born intuu

i call it freedom.

rarasaur, rawra avis, nanopoblano, teamtinypeppers

I’ve spent my day reading posts from my Tiny Peppers. There’s about 60ish of us, and the journey through their words has pushed me through a plethora of expressions and a myriad of feels. I’ve been terrified, enthralled, heart-warmed, and mystified. I’ve listened to songs, watched photo slideshows, broke the fourth wall with Deadpool, and saw a cat smack something in the face. I’ve seen poets write prose, and storm troopers write poems, and ducks draw cartoons. I’ve read words that sang, and silence that danced, and punctuation that frosted freshly baked ideas.

After so long without internet, or you, this is my greatest treat. This invisible web that connects us. It is so very sweet.

When we play, when we write, when we share, I can almost see it– shimmering like a child’s laugh, glimmering like tears unshed, tangling sense into itself like ribbons on a May Pole.

The ribbons are beautiful as they pattern themselves delicately, decorating even the smallest parts of my heart, allowing me to see even the most nano-nature of you.

You are a cloud of thought through their dance– magic down to the core of your most active molecules. You are energy– potential and kinetic. You are falling, floating, melting, imprinting, and flying through a sky that was made just for you.

You are a miracle, and after losing sight of you for so long– I don’t even want to blink.

I don’t want to miss a minute more of your possibility.
So I won’t.

You are building a world with your words, and I will be here to read you. I will breathe in your typed magic, and I will rawr out love– because I’m home once more, tangled into the pattern of our connection once again.

Somewhere at the core of us is an invisible web woven from miracle. It is full of energy– spicy in motion, sweet in its stillness– and, if you have faith, you can balance your way over the narrow threads.

I’ll be walking them, too.
Closer to you,
and the rainfall of your brilliance.


This was just supposed to be a warning post. Nonsense Parade Commencing! I don’t know what I’ll be writing over the next 30 days, but it will more than likely be more than 30 posts, and many will be silly.

Are you ready for this?!

The Daily Post is asking us to show them “Treat” in a photograph. Being able to take a picture of yourself, being haunted by a Poblano (I call it the Pepper of Blogocles), and post it on the internet is the sweetest treat I’ve received all year.

I call it freedom.

NanoPoblano, NaBloPoMo
National Blog Posting Month 2015


    1. I am, too. I’m glad I have the internet. And my blog. And the space to play, and people who want to. How do people heal without blogs, that’s the real question! πŸ˜‰

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      1. They process the world in mysterious ways we shall never understand, because the World Between the Wires has become a place of sanctuary and outside of its forests, we are lost. Like having the tongue cut from our soul. Perhaps it’s a writer thing…

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  1. “You are a miracle, and after losing sight of you for so long– and I don’t even want to blink.”

    Yes, you are, and no, I don’t want to blink either.

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      1. Haven’t played in years, but I did play for seven years in school / marching band. Consider me the OFFICIAL TUBA PEPPER. We should see if we have a whole band here. I bet we do!

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          1. OMG! The first instrument I ever learned and played in 4th grade was the clarinet – but I played it for two years and never really fell in love with it, and it hurt my mouth like hell!!! In sixth grade my band teacher suggested I switch to something else and told me he really needed a tuba player.. So I switched and never looked back! I appreciate the mouth pain of the woodwind players though.

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    1. I’ve stopped counting the days since coming home, after I reached 100, but though I want to let go of the “obsessing”, I never want to let go of the feeling of gratitude. I’m so thankful to be free, Corina… and for every little thing I get to enjoy because of it. Thank you. ❀

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  2. When we play, when we write, when we share, I can almost see it– shimmering like a child’s laugh, glimmering like tears unshed, tangling sense into itself like ribbons on a May Pole. That is beautiful! Oh enjoy those peppers. The more the better for a little dragon — all the more power in your Raaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! ❀

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  3. 60ish peppers a day is a lot to get through. I feel tired just thinking about it. Thanks for guesting yesterday, was so much fun. When you came on and all the action started happening it was about my bed time, and I was just like wow is her life like this everyday? So much communication… and I couldn’t go to sleep, I was just in awe of your willingness to give of yourself everywhere. hahah, I’m an introvert, trying to act like an extrovert, but it seems that many can see through my veil.

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    1. Well, 60ish peppers to READ isn’t so bad. Today, I tried to comment on everyone (and failed, but got really close!)… but I was also trying to reply to your post and this one and the intros people left on the main page (where I think you still haven’t?

      One of my favorite things about you is that you are an introvert, in the sense that you find energy in yourself– but that you are an artist-extrovert, in the sense that you also find energy in what people CREATE even if the people themselves drain you a bit. That didn’t quite make sense, so when we finally sit down for chai in … what was is… 2017? I’ll explain in full. πŸ˜€

      In the meantime– thank you. For inviting me so graciously into your bloggy home. ❀

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