wordless wednesday: love is.

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    1. I love you, too! You know, on my “I think I’m gonna be an author” post from a few days ago, whatever I named it… I called my moment of “what I’m going to do with my life” enlightenment a Metric Moment– in honor of you. 😀

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    1. I like words too much to do it regularly, but I thought I’d do this one to show those doing #NaBloPoMo and #NanoPoblano that it’s totally doable. 😀 I always love other people’s posts on it…. 🙂 Thank you!!


    1. Thank you. In county jail, the girls used to say “Love is.” as a complete sentence or thought. “Your hubby’s come every day this weekend. Aww. Love IS.” It stuck. 😀


      1. When I was a kid, there were these little books of sketches and they were called “Love is…” Each one was a Love is… I wonder if I could find you a link… this made me think of that.
        I would think that in the county prison, remembering what love is would be important for keeping up moral.

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          1. Yeah, they are really cute. You can google and find lots of the artwork. Gosh, I honestly didn’t realize it was 45 years old until I found that book! I guess it makes sense. I feel so old. 😉

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