taste my intention

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This is a month of Intention. I’ve added my name to the TinyPeppers blogroll. I’ve added my name to the BlogHer blogroll. I’ve added my name to the YeahWrite #NoMo blogroll. I’m committed to posting every day through the month of November, and what’s more– I have some personal goals, too. I’m going to read everything posted by a Pepper and I’m going to use this moment of pure dedication to words and community to figure out what I want to do with my life and my stories.

Goals are as nanoscopic when compared to intention though and, today — right now, this month, this minute– I am focused on walking with direction and purpose.

We’ll talk all about it over at Sreejit’s house — The Seeker’s Dungeon — where he’s set up a month of posts dedicated to that singular word. I’d like to pick your brain and hear your thoughts.

Comments will be closed here because that’s the (totally-arbitrary) rule I use when I guest post somewhere else, but stop by and say hey, alright? There’s plenty of chai and coffee.


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