two donkeys. Sometimes it’s easy, and at others it’s hard. Sometimes missing out means we actually don’t end up ankle-deep in manure.



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