born intuu



          1. Well, Lizzi… I say you’ll just have to knock and see which door opens. 🙂 And, Daydreams, you’re right– it’s crazy how difficult it can be to get inside your own heart sometimes. 😀

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          2. I’m struggling to reply – I feel like shredded cobwebs of poetry, stretched across achingly empty rooms, where my people are faded pictures on the walls, and nothing moves except the dust moving through…where once there was life, now there are ghosts and memories, and my Now Real has skipped into a transposed plane, playing out through static, no longer quite in sync with the empty rooms I wander…

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      1. I really need to get on the stick and register for some things and follow all of this! I’m such a slacker. I’ve had some really heavy duty other stressors this week that have kept me distracted. 😦

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          1. It’s just been that kind of week. I had planned to go through and sign up for stuff… but never got around to it because my life went into melt down mode. It’s slowly getting better, however it’s just been one of those not-so auspicious starts to a month.

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            1. Well, Diwali is the 11th, which is like… Indian New Year… so everything starts fresh then. All you have to do is great through one more week. 😀



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